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as I have often been in person. We I neither wish to rest nor rust, but are all seated as comfortably as cir- labour on until the shadows of evencumstances will allow; the whistle ing deepen into night, and the Master gives a shrill scream. All right! The shall say unto His steward, “ Call flag drops, and off we go, cheered the labourer home and give him his with bright prospects of a glorious hire." gathering in the world-wide renowned I saw Bro. Jebson at the District Sheffield.

Meeting, but had no opportunity to Well, but the imaginative stranger converse with him; and he is living is here. What warm grasps ! what at a considerable distance from us. sparkling eyes! what interrogations ! Christchurch owes him a lasting debt Tell us, brother, what you think of of gratitude, and I think it ought to the sunny land, which is

be expressed in a more substantial blanched by the storms of rigorous form. I will venture to say it is the winters. Only ten weeks' sojourn best watered city in the world. Every yet; my thoughts cannot be matured. house has a perpetual flow of clear, So far all is good. It is difficult to cold water. It was Jebson, a Local harmonise midsummer with New Preacher, who tapped the long hidden Year's Day. The weather is all that reservoir, and turned on the inexcan be desired; few showers, dull

baustible supply. No water company, mornings, bright, warm days, and no rate, no collecting clerks. Like cool evenings. The mercury occa- the river from the Throne of Mercy, sionally rises to 96 in the heat of the

its free, without money or price. day, but is generally tempered with a Now, dear brethren, I must say cool breeze from the eastern ocean, good-bye; hoping and praying that or from the snow-clad mountains of

you may have a glorious meeting at the west. The golden grain is reaped, Sheffield. My imagination presents the harvest is past, and two million a glowing picture of the platform, the quarters of splendid wheat are now Chairman, and a host of well-known, in transit, and plenty more to follow. tried friends of the Association around I have spent some time with two

him. The devotional exercises over, Local Preachers in their harvest then the Chairman's address, the fields, and am astonished at the result Honorary Secretary's Report, the of the threshing operations from Financial Statement, &c. Then one forty to sixty bushels per acre.

brother after another with his Now, what of the people? I have thrilling eloquence moves the whole never met with anything but kindness assembly, and justly merits the ringin foreign lands; yet the kindness I ing cheers.

Then the collection, have met with from the people here which never failed to be a good one in surpasses all my previous experiences. Sheffield, and I believe never will One gentleman quitted his house and

while there is one needy brother on left all things at our disposal for our this side heaven's gates. And last of comfort. Another sent us a splendid all, that fine glow of Christian bropiece of bacon, and many have given therhood beaming on every counteus free, unforbidden access to their nance, while we clasp hands and say, vegetable gardens. Horse and trap Farewell, till we meet again. I have for the asking. What is there I am, my dear Bro., left for us to desire in the way of

Most truly yours, friendship?

W. BOWRON. What of the Local Preachers ? Be sure we have a wide harvest field and few labourers. In two contiguous

GENERAL COMMITTEE. Circuits we have ten Local Preachers MINUTES of Committee Meeting held on the plan, but they need no Mutual- in the School Room of Norfolk Street Aid, except on the Lord's Day. They Chapel, Sheffield, on Saturday evenfrequently drop in, sometimes late on ing, June 18, 1881. Present: Brothe Saturday evening. Too busy c. S. Madder (President) in the during the week; had no time for

chair; the ex-President, Treasurer, preparation. Do help me this time.

General Secretary, and more than


one hundred members of Committee Keighley, and Cossens of Dereham, and representatives of the Association. were appointed as a deputation to

The meeting was opened by sing- attend the proposed meeting on being hymn 872, and prayer was offered half of the Association during the by Bros. Parsons of Leicester and forthcoming Wesleyan Conference. Perkins, of Northampton.

The report prepared by Bro. A. R. The minutes of last meeting were Johoson was then read by him; and, read and confirmed.

with some slight alterations, was acThe monthly abstract was read, cepted by the Committee for presenshowing total receipts for the year, tation at the Aggregate Meeting. £4,189 6s. 8d.; total disbursements, The plan of Services for Sunday, £3,542 3s. 2d. On the sick list, 112;. June 19, was then considered, and annuitants, 168 ; deaths, 44 members, the necessary alterations and substi. 16 wives of members.

tutions effected.

The next meeting of Committee to

be held at Bro. C. S. Madder's Brother J. H., of C., an annuitant

Aylesbury, on Wednesday, July 13. since March, 1873, at 3s. per week, Brother White of Manchester closed applied for an increase. He is 72

the meeting with prayer. years of age, a local preacher 46 years, but for the last ten years has been unable to preach or do any

DEATHS. work. He was a blacksmith. His wife is 66 years of age, and quite an Jan. 3, 1881. Joseph Riley, Bakeinvalid. Has seven children; but one well Branch, aged 65 years. He died only (a daughter in service) can ren- as he had lived, “ Trusting in Jesus."

Claim £6. der any help. He suffers from paralysis and rheumatism. Two sons who

Feb. 16, 1881. John Russell, New. were in business failed, and are now

castle on Tyne 2nd Branch, aged 41 setting sail for Australia. Resolved,

years. No particulars. Claim £7.

April 23, 1881. Josiah Bacon, BakeThat the brother have 6s. per week.

well Branch, aged 33 years.

Death Brother J. H., of W., has been on

was instantaneous, occasioned by a the sick list since December, 1879, at

stone falling upon him while working 28. 6d. per week ; applies for super- in a mine, His last words to his wife annuation. He is 60 years old; has on leaving bome were, “The Lord's been a local preacher 35 years; by will be done.” Claim £6. trade a shoemaker, but cannot work, May 12, 1881. Albert Button, Shepand has no income. He suffers from ton Mallet Branch, aged 29 years. chronic debility. His wife is 55, and

Our brother preached twice on the has employed herself as monthly Sunday, and on the following Thureday nurse. They have five children, one

was suddenly killed in a colliery.

Claim £8. of whom is at home suffering from

May 14, 1881. Solomon Broughton, diseased eyes. The grounds of appli

Wantage Branch, aged 70 years. His cation are the loss of all his goods and

long affliction was borne with Christian inability to work. Resolved, That

fortitude and resignation. He departed he have 4s. per week.

in peace. Claim £6. Sister M. M., of N., the widow of a May 19, 1881. Joseph Pearson, Lindeceased annuitant, applied for super- coln Branch, aged 66 years. His death annuation. She is 81 years of age; was very sudden, but he was a good has two children who cannot help,

man, and lived in readiness for his Resolved, That she have 23. 6d. per

departure. He had been an annvitant week.

18 weeks, and received £4 10s. Claim Brother Davis, of Norwich, read a letter respecting a brother, aged 78,

May 25, 1881. Walter Bartle, Tavi. stock Branch, aged 72 years.

His end who desired admission as a member.

was peace. He had been an annuitant Resolved, That he be received on

127 weeks, and received £32 5s, Claim payment of ten guineas.

£4. In answer to the request of the

May 27, 1881. Anne Kinsey, Con. Liverpool Branch, Bros. Redman of gleton Branch, aged 47 years. Her



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husband says that she was one of the best women that ever lived, and a sin. cere friend of local preachers. Claim £3.

June 3, 1881. Henry Carr, Garstang Branch, aged 53 years. He died happy in the Lord. Claim £8.

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Free Sub- Benefit scriptions. Members.

£ 8. d. £ 8. d. Bradford

7 3 9 Peterborough 2nd-Donation, 88

0 8 0 4 3 3 Aylesbury-Mr. G. Shirley, hm. £1 ls

1 1 0 Retford-Mr. R. Fletcher, hm. £1 1s; Mr. J. Jenkinson,

hm. £1 ls; Mr. J. Merryweather, hc. 128 ; Mr. G. Nay. lor, bm. £1 ls; Mr. W. Naylor, hm. £l; Mr. G. Thomp. son, hm. £1 ls; Mrs. G. Thompson, hm. £l ls; Mr. B. Welch, hm £1 18

7 18 0 3 12 6 Walsall-Mr. J. Brewer, hm. £1; Mr. S. Cox, hm. £l 18;

Rev. J. Hernshaw, hm. £1 1s; Mr. T. Lawley, hm. £1; Mr. J. Rushbrook, hm. £1; Public Meeting, net, £2 158 60 7 17 6 1 1 0 Derby-Mr. and Mrs. Bannister, 58; Mrs. Beesley, hm. £1'ls; Ditto Box, 128 7d; Mr. Beswick (in memory of), 10s; Mrs. Burns, hc. 10s ; Mrs. Bray, 58; Mr. Cade, hm. £1 1s; Mrs. Dooley, hm. £l 1s; Mr. Grundy, hc. 108 6d; Mr. Haslehurst, hm. £l ls; Mr. Humphreys, hc. 10s 6d ; Mr. Johnson's Box, 48 3d ; late Mr. Johnson (in memory of), £1 18; Mr. Pickersgill, hm. £1 18; Mrs. Potter, hc. 108; Mr. Ratcliff, hm. £1 1s; Mrs. Stanesby, hc. 10s ; Mrs. Sperrey, 58

11 19 10 3 4 3 Melksham-Public Meeting

7 4 Lincoln-Mr. J. Smith, hm. £1 ls

1 1 0 0 3 0 Spitalfields-Mr. J. Akers, hc. 10s 6d ; Mr. D. Annan, hm.

£1 18; Mr. T. Buffham. 28 6d ; Mr. Liell, 2s 6d ; Collection at Bruce Road, U.M.F.C., £5

6 16 6 0 3 0 Kirby Moor Side-Mr. W. Wood, 128

0 12 0 11 2 6 Ripon

1 4 0 Stafford—Mrs. Blanshard, 18; Mr. J. Halden, 2s 6d; Mr.

T. Jones, 28 6d ; Rev. G. Hepplewhite, 58; Mr. W. Jones,
58 ; Mr. T. Jenkins, 2s 6d; Mr. J. Goodall, 58 ; Mr. T.
Kinsey, 2s; Mr. W. Matthews, 2s 6d; Mr.J. O. Mycock, 5s;
Mr.J. C. Mycock, 2s 60 ; Mr. C. Rhodes, 28 6d; Mr. T.

Rudge, 128 ; Mr. R. Snape, 10s; Mr. G. Weaver, 2s 6d ... 3 2 6
Preston-Mr. R. Hardman, hc. 108; Mr. W. Wignall,
hm. £1

1 10 0 Sheffield-Mr. J. Howarth, hm, £1 18; Mr. J. G. Elliott, hm, £1 18...

2 2 0 Dorchester

1 7 0 Thetford

0 15 0 Nottingham-Mr. Councillor Bains, hm. £1 18; Mr. S. W.

Chettle, hm. £1 18; Misses Hopkins hm. £1 18; Mr.
Middleton, don. 10s; Mr. S. Morley, hm. M.P., £1 1s;

Mr. E. Patchett, hm. £1 18; Public Meeting, €5 Os 3d 10 15 3 1 1 0 Snaffham-Mr. W. K. Buttolph, hm. £1 ls; Collected by

Mrs. Ewer, 58 ; Ditto by Mrs. Stacey, lõs 6d; Mr. T.
Studd, hm. £1 18; Mr. Warren, hc. 10s

3 12 6 Driffield

0 15 6 Ripley-Collections, U.M F.C., £2 108..

2 10 0 9 0 0 Ainde Street-Mr. Coggan, hc. 108; Mr. M. Smith, hm.

£1 18; Mr. G. Sims, hm. £1 ls; Mrs. G. Sims (Box), £2 146

5 6 0 0 3 0 Southwark and Lambeth-Messrs. Clowes & Son, hm. £1 1s 1 1 0 0 3 0 Newcastle-on-lyne 2nd - Mr. J. H. Bainbridge, hm. £3 38;

Mr. J. Forster, hm. £1 18; Mr. R. H. Lawson, hm. £l 18;
Mr. T. Richardson, hm. £1 18; Mr. R. Robson, hm. £1 ls;











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Free Sub- Benefit scriptions. Members.

8. d. £ 8. d. Mr. W. H. Stephenson, hm. £2 2s

9 90 4 13 0 Bayswater-Mr. H. K. Atkinson, hm. £1 18

1 1 0 Chesterfield-Mr. R. James, hc. 10s 60 ..

0 10 6 1 13 6 Leighton BuzzardMr. W. Brantom, hm. £1 ls; Profit of

Tea at Cublington, 118 6d ; Mr. F. Emery, hm. £1 18;
Mr. E. Hall, 5s; Mr. G. Johnson, hm £1 ls; Mr.J.
Lane, 58; Rev. J, Lees, hc. 108; Rev. R. Spooner, hm.
£1 1s; Mr. J. W. Tearle, hc. 10s 6d ; Mr. Willison, 5s ;
Mr. T. Yirrill, hc. 10s 6d

7 1 6 Kington

0 90 Bungay

1 1 0 Gunnislake-Public Meeting, £5 1s 6d...

5 1 6 Bolton ( Farnworth)

1 4 0 Penrith-Mr. T. Westmorland, hm. £1

1 0 0 1 4 0 Dursley

0 6 0 Launceston

4 19 0 Brighton

0 90 Longton-Mr. W. Sargant, hm. £1 18

1 1 0 Holmfirth

0 3 0 Oldham-Mr. Beckett, 58 ; Mrs. Butterworth, 5s ; Mr. J.

Chettham, hm. £1 ls; Mrs. H.:Cooper, hm. £l 1s; Mr.
Dale, hc. 10s 6d ; Mr. E. Potts, hm. £l ls; Mrs. S. H.
Stansfield, 58; Mr. J. Taylor (Shaw), hm. £1 ls; Mr. G.
Wainwright, hm. £1 ls

6 10 6 3 0 0 Bakewell 1st

8 17 0 Congleton – Miss Andrew, 58; Miss Bailey, 2s 60 ; Mr.

Baxendale, 28 6d; Miss Bull, 2s 6d; Mr. S. Cotterill, 2s 6d; Mr. A. Hall, 28 ; Mr. Harrison, 2s 6d ; Mr. J. Howard, 5s ; Mrs. Hulme, 2s 6d ; Mr. Kermode, 5s; Mrs. Key, 2s 6d ; Mr. Kinsey, 58; Mr. Lucas, 28; Rev. S. McAulay, 5s; Mr. Mounsden, 2s 60; Mr. Norris, 2s 6d ; Messrs. Pedley, hc. 10s; Mr. Powell, 2s 6d ; Mr. J. Shel. don, 2s 6d; Mr. T. G. Sheldon, 58; Mr. S. Sherratt, 2s 6d ; Miss Smallwood, 28; Mr. J. Steele, hm. £1 ls; Miss Stringer, 28 6d; Mr. Triner, 5s; Rev. G. Watson, 5s; Mr. Webb, 5s; Mrs. Whitehurst, 2s 6d ; (Biddulph Park) Mr. Alcock, 1s; Mr. Baddaley, ls ; Mr. Harrison, 18 ; Mr. Harrison, Jun., 1s; Mrs. Knight, 18 ; (Bosley) Mrs. Earlam, 2s 6d ; Mr. Goodwin, 2s 60 ; Mr. F. Lownds, 5s; Mr. G, Lownds, 5s; Mr. Mason, 58; Mr. Vernon, 5s; (Brownlow)Mr. Platts, 2s 6d: (Dane-in-Sbaw)Mr. Bailey, 2s 6d; Mr. Bostock, 5s; Mrs. Ginder, hc. 12s; Mr. Ward, hc. 10s; Mrs. Witters, 5s; (Davenport) Mr. J. Beckitt, 1s; Miss Bourne, 5s ; Mr. Cliff, 28 6d; Mr. Dale, 2s 6d; Mrs. Newton, ls; Mr. Goodwin, 2s 6d ; Mr. Harding, hc. 10s; Mr. Moss, 2s 6d ; Mr. Peake, 2s 60 ; Mr. J. Venables, hc. 10s; Mr. T. Venables, hm. £1 ls; Mrs. Venables (late), 5s 6d; (Gillow-shaw Brook) Mr. Badderley, 28 6d ; : Mr. Brindley, 2s; Mr. Chaddock, 2s 60 ; Mr. Chadwick, 2s; Mr. Dale, ls ; Mr. Lovatt, 2s 6d; Mr. Sherratt, 58; Mr. Walley, 2s 6d; Mr. Whitehurst, 2s 6d ; (Key Green) Mr. Bowler, 1s; Mr. G. Brown, 58; Mr. Hood, 2s 60; (Siddington) Mr. Goodwin, 5s; Mr. Hughes, hc. 10s, Mr. Slater, 58; (Withington)Mr. Basford, 5s ; Mr. Bloor, hc. 10s; Mr. Foden, 5s; A Friend, 1s; Mr. C. Goodier, 2s 6d ; Mr. J. Goodier, 2s 60 ; Mr. Hough, 2s 6d. (Less £1 2s)

Nett 15 5 0 Patrington-Mr. J. Thompson, hm. £1 18; Mr. J. Spilman, hm. £1 18

2 2 0 2 14 0 Croydon--Mr. Leighton, £1

1 0 0

£ 120 2 5 / 75 15 3








SATURDAY, JUNE 18TH. The Representatives met the

General Committee on Saturday evening, at 6 p.m., for the calling of the Roll, in order that the appointments for the following day might be perfected.


SUNDAY, JUNE 19. Services in the Wesleyan Methodist, United Methodist Free Churches, and the Methodist Reform Union Chapels, were held according to the following plan :




Carver Street, 10-30, J. R. Cossons ;

6-15, C. H. Wilkinson Wesley, Fulwood Road, 10-30, John

Towne ; 6-15, J. Waddington Wesley College, 10-30, Rev. W. H.

Dallinger, F.R.S. ; 6-15, Rev. W. H.

Dallinger, F.R.S. Ranmoor, 10-30, J. F. Gibson; 6-15,

J. Robinson, Junr. Crookes, 10-30, M. Brocklesby; 6-15,

A. Almond Bradfield, 10-30, G. K. Roberts; 2-30,

G. K. Roberts Storrs, 10-30, Geo. Naylor; 2-30, Geo.

Naylor Stannington, 10-3C, John Weston ; 6,

John Weston Spring Hill, 6-30. J. Harding Mission Room, 10-30, J. Sails ; 6-30, M.

Brocklesby Stannington, 10-30, John Weston ; 6,

John Weston
Spring Hill, 6-30, J. Harding,
Mission Room, 10-30, J. Sails; 6-30,

M. Brocklesby
August, 1881.

Norfolk Street, 10-30, Wm. Leach ;

6-30, A. R. Johnson Park, '10-30, Isaac Parsons; 6, F. J.

Beavan Ellesmere Road, 10-30, E. Braimbridge

6-30, Geo. Sims Princess Street, 10-30, H. White; 6, J.

Milsom Attercliffe, 10-30, Wm. Leathley ; 6-30,

H. Hickling Woodhouse, 10-30, J. Cropper; 6, J.

Cropper Grimesthorpe, 10-30, James Donnington

6, S. J. Burtle Brightside, 10-30, John Mawby ;6,

Thomas Campbell Darnall, 10-30, J. E. Hockey; 6, J.

Perkins Handsworth, 10-30, J. Perkins ; 6, J. E.

Hockey Manor, 3, Josiah Savage ; 6, Josiah

Savage Carbrook, 10-30, A. Wardley ; 6, A.

Wardley Don Road, 10-30, S. J. Birtles ; 6, A.

Howarth Blackburn, 2-30, G. Barrett; 6, G. Barrett

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