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NEW HONORARY MEMBERS. Mr. W. Chenhalls, St. Just. Mr. N. T, Tremewan, St. Levan,

near Penzance. Dr. Lacey, Plumstead. Mrs. Creed, Brinton, Somerset.

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me a few stamps to cover postage ; all of which I have put into the President's box, which has made it look very nice. This third quarter a great many have promised to send me subscriptions or donations shortly. I hope the memory of these good folks will be better than Pharoah's butler. Some prefer doing all they

The Lord bless them. I love the dear old men, and so do you ; and I know that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. They are as follows:

£ s. d. Thomas Allen, Boston 0 5 0 W. Catherson, Esq., Beverley, Hull

0 10 0 John Sager, Esq., Coley

Hall, Nelson, Burnley 0 10 0 B. W. Roulson, Esq., 39, Aire Street, Goole

0 10 0 John Basset, Esq., Ashover hm.

1 1 0 R. E. Pannett, Esq., Whitby hm.

1 1 0 Harriet Hay, Epworth 0 10 0 Mr. Mann, Inghley Hill, Dorrington

0 5 0 J. Reader, Esq., Wath-onDearne, Sheffield

0 5 0 John Whyman, Esq., hm. ... 1 1 0 C. Bainbridge, Esq., Walsingham

1 1 0 Mr. W. Clarkson, Market Weighton...

0 5 0 T. L. Roberts, Esq.,

5, Turle Road, Tollington Park 1 0 0 Joseph Robertson, Selby

0 10 0 Mr. T. E. B., Walsingham... 0 10 0 John Broomhead, Bridlington

0 5 0 William Bowen, Esq., 0 10 6 Thomas Edwards, Esq., 0 10 6 Mr. Job Mann

0 10 6 Mr. G. Tarn, Mickleton, Teesdale

0 5 0 Mr. J. Gane, Albion Villa, Windsor

0 5 0 George Manger,

Sevenoaks, hm.

1 1 0 Third Quarter President's Box

5 5 0


CAN DO. BROTHER COLDWELL, of Woolwich, the Secretary of the Deptford Branch, having read our appeal of last year in the December number, determined to do something more than he had done in order to increase the circulation of the Magazine. We should say that he has always been a good worker, and if all the secretaries had done as he has done, the circulation would have been doubled. The number of his subscribers last year was fifteen. This year he took a quantity of our January number and left them at the houses of friends who, he thought, would be likely to take them in. The result has been that his fifteen subscribers have increased to twenty-six, and he has still a number of baits out, and he confidently expects, when he draws in his lines, to find that he has hooked several more. Now what he has done


zealous brother could do. And it is a wellknown fact that whenever a fresh subscriber is obtained for the Maga-zine, we gain an additional friend to the Association.

As an extra number of the January month has been printed, the publisher will be glad to furnish copies gratis to any brother who will follow the example of our Woolwich brother Coldwell. Apply to Philip Parker, 24, Bedford Street, Strand.

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Says he hopes, if he does not meet. the Treasurer on earth, that he shall meet him in heaven. That they will meet on earth is not very likely, for this old veteran is 82 years of age.


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is now in his 86th year, he is not able No. 65 to write himself.

Is 83 years of age, and blesses the

Lord that, although his income is No. 45

small, he has never wanted, and of this brother the Secretary

never shall; he can trust the good writes : “That he was so pleased with Lord for this world and for the next. his Christmas gift that he did not Glory be to His name. Send me the know how to express his gratitude. MAGAZINE as before. That, although he is almost childish as it regards present things, yet, No. 68 when I visited him, he was reading some of the hymns he used to give

Is 76 years of age. Is thankful for out when he first went out to preach,

the 10s., and for the assistance of and his memory seemed as fresh as

those who are helping their poor old ever when looking back on old times

brethren down the hill of life. He and precious seasons in those days

takes a few appointments still, and gone by.”

not only has taken the MAGAZINE

from the commencement, but this No. 48

year has got two others to take it DEAR SIR,- It is with much thank- likewise. Well done, brother; that fulness that I write to tell you that I is practical gratitude. received Mr. Wild's gift of 10s., and found it most acceptable.

No, 69 I am thankful to say that I have

Is 82 years old. He has done gained four friends to take the Maga

what every annuitant should do ; ZINES I brought our Mutual-Aid

when not on the list, begin to seek before the quarterly meeting, and it for hon. members. This brother has was agreed to have collections in all

done that, and all the hon. members our places of worship next April. in his city (and there are several) I am yours truly in Christ, T.B.

have been obtained by his efforts. [Well done, Brother: yours is prac- He has been a local, or rather it tical gratitude, shown in getting

would seem, a travelling preacher for subscribers for the MAGAZINE and

58 years, and travelled 11,500 miles collections for the Association.] to preach the everlasting Gospel of

the Blessed God. No. 52

Tells us he is very thankful for the No. 70 108.; that he is now 81 years of age, DEAR SIR,-I am requested by my and regularly takes in the MAGAZINE.

father, who is unable to write through

age and infirmities, to acknowledge No. 54 I received the gift of 10s.

the receipt of 10s. as a Christmas

gift from J. Wild, Esq., for which he sure as God led the Israelites of old

is truly thankful. His age is 82 ; he by the pillar of cloud by day and the

is getting very feeble and'infirm, and pillar of fire by night, so hath He led

his memory fails, but he takes & me all my life long, and I am constrained to exclaim, goodness and

lively interest in the MAGAZINE. He

is looking forward to the rest premercy have followed me all the days

J. L. of my life.

pared for God's children.

No. 73 No. 56

Is 77 years of age and 41 years a DEAR SIR-I again tender to you local preacher.

my warmest thanks for the gift of

10s. left by James Wild, Esq., for us, No. 64

poor old men, who are nearly worn Is 78 years old. The 10s. came as out in the Master's cause.

feel I a timely blessing, just when it was get more feeble every year, and can. needed. It came as a surprise, for not do much now in the work of the he had not received this gift before. vineyard. I often think of the


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No. 76

DEAR SIR, I called on B. the other day, and he was regretting, through blindness, he could not aoknowledge the receipt of the late J. Wild's Christmas gift to his aged brethren. He requested me to do it for him. Our brother is now over 80 years of age, and has been a local preacher near 60 years. The gift is very seasonable, for he has

sister now blind living with him who is partly dependent upen him for her support, she having only a blind pension of $10 per annum; and they require some one to attend to them. He is very grateful for the gift, and also to the Mutual-Aid Association for the help afforded him.

No. 77

Is 78 years old, and he feels the infirmities of advanced age are growing upon him, also feels that Christ is all in all to him.

showing since the audit in May receipts from branches, £2,439 158.; payments to branches, £2,072 4s. 6d.; receipts for the month, £506 15s. 8d.; payments, (including bills, £12 1s. 6d.) £442 28. 5d. New members added during the month, 18; deaths, 5 members and 3 wives; sick, 130; annuitants, 160; total on the funds, 290.

Bills amounting to £42 Os, 6d., were ordered to be paid.

CASES FROM BRANCHES. Brother W. M., of B., aged 74, local preacher forty years, applied for superannuation.

His wife is dead, has five children, with one of whom he lives, but none can help him. He was a small farmer, but owing to bad seasons has been quite ruined. He is earning nothing, and has no source of income.

Resolved—that he have 58. a week.

Brother W. H., of Y., aged 81, a local preacher fifty-two years. Wife dead, has one son. Originally a tailor, but latterly cultivated about thirty acres of land. Owing to bad seasons, has lost all his savings which amounted to about £200. Is now quite destitute,

Resolved–That he have 6s. a week.

Brother J. N., of D., aged 64, a local preacher seventeen years, wife aged 66, Has received from our funds since January 1880, 4s. a week. Now asks for more. Was a twist hand or bobbin worker. Is suffering from asthma. He has seven children, but none can help him.

Resolved-That he have in future 58. a week.

Brother R. H., of S., aged 75, & local preacher forty-seven years. His wife aged 78, is quite helpless. Has three children, but they can render no assistance. Works a little on the road when able. Since July, 1878, has received from us, 38. a week, now asks for more.

Resolved–That he have 5s. week in future.

A letter was read respecting a brother, who in October last was ill, and was then voted 58. per week annuity, but was now earning 16s.

No. 78

Is 76 years old, and, although wearisome nights are appointed to him, he will not complain, for he is looking forward to home and the rest prepared for God's children.


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MINUTES of Committee Meeting, held at Bro. Wright's, Frimley Villa, Plumstead, on Wednesday evening, February 9th, 1881.

Present: the President in the chair. Bros. Aldom, Amphlett, Clapham, J. Carter, Wright, Rose, Harding, Johnson, and Sims. Also Rev. J. D. Tetley, Bros. Coldwell and Runnecus.

The meeting was opened by singing hymn 327, and after reading 1 John first chapter, by the President, Rev. J. D. Tetley engaged in prayer,

The minutes of last meeting were read and confirmed.

The monthly abstract was read,

per week.

Resolved the annuity forthwith


A letter was read suggesting an alteration of procedure at the annual meeting, but the committee did not consider it advisable.

In consequence of the absence of the editors, the minute respecting the contents of magazine, was carried forward to the next meeting.

It was reported by the president and secretary, that arrangements were in progress for meetings at Rochester, Leicester, Louth, Oxford, Huntingdon, &c.

The Treasurer kindly offered £100 on conditions that a further sum of £1000 be raised in augmentation of the fund created by the late Mr. Wild, so that all the annuitants might receive 10s. at Christmas.

The next meeting to be held at Bro. Candler's, 1, Chatham Houses, Brixton Hill, on Monday, March 14.

The meeting closed with prayer by Dr. Aldom.

Jan. 13, 1881. William Cole, Rochester Branch, aged 71 years. He had been a member from 1850, and was for many years secretary of the branch. The last fifteen months were months of suffering, borne with pa tience. Now he is at rest. No claim.

Jan. 18, 1881. William Woodhead, Driffield Branch, aged 91 years. His end was peace. He had been an annuitant 704 weeks, and received £151 ls. Claim £2.

Jan. 22, 1881. John Handby, Settle Branch, aged 79 years. His end was peace. He had been an annuitant 37 weeks, and received £9 5s. Claim £4.

Jan, 24, 1881. James Green, Kineton Branch, aged 59 years.

His long affliction was borne with Christian fortitude and resignation, and he died happy in the Lord. Claim £6.

Feb. 2, 1881. Mary Ann Edmonds, Rochester Branch, aged 37 years. Having lost her reason, she was unconscious at the time of her death. Claim £4.

Feb. 2, 1881, Samuel Hallam, Lincoln Branch, aged 44 years. As he lived, so he died, calmly trusting in Jesus. Claim £8.

Feb. 11, 1881. Philip Holbrook, Midsomer Norton Branch, aged 80 years. For several days his sufferings were great. Now he is freed from them all. Claim £8.



Jan. 12, 1881. Susanna Mawer, Louth Branch, aged 62 years. After a few days illness she fell asleep. No claim.



Free Sub- Benefit scriptions. Members.

£ 8. d. £ 8. d. Congleton-Mr. J. Steele, don. £5

5 0 0 Liskeard 1st

1 1 0 Barnsley

4 4 0 Reading-Mr. J. J. Beecroft, hm. £1 1s; Mr. J. D. Brown,

hm. £1.18; Mr. J. Davies, 128; Mr. J. P. Jones, hm. £1 18 ; Mr. J. Milsom, hm. £1 ls; Mrs. Milsom, hm. £1 1s; Mr. T. Reed, bm, £1 ls; Mr. J. Staples, hm. £1 18; Mr. S. H. Whiting, hm. £1 ls

9 0 0 2 5 0 Bromsgrove-Collected by Bro. Banner, 78; Ditto by Bro. Davis, 14s

1 1 0 1 4 0 Wisbech-Mr. J. Crabtree, hm. £1 ls; Mr. J. Pollard, hc. qly. 5s 3d; Mr. J. Scott, hm. £1

2 6 3 Newcastle-under-Lyne- Mr. W. S. Allen, bm. M.P., £1 1s;

Mr. H. Farr, hm. £1 ls; Mr. C. D. Hudson, hm, M.P., £2 28; Mr. J. McKee, hm. £1 18

5 5 0 3 0 0 Middleham...

1 10 0 Hull

10 15 0 DerbyRev. W. Griffith, 58 ; Mr. Hoult, hm. £1 ls ; Mrs. Hoult, hm, £1 ls ...

2 7 0 6 0 0 Leek-Mr. H. Dish ley, 128

0 12 0 2 16 6



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Freo Sub- Benefit scriptions. Members, £ S. d. £ 8. d. 1 0 0 1 1 0

1 16 0 0 12 0 1 15 0 1 12 6






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Lancaster-Mr. J. C. Moon, hc. £1
Forest of Dean
Oxford—Mr. G. G. Banbury, hm. £1 ls ; Mrs. Cox, hm.

41 ls; Mr. F. Dew, hm. £1 18; Mr. T. Howard, hm.

£1 ls; Mr. J. Nix, hm. £1 ls
Shotley Bridge
North Shields-Mr. J. Green, hm. £1
ShrewsburyMr. J. Metcalf, hc. 10s; Mr. Withers, 4s
Thame—Mr. B. Burton, hm. £i ls; Mr. G. Roadright, hc.

108 6d ; Mr. J. Ward, hm. £1 ls; A Friend 10s; Mr. R.

Munday, Penny Preaching, 13s 6d
Keighley-Bro. J. Dinsdale, hm. £1 18; Mr. J. Hartley,

hm. £1 18 ; Mr. J. W. Hartley, hc. 10s 60 ; Mrs. J. W.
Hartley, hc. 10s 60 ; Bro. J. W. Laycock, hm. £5 ; Bro.

S. Smith, 128; Mr. W. E. Walbank, hm. £1 Is
St. Just - Mr. W. Chenhalls, hm. £1 ls; Mr. N. T. Treme-

wan, hm. £1 ls
Workington ...
Peterborough 1st
Denby Dale...
Blackburn-Collection at Wesley Chapel, £3 10s ; Ditto

at New Road, 11s 3d
Matlock-Mr. J. Hodgkinson, hc, 10s ; Mr. H. Marsden,

hm. £1
Halifax-Anon, 10s 6d; Mr. G. B. Brown, hc. J.Os 60; Mr.

J: Dodgson, hm. £1 18; Mr. W. Garrett, hm. £1 ls ;
Ditto, Penny Preaching at Boothtown, 178 ; Mrs. J.
Horsfall, hc. 10s; Mrs. D. Shaw, hc. 10s; Mr. W. Smith,
hm. £1 18 ; Mrs. J. Thorpe, hc. 108 ; Mr. E. M. Wavell,

hm. £1 18
Louth-Mrs. Coates, 2s 6d; Mrs. Oldham, qly. 38; Mr. S.

F. Salmon, hm. £l 1s; Mr. A. Sharpley, 2s 6d ; Mrs.
Croft Sharpley, hc. 10s; Mr. Cyrus Sharpley, hc. 10s ;
Mr. F. Sharpley, hm. £1; Mr. H. D. Simpson, qly. 38;
Mrs. Topham, hc. 10s
Southport ...
Sowerby Bridge
Isle of Wight
Glossop~Mr. J. Clayton, qly. 38
Alton (Hants)
Bath-Mr. J. Bladwell, hm. £1 1s; Rev. J. Chees wright,

hc. 108; Mr. Cobb, 5s; Mr. Cooke, 2s 6d; Mr. Cox, hc.
10s; Mr. S. Evans, hm. £l 1s; Mr. T. Gandy, hm. £l 18;
A Friend, per Ditto, £1 18; Mr. Gould, 5s; Mr. G. Green,
hm. £1; Mr. T. Owen, hm, £1 18


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