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Phenomena of the Months.

AUGUST. The sun rises on the 1st at twentyfive minutes after four, and sets at forty-six minutes after seven, On the 31st he rises at twelve minutes after five, and sets at forty-eight minutes after six. Thus the day shortens one hour and forty-eight minutes during the month. Full moon

on the 9th at seven minutes after nine in the evening. New moon on the 24th at forty-five minutes after eight in the evening. She is nearest to the earth on the 9th, and most distant from it on the 22nd. The moon is near Saturn during the evening hours of the 15th. She is near Jupiter during the evening hours of the 16th. Near Mars during the evening hours of the 17th. Near Venus during the morning hours of the 21st, and Mercury during the morning of the 24th.

MERCURY is a morning star, rising on the 4th one hour thirty-two minutes before sunrise. At the end of the month the planet and the sun rise nearly together.

Venus is a morning star, rising on the 9th three hours thirty-seven minutes before Sunrise, about the same time during the month.

MARS rises on the 1st at eighteen minutes after eleven p.m.

On the 28th three hours twenty-six minutes after sunset.

JUPITER rises on the 8th thirtyeight minutes after ten p.m., and on the 28th two hours twenty-nine minutes after sunset.

SATURN rises on the 8th at nineteen minutes after ten p.m., and on the 28th two hours after sunset.

High water at London Bridge on the 1st at eighteen minutes after five in the morning,

and thirty-five minutes after five in the afternoon. On the last day of the month at twenty-five minutes after five in the morning, and forty-two minutes after five in the afternoon.

THE COMET has made its appearance since we last penned our notice under this head. We have the following description of it from Pro

fessor Bois, of Dudley Observatory, Allebuy, America, who secured a number of valuable observations. He says that at two o'clock on Saturday morning, June 25th, 1881, its appearance both to the naked eye and in a telescope was magnificent. The head of the comet was very bright, and the tail thirty or forty degrees broad, extending nearly twenty degrees towards the North Star. The tail was very diffused and nebulous, spread out in fan-like form. Looking in the great telescope of thirteen inches'aperture, a multitude of details became revealed which are not visible to the naked eye. The head was there seen to consist of a condensed nucleus, apparently about as large as Jupiter seen in a telescope, but of far greater intensity of light. A spray of brilliant rays spread out from the nucleus on the side nearest the sun, then turning backward mingled with the elements which form the tail. This resembled the jet of a fountain very closely in its general features. The tail itself extended in a direction diametrically opposite the sun. The whole field of the telescope was filled with glowing nebulosity. I am inclined to think that this comet has not been seen before this year, in modern times at least. It is probably the same comet as seen in South America. It is now certain that this is not the longexpected comet of 1882. It is almost equally certain that it is not the comet of 1807. The period of the comet of 1807 is about 1,700 years.”

This beautiful stranger appears to have come unexpectedly upon our astronomers, who make it their business to study God's heavens. It is no longer an object of dread as it was in days past to our fathers, but a welcome visitor, come to tell of Him whose wisdom is vast and power infinite.

Sir W. Herschell died on the 23rd, 1822, Faraday died on the 25th, 1867. Sir Rowland Hill, one of the greatest benefactors the world has known as the introducer of the Penny Post, died on the 27th, 1879.



EXPENDITURE. Taking advantage of the Annual

By 2 deaths

16 0 0 Meeting being held at Sheffield, we


8 00 took steps to arrange for our anni- Remitted to General versary at the same time, in order to


27 1 6 secure a good deputation, and also, if possible, that the Association and

£51 1 6 its advantages might be brought more

Bro. J. Rose in an eloquent speech prominently before our brethren.

advocated the claims of our brethren. On Sunday, June 19th, Bro. J.

Bro. Benson followed, giving an acWebster, of York, rendered us good

count of the rise and progress of the service, morning and evening, in the

Association; and Bro. Madder (exPriory Place Chapel; Bro. G. Wain,

President) gave an

account of his of York, in the afternoon conducted the service in the Nether Hall Road

journeying to and fro during his year Mission Room, with crowded congre

of office, in order that the Association

might be more extensively known. The gation, and Bros. T. Hinchcliffe and D. Roberts at Askern, Bro. G. Mason,

Hymn of Christian Brotherhood was of Preston, at Bawley, Bro.

G. Wain,

sung, and Bro. Alderman Dowsing at Bentley, and Bro. J. Cooper, of

spoke of the advantages of the Asso

ciation. The Rev, J. Smith proHull, at Barnly Dan. On Wednesday, the 22nd, we had a

posed, and Bro. J. Stringer seconded

a vote of thanks to the chairman and a public tea in the Priory Place Schoolroom, and afterwards a public


The result of the Anniversary is meeting was held in the Chapel, presided over by J. Blyth, Esq., of

very encouraging, seeing that this Conisbro', supported by the Rev. J.

Branch was only established in 1878. I. Britten and J. Smith; Bros. Mad

The amount of the collections on the der, Benson, Rose, Alderman Dowsing

Sunday and at the meeting was

£19 8s. 10d. and others.

F.J. LITTLEWOOD, After singing and prayer, the Rev.

Local Secretary. J. I. Britten introduced the chairman (Mr. Blyth), who, in a few wellchosen remarks, spoke of the value of

GENERAL COMMITTEE. Lay Preaching, and wished the Local Preachers God-speed in their endea- MINUTES of Committee Meeting held vours to proclaim the Gospel, and at Bro. C. S. Madder's, Aylesbury, urged upon the necessity of providing on Wednesday, July 13, 1881. Prefor our brethren in old age.

sent: Bro. C, S. Madder in the chair. The Secretary, Bro. F. J. Little- Bros. Amphlett, Clapham, Benson, wood, read the Report, which stated Durley, Johnson, Rose, Sims and that during the past year there had Wright. been an increase of three benefit and The meeting was opened with singtwo honorary members. One brother ing Hymn 322 and prayer by Bro. was receiving sick pay; and during Amphlett. the year Bros. H. Smith and J. W. The minutes of last meeting were Brown had passed to their reward;

read and confirmed. the former for two years being the

Letters were read from the Presi. President of the Branch.

dent, Bros. Milsom, Candler, Captain The Financial Statement as fol- Smith and Dr. Aldom, expressive of lows:

regret for their enforced absence. RECEIPTS.

£ 8. d. The monthly abstract was read, To Free Subscriptions 7 2 0 showing receipts from Branches : Benefit Members

19 19 6 entrance fees, £16 14s. 3d.; fines, 6d; General Secretary 16 0 0 members' subscriptions, £110 128. ; Nett proceeds at Thorne

donations and legacies, £31_68.; 1880

8 0 0 free contributions, £60 9s. 3d. Total,

£219 28. Payments to Branches: £51 1 6 expenses on remittances, 9s. 2d.;




It was unanimously resolved, That Bros. Wardley and A. Andrew be added to the Committee.

A letter was read from Bro. Beavan, of Cardiff, but it was resolved, That it be referred to the Editors of the Magazine.

A letter was read from Cromford respecting the meeting recently held, which was also ordered to be sent to the Editors.

It was unanimously resolved, That a fortnight's holiday be given to our General Secretary, with a honorarium of five guineas.

The next meeting of Committee to be held on Monday, August 8, at Bro. John Wade's, Lower Green, Mitcham.

The meeting closed with prayer by Bro. Durley.

annuitants, £153 98.; sick, £139 178. 6d.; deaths, £74. Total £367 15s. 8d.

It was resolved that the balance in the hands of the Treasurer should be invested as soon as practicable.

Deaths, 10 members; 1 wife. New members, 12; remaining on the funds, sick, 108; annuitants, 168.

Bills for payment were presented amounting to £97 16s. 11d.; and they were ordered to be discharged.

A letter was read from Bro. Chamberlain respecting the rescinding of Rule 55 at the Annual Meeting ; and after some conversation it was unanimously resolved. That the rule be restored, but to read as follows; and that this resolution be specially reported to the next Annual Meeting, in accordance with Rule 14;

55. Any Local Preacher, without payment of entrance fee, subscribing not less than one guinea per annum, or a donation of ten guineas, and declaring that he does not intend to draw from the funds, shall be an honorary member, and participate in all the privileges common to his brethren. Moreover, in the event of a reverse in his circumstances, he shall, if he apply, be entitled to all the benefits of the Association, on payment of such an amount of entrance fee as he would have paid if he had entered as a benefit member.

The letter presented by Bro. Berry at the Annual Meeting was then considered, and it was unanimously resolved, That it be at once suitably responded to.

It was also resolved, That the following gentlemen having been appointed to official positions in the Association, be omitted from the list of Committee : Bros. Thos. Cole, S. D. Waddy, and A. R. Johnson.

DEATHS. June 2, 1881. Isaac Whitehead, Oldham Branch, aged 29 years. In the blessed assurance of being with Christ for evermore, Claim £8.

June 9, 1881. Francis Evans, St. Agnes Branch, aged 59 years. No particulars. Claim £8.

June 13, 1881. Elizabeth Brain, Brackley Branch, aged 75 years. Her end was peace. Claim £3.

June 14, 1881. William Linnett, Yoevil Branch, aged 51 years. He passed peacefully away. Claim £8.

June 14, 1881. John Sly, Ripon Branch, aged 95 years. In sure and certain hope of a joyful resurrection. He had been an annuitant 608 weeks and received £122 16s. No Claim.

June 15, 1881. George Atha, Huddersfield 2nd Branch, aged 78 years. He was at work at noon and died at 6.30. Claim £4,

July 3, 1881. Charles Berrill, Wellingborough Branch, aged 29 years. No particulars. Claim £8.



Free Sub- Benefit scriptions. Members,

£ 8. d. £ 8. d. Gateshead

1 4 0 Ilkeston

5 17 0 Spalding-Mrs. Cooper, ho. 108

0 10 0 2 8 0 Market Rasen-Miss Ramsdale, hm. £1 18; Mr. Thos. Plaskitt, hm. £1 18; Public Meeting, net, £1 4s

3 6 0 9 14 0 Dereham-Mr. J. R. Cossons, hm. (2 years) £2 28; Mr. W. Smith, hm. £1 ls

3 3 0



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Halifax-Mr. H. Hollinrake, hc. 108
Leeds—Mr, M. Atkinson, hm. £1 ls
Oldham-Mr. Simpath, hm. £1 1s; Mrs. Taylor, hm. £1 ls
Huddersfield 2nd-Mr. J. Clegg, hm, £1 is; Mr. C. W.

Keighley, hm. £1 ls ; Mr. E. Mallinson, hc. 108; Mr.

T. Mallinson, hc. 108
Southwark and Lambeth
Towcester 1st
Hexham 1st-Rev. J. Wolner; 28
Newport, Mon.—Mr. J. Baker, hm. £1; Mr. H. Collier,

hm. qly. 58 3d ; Mr. W. Edwards, hm. qly. 5s 3d
Penrith-Mr. W. Palmer, hm. £1 ls
Deptford and Woolwich-Mr. A. Coldwell, 28
CleckheatonMr. G. Barrett, hm. (Churwell), £1; Miss

Crowther, hc. (Churwell), 10s
Bedford — Mr. Josh. Farrington, hm. (Biggleswade),
£1 ls
Bensham Road, Gateshead
Doncaster, Mr. W. Mane, hc. 108 6d; Mr. J. Marsden, hm.

£1 1s; Miss Rhodes, 38; Collections at Askem,
£2 11s 2d; Barnby Dun, 12s 6d ; Bawtry, 158; Bent-
ley, £1 ls ; Priory Place, £8 168 2d; Ditto, Public
Meeting, £4 38; Less expenses, £3 8s 10d net
Cromford—Sermon and Meeting, £7 158
Pateley BridgeMr. P. Eskholm, hc. qly. 28 6d
Chatteris, 2nd
Lancaster—Mr. W. Wright, hm. £1 ls
Cross Hills ...
Leigh, Lanc.
Melksham—Mr. Campbell, 58; Mr. Wakefield, 5s

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Swindon-Rey. W. Limmix, 58 ; Mr. P. H. Mason, hc. 10s
Toncester 2nd-Service of Song, 14s
StaffordMr. Bunting, 2s 6d; Mr. G. Griffith, 2s 6d ;

Mr. Wheeldon, 2s 6d
St. Columb
Lincoln-Mr. Duckering, hm. qly. 5s 3d
Hexham 2nd
St. Agnes
Liskeard 2nd
High WycombeMr. J. Hussey, hm. £l 1s; Mr. E.

Pierce, hm. £1 ls
Launceston – Mr. J. Dingley, hm. qly. 7s 6d; Mr. E.

Pethybridge, hm. qly. 7s 6d...
Shepton Mallet
North Shields
Manchester-Bro. A. Andrew, hm. £1 1s; Bro. T. Hallam,

hm. qly. 5s 3d
Dunstable-Mr. C. Lockhart, hm, £1 ls
Manchester and SalfordCol. at Beswick Street, 78 4d ;

Mr. T. Boddington, 5s; Rev. M. Miller, 5s; Rev. J.

Robinson, 5s
Shotley Bridge
BrackleyMr. G. Barrett, Penny Preaching, 138 ;

Mr. McKey, hm. qly. 5s 3d ...
Northampton 2nd
Birmingham 1st —Mr. E. Benson, hm. £1 1s
Forest of Dean
Tavistock and Gunnislake
Barnstaple-- Mr. W. Avery, hm. £1 1s; Mr. Burnell, 2s 6d ;

Mr. N. Chamnings, 2s 6d ; Mr. R. Chamnings, 2s 6d ;

Sermon and Meeting, net, £4 19s 11d
Cardif-Mr. E. Beavan, hm. qly. 5s 3d ; Mr. F. J. Beavan,

hm. qly. 5s 3d ; Mr. J. Cory, hm. £1 1s; Mr. M. Dunn,
bm. £i ls; Mr. J. Hearne, hc, 103 6d ; Mr. W. T. Raper,
hm. 3 qrs. 158 9d; Mrs. Scott, hm. £1 ls; Mr. A. Thomas,

hm. £i 18; Mrs. Tregaskis, hm. £1 ls
Bristol-Mrs. J. R. Brown, hm. £l 18 ; Mr. A. Hall, hm.

£1 18; Mr. Thos. Pethick, hm. £1; Mr. M. Whitwell,

hm. £í 1s; E. F., 8s (per Bro. Maynard) Cawston-Collections at Brandiston, 78 id; Cawston,

178 9d; Erpingham, 118 7d ; Itteringham, £1 6s 2d; Skeyton, 78 3d ; Sparham, 10s ; Swanton Abbott, 118 4d;

Tunstead, 78 ; Small sums, £1 5s 11d ; Less, 1s 6d ; net Office List-Per ex-President, Mr. E. Crapper, Walsall,

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