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self, which if applicable at all is specially so in the case of those who have spent their lives in His loved employ : "Verily, I say unto you, inasmuch as

ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

Bro. Sims read the Balance Sheets.

11,048 31


Or. 1881, May 19. £ s. d. 1881, May 19.

$ 8. d. £. 8. d. Joint Stock Account, being the en

By £11,653 4s. 5d. Contire property of the Association

sols, &c., at cost price at the last Annual Meeting 11,557 188 Purchased as follows:Add excess of income over the ex

£1100 invested in 1850 1060 10 0 penditure this year

647 3 6

500 ditto 1851 481 17 6 1000

ditto 1852 982 18 9 400 ditto 1853 882 10 0 1000 ditto 1860 931 5 0 700

ditto 1866 615 00 300

ditto 1867 279 15 0 100 ditto 1869 93 50 200

ditto 1873 184 15 0 400 ditto 1874 869 100 1000 ditto 1875 937 76

500 ditto 1876 478 17 6 1000

ditto 1877 966 60 1300 ditto 1878 1244 7 6 1353 4s. 5d. New

3 per Cents. 1879 1254 4 10 300 ditto 1880 292 17 6 500 ditto 1881 493 2 6

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MAGAZINE STOCK ACCOUNT. Dec. 1879 Stock in hand-numbers ... 15,888 1870. Sold in numbers, vols. and waste 31,861 1880. Added this year ...


Stock in hand




14,837 46,688



18th June, 1881.

Examined and found correct,



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Bro. Milsom suggested that the Bro. Harding, of Shaftesbury, account of Bro. Berry's visit to Aus- nominated Bro. J. Dyson, J.P. tralia should be embodied in the Bro. Amphlett recommended Bro. Report.

H. K. Atkinson as new member of Bro. Benson suggested that the Committee. Bro. Harding, of Sydenamount granted to each annuitant ham, did the like for Bro. J. B. should be stated iņ the cases.

Allen, and Bro. A.R.Johnson did the Bro. Amphlett moved that the same for Bro. Captain Smith. Report, as read, be accepted, adopted, The General Secretary informed and printed. Bro. Beavan suggested the meeting that by pure inadvertence the omission of half the cases re- he had omitted putting the name of ported. Bros. Towne, Rose, Dr. Bro. Redman on the voting papers, Aldom, Cossons, Redman, Mason, but he had been duly nominated at Carter and Raper took part in the the proper time. It was, therefore, discussion; and, after Bro. Johnson unanimously resolved that Bro. Redhad replied to the criticisms, Bro. man's name be put upon the list. Amphlett’s motion was carried unani- The voting papers were distributed, mously.

and Hymn 480 was sung. Bro. Dr. Aldom nominated as After an interval, the Scrutineers President for the year, Bro. S. M. reported that the following elections Johnson, of Sheffield. Bro. Hume were unanimous : nominated Bro. J. S. Dyson of Thur- President- S. M. Johnson. goland; but in deference to Bro. Treasurer-John Carter. Dyson's request, who declined to be Hon. Secretaries-Thos. Chamberput in competition with Bro. Johnson, lain, A. Russell Johnson, the nomination was withdrawn,

Trustees—S. D. Waddy, Q.C., Bro. Rose, of Aylesbury, nominated Thomas Cole, J. Dyson, J.P. Bro. John Carter as Treasurer.

Bro. Madder, in vacating the chair, Bro. Durley nominated Bro. Thos. was thankful that the lot had fallen Chamberlain as Honorary Secretary. upon Bro. S. M. Johnson to carry on

Bro. Harding, of Sydenham, nomi- the work which it had been his greatnated Bro. A. R. Johnson as Co. est joy to participate in. He had to Honorary Secretary.

present him with the President's On the motion of Bro. A. R. Bible, which to him had been such a Johnson, seconded by Bro. Cossons, source of comfort, when he had been it was

unanimously resolved to elect overwhelmed in reading the load of three Trustees.

letters that came to him day by day. Bro. J. Carter nominated Bro. S. This Book he had taken with him D. Waddy, Q.C.

wherever he went, and sought counsel Bro. Durley nominated Bro. Thos. of his Father in heaven, and had ever Cole.

found the grace he needed. Not the

least amongst his gifts was the Presi. wanted. He had not done all he dent's Box. While it had been in his might had he had the co-operation he care it had never been “ To let." It had expected. But others had helped. was introduced to all visitors at his Bro. Benson had gone all over Eng. own home. The first thing he did for land with him. Bro. Milsom had the old men was to preach from the been with him to Plymouth, and text on the Box, “ Inasmuch as ye Swindon, and other places in the have done it unto one of the least of South. Bro. Rose had gone with him these my brethren, ye have done it to various Circuits; but they had all unto Me.” He hoped that the new done the work for Christ's sake. President would do good service in his The President announced that the year of office, and that God would Rev. David Barley, the Superintenbless him abundantly in his work. dent of the Carver Street Circuit, was

Brother Johnson here took the present, and the brethren would chair, and stated that the brethren doubtless like to hear a word or two would not expect any lengthened re- from him. marks at that period. He was but The Rev. Gentleman was warmly comparatively a young member; but greeted; and be congratulated the he thanked them heartily for the President on his sition, and exhonour they had conferred. He pressed his sympathy for the brethren seriously questioned where they would in their work. Had he known he get another President like the last to would have been called upon to travel five or six thousand miles at his speak, he thought he should have own expense. But he was surrounded stayed at home, but he was gratified by good colleagues. His heart was in looking round the assembly and entirely with the objects of the Asso- remembering that they were all men ciation, and he would endeavour to of God, doing service for the Master. imitate the example of his prede- He had known the cares and anxieties cessor in making its objects known, of the Local Preacher's life. He had His happiest friendships had been known what it was to be in business formed amongst Local Preachers ; at seven in the morning; and for amongst whom he had been numbered three months in the year not to leave for twenty-three years. He had

off work till long past midnight, known what the dreary part of a especially on the Saturday, and then Local Preacher's life was.

He, like on the following day to have to preach others, had read hard books, and dry in a neighbouring village. On one books; had written late at night and occasion he had fairly broken down, early in the morning; but he had but the lady of the establishment known the joys of the Local Preacher's where he was brought him some coffee life too, and he felt that there was no to revive him. But while he knew higher joy than to preach the Gospel the trials, he also knew the joys that to his fellows; and he could heartily Local Preachers had. The Master was sing

pre-eminently with them. One occa

sion was conspicuously present to his “Happy, if with my latest breath,

mind. He had been preaching in the I may but gasp His name; Preach Him to all, and cry in death,

morning in a “strait jacket," and he Behold, behold the Lamb."

had to stay and preach to the same

congregation in the evening. TremBro. A. R. Johnson moved, and bling like an aspen leaf, he entered Bro. Dr. Aldom seconded, That our the pulpit, and opening the Hymn. best thanks be given to Bro. C. S. book, the first words that caught his Madder for the efficient manner in

eye werewhich he has discharged the duties of the Presidency. This having been

“ Surrounded by a host of foes." carried with acclamation, Bro. Mad- The “strait jacket” was forgotten, der responded, declaring that the all his fears were gone, and he had & thanks did not all belong to him. He “ "good time." The village chapels was thankful for the confidence of his read us many lessons ; they are often brethren. He had not done all he landmarks in our spiritual history.

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It had been his privilege to take part Bro.Berry, of Faversham, presented in the Services of the Association at the following letter: its meeting in Hull. There were not Botanical Gardens, Geelong, many whom he knew in the flesh, but

Victoria, Australia, he was heartily glad to welcome them

March 18, 1881. all; and it seemed to him that if there To the President, Fathers, and Breth

vere any who were particularly dear ren of the Wesleyan Local Preachto the heart of God, it was the worn- ers' Association, England. out local preacher, who was laid Greeting. aside from active service; who, in Dear Brethren,-We have recently necessity, was calmly waiting for the been privileged to have amongst us dawn of the eternal day. He was one of the members of your body glad to hear that the President, look- whom it has been our delight to ing to the rules, had the objects of the honour, and who by his presence at Association steadily before him, and our Aggregate Meeting in Sandhurst, was determined to prosecute them. and by his earnest labour in our pulWho could find fault with the Local pits during his stay, has greatly Preachers' Mutual-Aid Association ? endeared himself to us, and whom we He was glad to know that it was not have asked to bear to you this exdrooping or dying out; and he trusted pression of our sincere affection. that it would have yet greater vivacity Brother Benjamin G. Berry, in and power. They were in the true compliance with that request will, apostolic succession ; souls were saved we hope, be spared and enabled at through their instrumentality, and he your next Aggregate Meeting to trusted they would continue to all assure you of our deep interest in the time, and at last sing the praises of work with which you are identified; the Lamb before the Throne of God. the eagerness with which we devour

Bro. Milsom proposed, Bro. Mad- the reports published in reference to der seconded, That the best thanks of it; and the endeavour we are making the meeting be given to Bro. Benson to follow in this colony your example. for his services during the year. Many of our number, while in the This was carried unanimously, and dear old land, which we love still to Bro. Benson responded.

call Home, were members with you, Bro. Madder proposed, Bro. Durley and although some who were very seconded, Bro. Rose supported, a vote dear to us have gone from you to the of thanks to the Treasurer for his Home above, and also from us to the services. This also

carried same blessed rest, others yet remain unanimously, and Bro. J. Carter to transmit to posterity the savour of responded.

their names, and to stir up the young Bro. Wright proposed, Bro. Dr. men who replenish the ranks to acts Aldom seconded, Bro. Cossons sup- of self-denial for the glory of God and ported, a vote of thanks to Bros. T. the comforting of His saints. Chamberlain and A. R. Johnson for Permit us, then, dear brethren, to their services during the year. This express to you through and by, as our motion was passed unanimously, and representative, Bro. B. G. Berry, our Bro, A. R. Johnson responded. great love to you; and at the same time

Bro. Madder proposed, Bro, Alder- to say how delighted we should be at man Dowsing seconded, and Bro. any time to welcome to our hearts Milsom supported, a vote of thanks and homes any brother who may be to Bro. Sims, which, being also unani- deputed by you to attend our Annual mously carried, Bro. Sims duly Meeting, or who may under other ciracknowledged.

cumstances visit this colony. Hymn 679 was sung, and the On behalf and by request of the President pronounced the benediction. Wesleyan Local Preachers Associa

The Afternoon Session was opened tion of Australia in Aggregate Meetby singing Hymn 500, and prayer ing assembled, I am, Mr. President, was offered by Bro. Waddington. and dear Fathers and Brethren, The Minutes of the Morning Ses

Affectionately yours, sion were read and confirmed.



The consideration of this letter was motion was ultimately carried with postponed.

two dissentients. Bro. Thompson moved, Bro. Ben- Notice No. 1, also in the name of son seconded, that the Magazine be Bro. T. Chamberlain, was then moved continued as heretofore. This reso- by Dr. Aldom, and seconded by Bro. lution gave rise to a great deal of Harding. “ To make a Rule rediscussion, and Bro. Cossons mo quiring the Trustees to send a copy an amendment, which was seconded of the Report and Balance Sheets by Bro. Garrett, that the Editorial yearly to the Conference, or annual staff be increased by the addition of assemblies of the bodies whose local Bros. Dr. Aldom, J. Milsom, A. R. preachers are eligible for membership Johnson, and J. Lockwood. Bros. in our Association.' Bros. Milsom, Redman, Berry, Milsom, Harding, Raper, Courtnall, Neal, Daws, and Ruddock, Madder, Beavan, Lock- Benson took part in the discussion. wood, Hardy, J. Carter and Daws Bro. Beavan moved an amendment to took part in the discussion, and the leave out the words from “To” to amendment was carried by a large • Trustees,” and insert in their place majority. When put as a substantive the words, “That it be an instruction motion, it was carried unanimously. to the General Secretary." This was

The Scrutineers reported the fol- seconded by Bro. Raper, and even. lowing elections as members of Com. tually carried. When put as a submittee: H. K. Atkinson 135 votes ; stantive motion, it was carried with a J. Neal, 127; Captain J. Smith, 122 ; few dissentients. S. M. Johnson, 121; J. R. Redman, Bro. Milsom moved Notice No. 2. 111; E. Benson, 100; A. R. John- “ To add a clause to Rule 29 which son, 97; Alderman Dowsing, 91; M. shall make all annuitants exempt L. Clapham, 76; J. Towne, 63. from the payment of subscriptions."

Bro. Rose moved that the best Rule 29 is as follows: "A subscripthanks of the meeting be presented to tion of 12s. per annum shall be paid the editors for their past services. by each member. The payments to This was seconded by Bro. Wright, be made quarterly, in the months of and carried unanimously. The vote January, April, July, and October." was acknowledged by Bro. W. B. Bro. Hovey seconded the motion, Carter.

and the question was argued by Bro. A. R. Johnson then read the Bros. Neal, Durley, Garrett, Thomp“ Notices of Motion,” and suggestsd son, W. B. Carter, Madder, Rose, that No. 5 should be taken first, as it Mitchell, Sails, Bennett, Towne, J. bore upon all the others. This Barratt, and Hardy. Bro. Milsom having been adopted, Bro. Milsom replied, and 33 voted for the motion, moved, in place of Bro. T. Chamber- but a large majority voted against it, lain, in whose name the notice stood, and it was consequently lost. “ That a clause be added to Rule 59 Bro. Towne closed the sitting with requiring a majority of two-thirds of

prayer. votes given before any alteration of the rules can be made."

TUESDAY'S SITTING, The 59th Rule is as follows: “ The On Tuesday morning the President Annual Meeting shall have power took the chair at half-past nine. only to alter or rescind any of the Hymn 659 was sung, the 27th Psalm Rules of the Association at each third was read, and Bros. Laycock and meeting after the year 1872. And Cossons engaged in prayer. no motion for altering the Rules The minutes of Monday afternoon's shall then be entertained unless meeting were read and confirmed. notice thereof shall have been given Bro. Milsom read a letter he had to the General Secretary six month's received from Bro. T. Chamberlain. previously."

By permission of the chairman, The motion_was seconded by Bro. Bro. Amphlett moved that the followRedman, and Bros. Perkins, Benson, ing petition be signed by the PresiHume, Laycock, J. Carter and Berry dent, and forwarded to the Right took part in the discussion, and the Hon. A. J. Mundella, M.P.

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