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There are traces of Norman, Early English, and Decorated architecture in this church.

The three small lancet windows at the east end are very beautiful and well-proportioned, though at present much spoilt by the hand of some well-meaning plasterer, who has disfigured the bottom part of them.

This church has evidently at one time been much larger, as some arches on the north side mark the place of a former north aisle.

There are monumental stones in the floor of this church commemorating the KEBLE family, to whom the manor of East Leach Tourville belonged for many years. (See Appendix, p. 46.) Upon one of the stones, of a dark colour and hard material (apparently marble) is inscribed


OBUT 25 Julii, 1701.”

On another stone close by this, the greater part of the inscription is illegible because it is partially covered by the floor of a pew, but there is enough to shew that it belongs to the KEBLE family.

The united population of these two parishes at the last census was 722.

"Sweet dweller of the valleys, with Heav'n's key

And mirror, wherein Wisdom aye doth look,
Where shall I build thy shrine, Humility?
Beside that lonely moor in valley nook,
By porch of rural church, such as the book
Of memory glasseth ever; from on high
Where seen, with that calm footway tending nigh,

Which with its many feet hath spann'd the brook,
A bridgeway rude, a stony centipede.
Where all is still around thee, lonely spot,
Save stilly heard o'er ever-waving weed,
And the meek eye of blue Forget-me-not,
The sound of waters; and, by ivy cot,
The redbreast chaunts at noon his wintry need."

(Thoughts in Past Years', p. 5.)

• It is stated in a note that this refers to “East Lech in Gloucestershire.”


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