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- To the Honourable the Commons c. To provide that the working of Great Britain and Ireland in Par

expenses shall be divided liament assembled.

equally, and so paid by each “ The humble petition of the Ag

fund. gregate Meeting of Local Preachers

The motion was seconded by Bro. of the Wesleyan Methodist Local

Beavan. Bros. Cropper, Towne, Preachers Mutual-Aid Association,

Benson, Thompson, Hardy, Aldom, representing 2,867 benefit members, Harding, Garrett, and Madder took and 792 honorary members, assem

part in the discussion, and the motion bled at Sheffield, June 21st, 1881,

was rejected by a large majority. “ Sheweth

Bro. Dyson concluded the sitting “That your petitioners believe that

with prayer. the sale of intoxicating liquors on The brethren adjourned to the chaSunday is a special source of intem- pel to attend the Sacramental service. perance, immorality, and crime. It was commenced by the singing of Your petitioners, therefore, pray your Hymn 433. Prayer was offered by honourable House to pass a bill stop- Rev.John Adcock, after which Hymn ping such sale during the whole of 430 was sung. An address to the Sunday, and your petitioners will brethren was then given by Rev. ever pray."

Henry Hastling, chairman of the

Sheffield District. Hymn 897 was The motion was seconded by Bro.

sung, and the Sacrament of the Lord's Alderman Dowsing, and unanimously Supper administered by Revs. H. carried.

Hastling, D. Barley, John Pearson, Acceding to a special request, the

George E. Young, J. Adcock, and J. consideration of where the next

Thornley. Annual Meeting shall be, was entered The service was concluded by the upon, and Bro. Parsons gave a cordial singing of Hymn 912 and prayer. invitation for the next Annual Meet

AFTERNOON SESSION. ing to be held at Leicester. Bro. Collier supported the invitation, as

The afternoon session was begun by did Bros. Turtle and Towne. Bro. singing Hymn 672, and Bro, Harding Rose moved, Bro. Gibson seconded, engaged in prayer. that the invitation be accepted, and

The minutes of the morning meetit was carried unanimously.

ing were read and confirmed. Bro. Madder moved that the ques

Bro. Andrew moved that as time tion of Ways and Means be con- was rapidly passing, the remaining sidered before the notices of motion motions be made and voted on withwere further entered upon. Bro. Rose

out discussion, but not finding a seconded this. Bro. Amphlett moved

seconder the motion fell through. that the order of the day be con

Bro. Milsom then moved, and Bro. sidered. This was seconded by Bro.

Wright seconded, that we sit till six Cossons, and carried by a large o'clock, then adjourn for half an hour, majority.

resume business at half-past six, and Bro. Milsom moved the 3rd Notice, continue sitting till business is conwhich was in the name of Bro. T.

cluded. Chamberlain, “ To divide the Sick Bro. Rose moved as an amendand Funeral Fund from the Annui.

ment, that we sit till six, and resume tant, or Benevolent Fund, and to business at half-past nine to-morrow provide

morning. This was seconded by

Bro. Durley.
a. That a certain proportion of When put to the vote 33 voted for

the dividends from invest- the amendment and 31 against. When
ments be paid yearly (say one- put as a substantive motion 33 voted
half) to each fund, so sepa- for it, and 40 against.

Bro. A. R. Johnson then moved b. Or, that the said investments that we sit till half-past five, resume

be equally divided between the business at six, and carry on for a said funds.

reasonable time, if not then finished,


that we resume at half-past nine to- Coleman, Hockey, Lancaster, Dent, morrow morning. This having been Rice. seconded was put to the meeting, and Macclesfield District-Bros. Hamcarried by a large majority.

mond, Goodwin, McKee, Allen, HalThe subject of Ways and Means den. was again introduced, and it was Liverpool District-Bros. Swasresolved that it be at once considered brick, Ford, Marshall, Pickering, before the “ Notices of Motion " be Lloyd, Hazlehurst, Mason. resumed.

Manchester District-Bros. An. Bro. Rose then moved, and Bro. drew, Twemlow, Leach, Taylor, Rose, Madder seconded, “That the follow- Stockton. ing names of brethren form a sub- Bolton District-Bros. Goodacre, committee in each district of Metho- Gaskell, Barlow, Shufilebotham. dism, with power to add to their Halifax and Bradford District number, and with whom the General Bros. Laycock, Redmund, Garrett, Committee may from time to time Hawkins, Ruddock, Waddington, communicate, with the view of facili- Haigh, Sykes. tating the matter of “Ways and Leeds District-Bros. Mawson, Means,' and thereby securing the Tomlinson, M. Atkinson, E. Braimgreater financial success of the Asso- bridge, A. Learoyd. ciation.” (Names read.)

Sheffield District-The President Bros. Berry, Collier, Cossons, Lay- and Bros. T. Cole, Turtle, Hume, cock, Redman, and Milsom took part Littlewood, Hovey, Thompson, Marsin the discussion. An amendment den. was moved that the President, Trea- Nottingham and Derby Districtsurer, and Secretary of each branch Bros. W. B. Carter, Towne, Rowshould form a sub-committee for their land, Scoffield, Collier, Barber, Sluown neighbourhood, and in the dis- man. cussion which ensued, besides the Lincoln District-Bros. Salmon, brethren already mentioned, Bros. Haigh, Mawer, Hallam, Burkett, Dixon, Learoyd, Amphlett, Webster, Smith, Wyatt, Oldgate. and Leathley took part. Eventually Hull District Bros. Dowsing, the following list of names was agreed Mitchell, Andrew, Tomlinson. upon, with a few dissentients.

York District-Bros. J. Webster, First and Second London Districts G. Wain, J. R. Hill, B. Pawson, J. -The London Members of the Gene- E. Wood. ral Committee.

Newcastle District-Bros. Lawson, Bedford, Northampton, and Oxford Clarke, Scott, Lee, Golightly. Districts—Bros. Benson, Madder, Carlisle District-Bros. Palmer, Rose, Perkins, Milsom, Nash.

Westmoreland, Beck. Kent District-Bros. Berry, G. Whitby and Darlington DistrictsJohnson, Kingsland, Richardson, The Treasurers and Secretaries of the Crouch.

branches, Norwich and Lynn District, Bros. Bro. Milsom moved, and Bro. RedChamberlin, Daws, Cossons, Ben- man seconded, that the President nett, Jermyn.

appoint a Secretary to correspond Portsmouth District-Bros. Jarratt, with these several branches. Agreed. Herring

Bro. Milsom then moved Notice Devonport District-Bros. Dingley, No. 4, “ To provide a sliding scale of Elliott, and the Camelford Secretary. payments and receipts by the mem

Cornwall District-Bros. Triggs, bers as follows, viz., members paying Cock, Cardell, and Williams.

as now, to receive as now; members Exeter District-Bros. Brooke, paying 4s. per quarter to receive 10s. Gould.

per week; members paying 6s. per Bristol District--Bros. Stephens, quarter to receive 15s. per week." Beavan, Raper.

The motion was seconded by Bro. Bath District-Bros. Fussell, Line, Parsons. Bush.

Bro. Cossons moved as an amendBirmingham District-Bros. Clay, ment, “ That before any action is

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taken an Actuary be appointed to The President then pronounced the examine into the accounts, and report

benediction. to the brethren." This was seconded

EVENING SESSION. by Bro. Wright.

Bros. Taylor, Towne, Hume, Fel- The Evening Session was begun by stead, Hinchliffe, A. R. Johnson, singing Hymn 1, and Bro. Marsden Raper, Durley, H. Rose, Turner, and engaged in prayer. Harding took part in the discussion. The Minutes of the Afternoon SesBro. Milsom replied, and on a show

sion were read and confirmed. of hands, 39 voted for the amend- Bro. Littlewood obtained permission ment, and 37 against. When put as to move Notice No. 11 out of its turn, a substantive motion, 23 voted for and that the 42nd Rule should read as 32 against, the result being that both follows: “ The General Committee motion and amendment were lost. shall have power, in cases of extreme

As Bro. Amphlett had to leave to poverty, to allow the widows of Local attend the Temperance meeting, per- Preachers (deceased members of the mission was given him to move Association) a weekly sum not exNotice No. 17, which was seconded ceeding 3s. 6d.” by Bro. Redman. In Rule 15 to add, The motion was seconded by Bro. " and within twelve months after Madder. membership ceases.

An amendment was moved by Bro. Rule 15 is as follows: “ Should Garrett, and seconded by Bro. J. any member cease to be connected Carter, that the addition should be 6d. with this Association, the General instead of ls.; but it was subseCommittee shall have power to return quently withdrawn, and the original him any part, or the whole of the motion was carried with 1 dissentient. subscriptions paid by him. This Bro. Durley, in place of Bro. Rose, power to be exercised only in cases of then moved notices Nos. 8 and 9. poverty and distress.”

8. That Rule 29 read as follows: The motion was carried unani. “A subscription of fifteen shillings mously.

per annum shall be paid by each Bro. A. R. Johnson moved Notice benefit member. The payments to No.7, to omit the words“ or Indepen- be made quarterly, in the months of dent" from Rule 2.

January, April, July, and October.” Rule 2 is as follows: " This Asso- 9. That Rule 36 read as follows: ciation (with the exception mentioned “ The allowance to members in in Rule 53) shall consist of accredited sickness shall be 10s. per week for Local Preachers in Great Britain the first twenty-six weeks, and 78. who belong to the Wesleyan Metho- per week for the succeeding twentydist Connexion, the Reform or Inde- six weeks. Any member relinquishpendent Methodist Churches, and the ing his sick pay, and afterwards United Methodist Free Churches." claiming relief within six calendar

The motion was seconded by Bro. months, shall receive a continuance Redman, and carried unanimously: of the same weekly amount that he

Bro. A. R. Johnson, in moving no- was receiving until the number of tice No. 6, stated that twelve months weeks be fulfilled as above. Should had passed since the notice was the affliction of any member assume given; but on a careful examination a more permanent form, the General of the balance sheets for the last four Committee shall have power in such years, he was reluctantly driven to cases to allow a weekly sum not exthe conclusion, that he must ask per- ceeding 5s. If a member relinquish mission to modify the notice. He the last named weekly amount under therefore moved that, the Committee this Rule, an interval of twelve months should be granted power to increase must elapse before he can claim the annuities in extreme cases to 7s. per full sick pay of 10s. per week. Such week.

alterations to commence in the month The motion was seconded by Bro. of January, 1882." Madder, supported by Bros. Milsom Bro. Madder seconded the motion, and Towne, and carried unanimously. and Bros. A. R. Johnson, Garrett

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Hume, Urmson, Hardy, Towne, and Bro. Hume seconded the motion, Thompson took part in the discus- which was carried unanimously. sion, and the motion was ultimately As Notice No 16 was dependent rejected.

upon the adoption of No. 13, and that Bro. Sims for Bro. Benson moved having been rejected, Notice No. 16 Notice 10, “ That Rule 55 be re- necessarily fell through. scinded."

Bro. Garrett moved the last notice, Bro. Madder seconded the motion. No. 18: “That each member of the Bros. Thompson, Andrew and Turtle Committee be responsible for ten spoke on the question, and on a show pounds for the time he holds office, of hands the necessary majority was which would be some guarantee for secured by the President giving his the safety of our funds;” but in casting vote for the motion.

deference to the expressed wish of & Bro. A. R. Johnson suggested that large number of brethren, he withdrew Notice No. 12 should be postponed the motion. until the Trust Deed was considered. The question of the proposed Trust Agreed.

Deed was then considered, and Bro. Bro. Andrew moved notice, No. 13, Andrew moved his notices in refer. Rule 3, to read, “The objects of the ence thereto. Association shall be to afford relief to First, in the preamble to leave out its members in sickness, extreme the words,“ or Independent.” poverty, and old age ; also to provide This was seconded by Bro. Cossons, a sum of money payable at death, and carried unanimously. and to give relief to the needy widows Second. In line 27, on second page, of deceased members.”

after “ Chairman and General SecreThe motion was seconded by Bro. tary for the time being,” to add, White.

“and two members of the General Bro. Cottrell moved an amendment Committee.” to substitute the words “ necessitous This was seconded by Bro. Madcircumstances” for “extreme poverty," der, and also carred unanimously. which Bro. Garrett seconded.

Third. In line 15, on third page, This amendment Bro. Andrew after “ sickness,” to insert “extreme accepted.

temporal necessity.” Bros. Savage, Madder, Cropper, This was seconded by Bro. MilHarding, Cole, Hardy and Turner som, but rejected by a large majority. took part in the discussion, and the mo- Bro. Garrett moved, Bro. J. Carter tion was rejected by a large majority. seconded, That the names of all the

Bro. Andrew moved notice 14 in Trustees, including those newly Rule 19. The words, " in London" elected, be inserted in the Deed. to be omitted.

This was carried nem. con. Bro. Cossons seconded the motion, Bro. Andrew moved, Bro. Redand it was carried unanimously. mond seconded, " That it be an in

Bro. Andrew moved notice No. 15, struction to the General Committee, to add to Rule 48, “No member re- that in all future editions of the tained under this Rule shall have any Report and Rules, it be stated where claim to superannuation allowance. the Trust Deed is deposited." Rule 48 is as follows : “If a member, This was agreed to. from any cause whatever, except im- Bro. Madder proposed, Bro. Milmorality, cease to be a Local Preacher, som seconded, that the Trust Deed but desire to continue a member, the with these alterations be accepted, members of the Association in his own completed. and enrolled. Carried Circuit shall consider his case, and unanimously. immediately report their decision to Bro. A. R. Johnson reminded the the General Committee. If the deci. brethren of the request of the Comsion of the General Committee be in mittee embodied in their Report for his favour, he shall be continued a instruction as to the investment of the member; but if against him, he shall funds. It was unanimously resolved have a right of appeal to the Annual that they remain as they are. Meeting."

The question was asked by Bro.



Andrew who it is who receives the 1007 was sung, and the meeting condividends when due. It being an- cluded with prayer by Bro. Madder swered by the Treasurer that the and the President. Honorary Secretary had hitherto received them, it was moved by Bro. Madder, seconded by Bro. Cotterill,

MONDAY, JUNE 20. and carried unanimously, that in

Evening Meeting. future all interest and dividends when A largely-attended public meeting due be at once received direct by the was held in Carver Street Chapel at Treasurer.

seven o'clock in the evening Bro. J. Referring to the letter presented Dyson, J.P., of Thurgoland, presided, from the Australian brethren by Bro. and he was supported on the platform Berry, it was proposed by Bro. A. R. by the President, ex-President, and Johnson, seconded by Bro. Milsom, several of the prominent Representaand carried unanimously, that the tives. Hymn 857 having been sung, General Committee at their next and prayer offered by the Rev. D. meeting take their letter into con- Barley, sideration, and send a fraternal Bro. A. R. Johnson read the Reacknowledgment to the President of port, which was submitted to the the Australian Association.

Representatives the morning Bro. Learoyd moved that the best meeting. thanks of the brethren be presented The Chairman said they would to Rev. Henry Hastling for his kind, perceive from the Report to which faithful, affectionate, and brotherly they had just listened, that they address given this morning at the had been called together that evenSacramental Service. This

ing that there might be put before seconded by Bro. Redman. Bro. J. them the cause, condition, and the Carter moved that a request be also objects of the Local Preachers' Mupresented that, if practicable, the rev. tual-Aid Association; and in putting gentleman will kindly furnish his the Report before them, the desire notes, so that they may be inserted in was that they should enlist their symthe Magazine ; this addition was pathy and that they should secure seconded by Bro. Eccles, and when their future patronage and support. submitted to the meeting was carried. They might support this institution

Bro. Madder proposed, Bro. Thomp- by a large and liberal collection on son seconded, that the best thanks of the present occasion. They had not the meeting be presented to the an opportunity in Sheffield every ministers and trustees of the various year of contributing to a collection of chapels for their kindness in placing this Fund. Although they might not those premises at the service of the be Local Preachers, they could beAssociation. Carried unanimously. come annual subscribers to the funds

Bro. A. R. Johnson moved, Bro. by giving 10s. 6d., or five guineas Milsom seconded, Bro. Learoyd sup- every year. It was to those before ported, and it was carried with accla- him that the Local Preachers looked mation, that our best thanks be for support to the institution by bepresented to the kind friends who coming members of the Association. have so hospitably entertained the They might reason in their minds, various representatives. Bro. T. Cole that they might never require its responded to this vote.

benefits or want its help and he Bro. Towne moved, Bro. Hardy trusted by the blessing of God they seconded, and it also was carried una- never should—but, provided they nimously, that our best thanks be never did want any assistance, it presented to the local officers and would be a consolation to them, and Committee who have so admirably a pleasant reflection to think that carried out the various arrangements they had been regular contributors as for the Anniversary.

Bro. Turtle members of the Association for the responded.

benefit of others. The Local Preachers, The Minutes of the Session were as they all knew, were a body of men then read and confirmed. Hymn raised by the special providence of

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