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was introduced to the assembly. It would be quite impossible to describe the effect of his powerful address. For fully an hour did he, alternately, by scathing satire, keen wit, touching pathos, appropriate illustration, and burning eloquence, advocate the claims of our poor and aged brethren. The influence of his address will not soon be forgotten by those who were privileged to listen to it, and permanent benefit to the Association will accrue. The collection, considering the sparse attendance, was a very good one. New honorary members have been obtained, and one present has promised to double his subscription.

THE TWENTY-THIRD ANNUAL SES. SION OF THE LOCAL PREACHERS' NATIONAL ASSOCIATION,AMERICA. HELD IN FAYETTE STREET, BALTIMORE. THERE is no doubt that the present session may be counted among the best and most successful. The attendance has been large-over one hundred. Delegates have been present from places never before represented ; as far west as Kansas, and also from North Carolina and Virginia, representing the M. E. Church, South. The presence of foreign delegates—Bro. Wm. Sameson, from England, and Bro. Henry Skinner, from Canadais an interesting feature at the convention. They preached on Sunday with very great acceptability.

The love feast on Sunday afternoon was a characteristic one-having the zeal and fire of primitive Methodism. The general expression was, at its conclusion, “ Did not our hearts burn within us?

On Monday morning the Association settled down to business and to work. The Business Committee laid before the convention the fruit of their labours. They recommended the passage of a very stringent resolution on temperance and the liquor traffic; also that the Secretary be instructed to enter into .correspondence, by circular, with the presiding elders of the various annual conferences, asking for the names of active Local Preachers within their bounds, to the end that

representatives from all the conferences be enrolled as members of this association: both of which adopted.

A very hearty invitation was received from the official board of the Metropolitan M. E. Church, in Washington, D. C., that the Association should hold its next session, in 1881, in that church, which was unanimously accepted, and the time was fixed for the third Saturday of October of that year.

I want to say that THE METHODIST is very popular with the members of the Association, and especially since Dr. Wheeler, its editor, has been the presiding officer of the Association for three consecutive years. The columns of THE METHODIST have been very cordially open for communi. cations from Local Preachers, and forwarding all their legitimate interests. The course which it has pursued, in this respect, should be appreciated by every Local Preacher. Brother Pond very ably represented the claims of THE METHODIST.

The Finance Committee reported a plan for securing sufficient funds to defray the incidental expenses of the Association, such as printing the proceedings, &c. They recommend that each member contribute annually $1: which was adopted.

At the afternoon session two excellent essays were read, one by Brother B. Schofield, Jun., of Philadelphia, on " The Relation of the Local Ministry to the Churches;" and the other by Dr. W. R. Monroe, of Baltimore, on “The Status of Local Preachers and their importance to the Church."

Among the introductions of visitors to the convention this afternoon was that of the Rev. Thos. McCormick, now in his eighty-ninth year, and one of the pallbearers of Bishop Asbury, and the only one now living. He was licensed to preach in 1817, and has been a member of the M. E. Church for seventy years.

The following officers for the ensuing year were unanimously elected :-President, Isaac P. Cook, of Baltimore Conference ; Vice-Presidents—T. T. Tasker, of Philadelphia Conference; W. R. Monroe, M. D.,


of Baltimore Conference ; M. T. Win- much esteemed and beloved by his ton, of Wyoming Conference; H. E. brethren. Through his exertions, Sutherland, of Central Pennsylvania mainly, the local preachers of the Conference; N. U. Walker, of East United States are indebted for the Ohio Conference ; E. Davies, of New erection of a magnificent monument in England Conference; W. H. Knapp, the beautiful cemetery at Cambridge, of Kansas Conference ; Secretary, N. Y., to the memory of Philip EmW. H. Kincaid, of Pittsburg Con- bury, the Local Preacher and founder ference ; Assistant Secretary, D. T. of American Methodism. Just tribute Macfarlan, of New York Conference ; was paid to the memory of Brother Corresponding Secretary, C. C. Leigh, Mooney by the Rev. Isaac P. Cook of New York East Conference; and the Rev. D. T. Macfarlan. A Treasurer, B. Schofield, Jun., of good man sleeps until his body shall Philadelphia Conference.

be raised on the resurrection morn, The evening session was

a very

and fashioned like unto Christ's most important and interesting occasion. glorious body ; he shall see Christ as It was set apart for addresses from He is, for he shall be like Him. the foreign delegates. Bro. William The closing session of the AssociaJameson, delegate from England, tion took place on Tuesday afternoon. spoke of the warm reception he had Brother Kincaid, the Secretary, was received from the brethren in the

requested to prepare series of local ministry since he had been in papers on the “Rise, progress and this country.

He had travelled future plans of the organization " for thousands of miles since he had been the Quarterly Review, the Christian here, and was astonished with the Advocate, and THE METHODIST. rapid progress which had been made Brothers Kincaid and Ingraham. in so short a space of time, and with were elected delegates to the Local the vastness and beauty of our land, Preachers' Mutual-Aid Society of the like of which he had never beheld England. Dr. Wheeler and Dr. before. He gave a succinct account Monroe were appointed a committee of the effective work of the local on the Ecumenical Council to be held ministers in England.

in England. On the payment of one Brother Henry Skinner, delegate dollar the Secretary is authorized to from Canada, spoke in a very felicitous issue certificates of membership of manner of his reception among the the Association. A very interesting brethren of the Association, of their paper was read from the venerable cordiality and fraternal feelings. He Rev. T. T. Tasker, of Philadelphia, also spoke encouragingly of the work giving his personal experience and done by Local Preachers in Canada. some excellent suggestions.

Brother J. Field, of Philadelphia, Mrs. Walker, wife of our esteemed the delegate sent to England last Brother N. U. Walker, of Wellsville, year, gave an account of his visit to Ohio, being unanimously called upon the Local Preachers' Association in to address the Association, came forEngland. The Rev. William Taylor, ward, and in her usual interesting the self-constituted missionary, fol. style, gave a neat, fitting and earnest lowed up these brethren with a brief speech. Mrs. Walker has been conbut interesting account of his won- stituted an honorary member of the derful labours as a missionary, in Association, and has been in attenthe various parts of the world. He dance with her husband at many of electrified his audiance.

our annual sessions.

She is an Tuesday morning session earnest worker for the cause of Christ, mostly occupied in discussing the both by personal work and by her essays read on Monday. The latter

pen. part of the morning session was de- The Association has been grandly voted to suitable memorial services in entertained by the good Methodists remembrance of the Rev. Arthur of Baltimore. The stationed. inisMooney, who died during the past ters in the city and the preng year. He was an active member of elders have been courteous. Nearly the Association for many years, and all, if not all, have been present


during the sessions of the Association. since last audit were £1,754 88. 10d., They have done all they could to make and the payments through them were the Local Preachers in attendance £1,450 Rs. 7d., besides working exfeel at home. The Rev. William F.

penses. Ward, pastor of the Fayette Street Brother S. L., of B., aged 71, a M. E. Church, where the Association local preacher forty-two years, applied meets, has been incessant in his for help. He is a ship's smith, but labours to promote the comfort of the being now incapacitated from work, brethren. It was fitting, therefore, earns nothing. He has a wife and that resolutions of thanks should be seven children; one son pays his passed, which was done unanimously, rent ; one child has been an invalid expressive of the deep appreciation for seven years ; the rest cannot help felt by the members of the Association. their parents. Applicant suffers from

Dr. Wheeler, editor of THE METHO- constitutional weakness and rheuDist, at the close of the session, arose matism. and delivered his valedictory. It The local secretary considers this was done in a few concise remarks, to be a “model case.' and then very cordially introduced Resolved—That this brother have the President-elect—the venerable, 58. a week. esteemed and much beloved Brother Brother J. H., of D., aged 72, a Isaac P. Cook, of Baltimore, who local preacher twenty-four years. Is came to the chair and thanked the an agricultural labourer, who has brethren from the depths of his heart earned 14s. a week, but the infirmities for the honour conferred upon him. of age have diminished his strength After prayer by the Rev. Wm. Taylor, and rendered him unable to do a fall the missionary, singing the doxology, week's work. His wife, aged 72, is a and the benediction by the Rev. helpless invalid. He has four chil. George Hill, the convention ad- dren, all of whom have families, and journed. During the evening Brother cannot help their father. Our broCook had a reception at his residence, ther suffers from heart disease. He composed almost entirely of the early has worked on the same farm for members and founders of the Asso- thirty-three years, for a master who ·ciation. These yearly gatherings of has sympathised with him and helped the Local Preachers are productive of him, and some help he will still good. It is hoped that at the next afford. session, in 1881, a much larger re- Resolved—That the brother have presentation will be present.-New 48. a week, as asked for. York Methodist.

Brother J. C., of H., aged 69, a local preacher forty-two years. Is a

framework knitter, earning only a GENERAL COMMITTEE.

few shillings a week. He has a wife,

aged 69, in but feeble health. He The monthly meeting was held at has been a member of our Association Brother Johnson's, 101, Long Acre, thirty years. He suffers from hernia, on Wednesday December 8th.

and from chronic rheumatism, so Present: Ex-President (chair), that when at work his left arm has to Treasurer, Honorary and General be supported in a sling from the Secretaries, Durley, Parker, Johnson,

ceiling Crapper, Harding, Wright, Amphlett, Resolved—That this brother have and Sunman.

6s. a week. Hymn 912 was sung, and Brother An application for an annuity Harding offered prayer.

for a widowed sister was deferred for The minutes of last meeting were further information, read and verified.

A letter was read from the Presi. The monthly abstract showed re- dent, who has not found it possible to ceipts £169 0s. 6d. ; payments, £133 comply with the advice of his phy3s. id. New members, 14; deaths, 5; sician by taking absolute rest, stating sick, 107; annuitants, 157.

that he was engaged at a meeting in The total receipts from branches Lancashire that evening, and so could

our cause.

not be present at the Committee In line 39 of third column, after Meeting.

“ chairman and secretary,” to add, Bills for £43 78. 7d. were ordered “and two members of the committee." to be paid.

In line 25 of fourth column, after Several minor matters were dis- sickness,” to insert “extreme temcussed and settled, also Magazine poral necessity." affairs.

ABRAHAM ANDREW, Brother Johnson reported that a

Branch Secretary meeting had been held in our behalf at Great Queen Street Chapel, at which Bro. S. D. Waddy had spoken

DEATHS. for an hour, to the great delight of the audience, and to the pecuniary

October 31, 1880. Lawrence Hack. advantage of the Association.

ing, Blackburn Branch, aged 64 years. The Chairman reported that he had

No particulars. No claim.

Nov. 1, 1880. visited several circuits, and advocated

Joseph Chipchase,

Spitalfields Branch, aged 73 years. In one place, the oldest

His end was sudden. Was at the chalocal preacher had just been removed

pel twice on the Sunday, entering into from his house to the Union work

the services with more than ordinary house.

enjoyment; remained at the prayerThe General Secretary reported meeting after the evening service, that he had received several notices engaged in prayer, the concluding sen. of motion for the annual meeting. tence of which was, “ When our time

The next meeting will be held at comes to leave this world may we clap our offices, 24, Bedford Street, Strand, our glad wings and tour away to min. on Monday, January 10th, at 5.30. gle with the blaze of day.” He then

went home, conducted family worship,

retired to rest, and in his sleep passed NOTICES OF MOTION.

away. He had been an annuitant 134 W. Garrett, Halifax Branch, pro- weeks, and had received £33 58. poses that each one on the Committee Claim £4. be responsible for the sum of £10 for Nov. 25, 1880. Thomas Gilson, the time they hold office, which would Evesham Branch, aged 63 years. No be some guarantee for the safety of particulars. Claim £3, our funds.

Nov. 26. John Wright, Southampton The following alterations in the

Branch, aged 72 years. “ In sure and

certain hope of a joyful resurrection.” proposed Trust Deed of the Local

He had been an annuitant 37 weeks, Preachers' Mutual-Aid Association,

and had received £5 168. Claim £4. are, suggested by the Manchester

Dec. 13, 1880. Rebecca Codd, Wath Branch, assembled in Quarterly Branch, aged 72 years.

She had been Meeting, viz.:

a member of the Church of God for In line 24 of the preamble, to leave many years, and died trusting alone in out the words or Independent." Jesus. Claim £4.


Bedford-Mr. J. Howard, hm. M.P., £2 28
Bristol-A Friend, 10s
Chatteris 18t
PickeringMr. James Piercy, hm. £1 18; Mr. G. Smailes,

Free Sub- Benefit scriptions. Members. £ 8. d. £ 8. d.

hm. £1 18; Mr. R. Smith, hm. 10s 6d Brackley-Mr. W. Mansfield, hm, £1 18 Isle of Wight

0 3 0 2 2 0 0 10 0 3 0 0

0 15 0

13 19 0

2 12 6
1 1 0

0 3 0

[blocks in formation]

Blackburn -- Collections in Trinity Chapel
Wibsey-Mr. T. Barraclough, qly. 38 ; Mr. E. Constan-

tine, qly. 38; Mr. W. North, qly. 3s; Mr. W. Sharp,

qly, 3s
Manchester and Salford
Wakefield - Mr. J. Frith, hc. 10s; Mr.J. Masterman, hc. 10s;

Mr. G. Smith, hm. £1 ls
Ashton-under. Lyne—Mr. J. Arundale, hm. £1 1s
South Shields, Mr. E. Hall, 2s 6d ; Mr. Snaith, qly. 5s.

Collection at Chapter Row, £4 58 9d; Ditto at Jarrow,

£? 13s; Public Meeting, net, £3 ls 3d
LoughboroughMr. T. Boorman, hm. £1 ls; Mrs. T. Boor-

man, hm. £1 ls
Liskeard 1st
Swaffham- Mr. B. Hardy, hm. £l is
Wellingborough-Mr. A. Blott, hm. £1 18; Mr. H. Blott,

hm. £1 ls; Mr. J. Blott, hm. €1 1s; Mr. N. E. Blott, hm.
£1 1s; Mr. W. Blott, hm, £1 ls; Mr. W. O. Blott, hm.

£1 Is
Market Rasen
City Road-Mr. J. Holman, hm. £1
Southwark and Lambeth-Messrs. Cowan and Sons, hm.

£1 ls; Mr. J. Warth, hm. £,1 ls
Forest of Dean-Mr. F. W. Goold, hm, 10s
Office: President's List-Mr. G. A. Baker, 5s; Mr. Bickard,

£1; Mr. W. J. Bosson, 10s; Mr. G. Boulter, £1; Mr. J.
D. Bowers, £1 ls; Mr H. Bray, 10s; Mr. J. Buckley, 10s;
Miss E. J. Busson, £1 ls; Mr. J. Creed, €1; Dawley,
Public Meeting, £3 Os 11d; Mr. F. Dunsfrey, 5s; Mr. T.
Durley, £1 ls; Mr. J. Edwards, 10s; A Friend, 5s; Mr.
J. Harris, £1 ls; Mr. A. Harman, 58 ; Mr. Heath, 10s ;
Mr. Hodgkinson, 58 ; Mr. C. Hook, 10s; Mr. P. R. Jack-
son, £1 ls ; Mr. A. James, £1 ls; J. M. P., 58; Lan.
caster, Public Meeting, £3 4s; Mr. T. F. Marsh, 10s;
Matlock, Public Meeting, £1 12s 8d; Mr. J. C. Morris,
5s ; Mr. J. E. Nott, £1 ls; Mr. J. Padfield, 5s; Mr. M.
Roberts, 10s; Mr. J. Taylor, £1 is; Mr. Thatcher, 5s; Mr.
S. Whiting, £1 ls; Mr. R. Williams, 10s 6d; Mr. J.

Lowlas, 5s; Mr. J. Jackson, 5s 2d
Bristol-R. S., 2s 6d for the Poor Old Hundred (per Bro.

Maynard); Collection at Westbury. U.M.F.C., 155
Witney-Mr. T. Early, īs; Mr. J. House, hc. 10s 6d; Mr.

Rose, hm. £1 ls
Great Queen Street-Public Meeting, net, £5 Os 7d; Col-

[blocks in formation]


27 12 3

0 17 6

lected by Mrs. Scammell, 38; Mr. B. Ball, hm. £1 1s; Mr.
G. Bickerton, hm. £1 1s; Mr. Garnham, 7s 6d ; Mr. G.
Harrison, hm. £1 18; Mrs. Heffer, hm. £1 1s; Mr. A. R.
Johnson, hm, £1 1s; Mrs. A. R. Johnson, hm. £1 ls ;
Master Johnson, hm, £1 1s; Miss H. White, hm. £1 ls;
Mr. W. Wright, hc. 10s 6d

1 16 6

1 19 0

14 9 7

£ 84 19 2

49 3 0

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