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one, who are unable to read or write, of Salem were almost frantie with horror and those three are mules.

and apprehension. The greatest exertions At a very large and respectable con were for a time unavailing to discover any vention of the republican members' of thing leading to a detection of the mur. the Massachusetts legislature, on the derers. At length a letter from a distant 11th February, the following resolution, town addressed to a Mr Knapp, of Salem, among others, was unanimously adopted: fell into the hands of his father, and its

Resolved, That the thanks of this character leading to suspicion, the letter meeting be given to the Hon. Daniel was exhibited to the officers of justice, Webster for acting as the true represen. and the parties consisting of Joseph tative of this commonwealth in the late Knapp, jr. John Knapp, and Richard debate in the Senate of the United Crowninshield, being apprehended,one of States, and for his able performance of the deepest tragedies in domestic life that that duty in vindicating the state from took place in any age or country was deundeserved and unfounded charges, and veloped by the confessions of the parties. repelling the unjust and groundless im- After the arrest, the following confesputations and attacks made upon the sions were made by Joseph Knapp, jr.:honor, the history, the conduct and the Some months since J. J. Knapp, jr. character of the state, and placing them who married the grand niece of Capt. in their proper and just light.

White, and the daughter of his houseThe Boston Patriot gives a statement keeper, stated a hypothetical case to a of the occupations of the members of the lawyer, and from him understood that if house of representatives of Massachu. Capt. W. died intestate, his mother-insetts, as follows:

law, as the sole representative of Capt. Farmers 207, merchants and traders W.'s sister, would inherit half the estate 126, lawyers 60, mechanics 44, manu- --all the other heirs at law being reprefacturers 25, physicians 15, clergymen sentatives of Capt. W.'s brother. 11, gentlemen 10, deputy sheriffs 4. In order to effect this object, Knapp Total 502.

proposed to his brother John F. Knapp, In 1829, the quantity of mackerel and to murder Capt. White. His brother other pickled fish inspected in this state replied, that he would not do it himself

but he knew who would; he could get

Dolls. Tons. Richard Crowninshield, jr. Crownin227,316 bbls. mackerel 1,022,922 37,800 shield was employed for that object, by 400,000 quints. cod and

J. F. Knapp, at his brother's request, other dry fish 800,000 20,000 and was to receive, we understand, 76,000 bbls. sperm oil 1,675,000 12,666 $1000 for accomplishing the object. 47,277 do whale do 498,000 7,879 On Friday, 2d April, J. J. Knapp, jr: 6,000 do liver do

75,000 1,000 went into Capt. White's chamber and

took from the iron chest a will, which he

4,070,922 79,345 supposed to be Capt. W.'s last will, car. More than 1000 vessels were employ. ried it to Wenham, and kept it in his ed in the cod and mackerel fishery dur- possession until he heard of Capt. W.'s ing the last year. The number of whale death, and then destroyed it. On the ships was 160, averaging 350 tons each; same day he procured the will, he unand making in the aggregate 50,000 barred the window shutter and unscrew. tons. All these articles had amounted ed the window, by which Crowninshield to $4,200,000 the last year.

entered. Knapp returned to Wepham Mortality of Boston from 1813 to 1830, the same day, and did not return to 17 years, was as follows :-In 1813, there Salem again until after the murder. were 786; 1814, 727; 1815, 851 ; 1816, The murder was committed by Crown904; 1817, 907; 1818, 971 ; 1819, 1070; inshield alone. He alone was in the 1820, 1103; 1821, 1420 ; 1822, 1203; house. It was effected by a dirk, and by 1823, 1154; 1824, 1297 ; 1825, 1450 ; a bludgeon of hickory, with a large head, 1826, 1254; 1827, 1022; 1828, 1233; loaded with lead. Whilst the deed was 1829, 1221.

doing, J. F. Knapp was watching in the April 7th, 1830. Stephen White, an street. Crowninshield joined him after old and wealthy inhabitant of Salem was the crime. The bludgeon was deposited found murdered in his bed. This horri. under the steps of the Howard-street ble deed committed upon an aged and Meeting-house, and there it was found. inoffensive man produced unparalleled The day after the murder, J. F. Knapp excitement in this town and vicinity, and Crowninshield rode to Wenham, where the crime of murder was com where Jos. J. Knapp, jr. gave C. all the paratively unknown. The inhabitants money he then had, being 100 five-franc

pieces-at which time Crowninshield Cash deposited, and not stated to him the manner in which the bearing interest, 3,574,957 04 murder was accomplished.

Cash deposited, bearing The two Knapps were afterwards interest,

2,804,868 29 tried and executed, but Crowninshield Total amount due from avoided the punishment of the law by the Banks,

33,323,793 44 suicide before trial.


Elections.-The official Gold, silver, &c. in Banks, 1,258,444 05 returns of the votes were declared to Real Estate,

621,152 34 be

Bills of Banks in this state, 914,096 60 For Governor,

Bills of Banks elsewhere, 479,759 08 Whole number,

47,173 Balances due from other For Levi Lincoln, 33,908 Banks,

2,191,087 62 For Licut. Governor.

Due to the Banks, exceptWhole number, 46,389 ing balances,

27,987,234 09 Thomas L. Winthrop,

31,894 Total Resources of the June. The City Solicitor of Boston Banks,

33,366,142 61 having examined the subject at the request of the City Council declares it, in Amount of last dividend, 500,925 00 his opinion, to be a violation of the ex Amount of reserved proisting laws concerning the Sabbath, to fits,

398,763 74 open the Theatres on Saturday evening. Debts secured by pledge MASSACHUSETTS Banks.-Abstract of of Stock,

901,823 53 the official Returns of Banks in Massa- Debts due, and considerch'isetts, showing the state of said Banks

ed doubtful,

462,046 06 on the first Saturday of June, 1830. Rate of dividend

amount of capital of Capital Stock paid in of

all the Banks, as exist63 Banks,

$19,295,000 00 ing when dividend was Bills in circulation, 5,124,090 00 made,

2 52-100 pr.cent. Net profits on hand, 544,496 62 Average of 61 Banks Balance due to other Banks,2,123,576 35 making dividends

2 46-100 pr.cent.





The Legislature of this state, by an taxes on licenses to pedlars, retailers of act passed Oct. 30th, 1829, conferred on spirits, and vendors of lottery tickets; the Supreme Court equity jurisdiction taxes on banks, a tax of one per cent. on in all cases relating to trust estates cre- lottery schemes, and on sales of foreign ated by assignments for the benefit of lottery tickets, on auction sales, fees of creditors.

courts, and the interest of the permaAn act was also passed permitting the nent fund now amounting to about sheriffs and officers of justice of the ad- $20,000. joining states, in the due execution of RHODE ISLAND BANKS.-Of fortylegal process, to convey persons and eight banks in Rhode Island, all have things legally in their custody through made returns to the Legislature except any of the roads of the state. Any in the farmers' and Mechanics' Bank at terruption of such officers is declared Pawtucket, which has failed, and Mount punishable in the same manner as if Hope Bank, Bristol, which has made no ihey were officers of the state.

discounts, and is about winding up its

The following are the aggreThe surplus fund in the trea

gates exhibited by the returns of fortysury May, 1829, was $8,854 six banks, compared with the returns of The expenditures of the state

the same banks in October, 1828. from 1st May, 1829, lo 1st

Capital stoek In 1829. In 1828. May, 1830, were

32,222 paid in $6,023,307 00 6,151,912 00 The receipts for the same time


807,670 61 1,000,595 39 were

30,960 Profits on hand,170,115 30 165,618 93 The balance in the treasury

Debts due from May, 1830, was

7,592 banks,

110,794 39 173,139 14 There is no direct taxation in this Bills in circu. state, but its revenue is derived from lation,

673,874 50 887,968 97



Debts due from


14,697 50 Directors, 799,867 85 857,890 41 Profits on hand,

3,364 15 Due from other stockholders, 740,544 22 624,519 59

$328,498 02 Due from all

Cr-Notes receivable, $321,481 60 others, 528,241 24 6,026,584 11 Deposits in other banks, 1,807 92 Specie, 341,940 74 357,612 07 Bills of other banks,

12 00 Bìlls of other


10 03 banks, 121,790 78 163,881 50 Sundry accts. overdrawn, 186 47 Deposits in other banks, 260,771 27 150,353 14 Total,

$328,498 02 Bank and other

They however state that nearly all stock,

82.651 50 74,769 00 the debtors to the bank are insolvent, U. States stock, 25,000 00 32,403 41 and their property in the hands of asReal estate, 232,333 49 218,008 22 signees. The commissioners are of opinFurniture and

ion that 'the debts of the bank, excluother property, 9,692 35 9,543 98 sive of the interest, will not exceed

Farmers' AND Mechanics' Bank, $160,000, and they feel an assurance PAWTUCKET.-The commissioners ap

that under present prospects the bank pointed by the Legislature of Rhode will eventually pay its responsibilities, Island at the last session to settle the and leave something for the stockhold concerns of this bank, have made a report, in which they state that the situa

Tristram Burges, tion of its concerns on the 26th day of

Dutee J. Pearce, October was as follows :

Eddy, Dr–Capital stock, $200,000 00


1,126 Notes and drafts pay. E. R. Potter,

518 able, 93,556 37 John D'Wolf,

33 Bills in circulation,

16,880 00




4,18 4,328 1,251


Oct. 1829. The arrival of the first State Prison during the year ending 31st boat on the Farmington canal from the of March, over and above all expenses Massachusetts line, bringing passengers incident to its inanagement and the supfrom Southwick, was greeted with much port of the convicts, was $5,068 94. The enthusiasm by the inhabitants of New Newgate Prison, for ten years previous Haven. The canal is now completed; to its abandonment, created an average and, though too late in the season to annual expertse to the state of $8,400. admit of an extensive carriage of goods Difference in the result of the two es. in 1829, the tolls may be expected to ex tablishments per annum on the score of ceed fifteen thousand dollars in 1830. economy $13,468 94 !—The namber of

Nov. The canal at Enfield Falls was convicts on the 31st of March was 167; completed, and boats passed there for the being an increase during the year of first time on the 11th inst. The length thirtythree. Of the whole number, of the canal is about six miles ; its

thirteen were females, and thirtynine breadth and depth are such as to admit blacks. Governor Tomlinson recomnot only the ordinary flat-bottomed boats mends the erection of an additional used on the river, but steamboats of a building for the accommodation of the much larger draught. There are three former, order that they may be sublocks at the lower end of the falls of jected to solitary confinement by night, about ten feet lift each, built in the most and employment by day, (in like manner durable manner.

There is another lock with the male prisoners,) under the diat the head of the canal, together with rection of a suitable matron. a massive breast wall.

CONNECTICUT SCHOOL Fund.—This May 5, 1830. Connecticut State fund now amounts to nearly $1,900,000. Prison.-It appears from the message From the commissioners' report it apof governor Tomlinson, delivered to the pears that a man by the name of Watson Legislature of Connecticut, that the bal. recently claimed an undivided fourth ence of receipts at the Wethersfield part of 100,000 acres of land, (50,000 of



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which has been conveyed by this state,) In Windham County bank, 7.000 00 and lying west of Gennesee river, state In New London bank,

6,250 00 of New York, Greenleaf and Watson the elder, father of the claimant, originally

$97, 850 00 owned one undivided half of the whole 3d. In cultivated lands and tract, and the heirs of Sir William Pult buildings, ney the other half.-Watson sold his In the state of Massachusetts, 91,590 36 fourth to Greenleaf, but no trace of the


49,423 46 deed could be found; Greenleaf sold his

New York,

33,428 31 half to Oliver Phelps, and the latter conveyed it to the state. The state, having

$174,442 73 first aparted with the heirs of Sir Wm. 4th. In wild land, Pultney, had conveyed their half to di- In the state of Ohio, vers purchasers, and the purchase money

113,427 03

Vermont, constitutes a considerable part of this

13,618 00

New York, fund. The commissioners, and the Hon.

11,348 86 T. S. Williams and R. I. Ingersoll. were appointed agents on the part of the state 5th. In farming utensils

$138,423 95 by the Legislature, in May, 1829, with

and stocks on farms, &c, full power to adjust the claim of Watson. -After considerable negotiation, they In Massachusetts,

1,750 00 agreed to subunit the matter to the arbi- Cth. In cash on hand, 1st trament of three gentlemen of the state of New York. Before the arbitrators

April, 1821, collected from met, the commissioner went after Green

15,359 69

principa! leaf to Washington city, and, by a good Total amount of capital $1,822,251 68 deal of effort, aided by the promise of two thousand dollars if they should be June 5, 1830. The legislature adsuccessful, persuaded him to go to Phila- journed this day after a session of 4 delphia, and make a thorough search for weeks. the deed from Watson to him. Green The subject of the Militia System was leaf accordingly went, accompanied by under consideration, but no alteration of the commissioner, and after a careful and any importance made, except to exempt patient examination of a mass of papers, persons above thirtyfive years old from which had not been overhauled since the actual performance of duty; they 1798, was so fortunate as to find the deed being required to keep the accoutrein question. On the production of the ments, and be inspected once a year. deed Watson abandoned all right and The sum of $2,500 annually for ihree title, and the fund thus narrowly es years, was appropriated to the instruccaped a claim of the most serious and tion of the indigent Deaf and Dumb in alarming character.

the state ; and the sum of $4,000 also apThe capital of the school fund on the propriated to make additions to the State first day of April, 1829, was invested as Prison, for the benefit more particularly follows, viz.

of the female convicts. One Bank only 1st. In bonds and mortgages,

was chartered, to wit, the Middlesex Against persons residing in

County Bank, in the city of Middletown, the state of New York, $618,809 90 A conditional appropriation of $2,500, in the state of Conn. 493,021 16 was made to complete the new State

Mass. 25,011 73 Hlouse at New Haven; and a resolution

Ohio, 79,060 90 passed to purchase, at the price of $500, Vermont, 7,740 53 a copy of Trumbull's picture of the Dec

laration of Independence, to adorn the

$1,454,435 31 Hall of the House of Representatives. 2d. in bank stock,

A bill was introduced into the house In Hartford bank,

57,600 00 prohibiting the circulation of small notes, In Phenix,

20,000 00 where it passed, but it was negatived in In Fairfield County bank, 7,000 00 the Senate.


Sept. 28, 1829. The convention bers elected to the board shall agree to which had 'for several weeks been in pass the same, it shall be sent, together session for the purpose of proposing with the objections, to the other board, amendments to the Charter of the City by which it shall be likewise reconsidof New York, this day finally adjourned, ered; and if approved by a majority of after having adopted a form of city gove all the members elected to such board, ernment by a vote of 40 to 6.

it shall take effect as an act or law of the The principal changes consist in the corporation. In all such cases, the votes division of the common council into two of both boards shall be determined by boards; one member of each to be chosen yeas and nays, and the names of the perby each ward for one year, and the ex- sons voting for and against the passage clusion of the Mayor and Recorder from of the measure reconsidered, shall be enthe common council.

tered on the journal of each board resThe boards are to meet in separate pectively. chambers, and a majority of each shall If the mayor shall not return any act, be a quorum to do business.-Each board ordinance or resolution, so presented to shall appoint a president from its own him, within the time above limited for body, and shall also choose its clerk and that purpose, it shall take effect in the other officers, determine the rules of its same manner as if he had signed it, own proceedings, and to be the judge of Annual and occasional appropriations the qualifications of its own members. shall be made by proper ordinances of Each board shall keep a journal of its the common council, for every branch proceedings, and the doors of each shall and object of city expenditure, nor shall be kept open, except when the public any money be drawn from the city treaswelfare shall require secrecy; and all ury except the same shall have been resolutions and reports of committee, previously appropriated to the purpose which shall recommend any specific im- for which it is drawn. provement, involving the appropriation The common council shall not have of public moneys, or taxing or assessing authority to borrow any sums of money the citizens of said city, shall be publishi- whatever, on the credit of the corporaed immediately after the adjournment of tion, except in anticipation of the revethe board, under the authority of the nue of the year in which such loan shall common council, in all the newspapers be made, unless anthorized by a special employed by the corporation ; and when- act of the legislature. ever a vote is taken in relation thereto, The executive business of the corporthe ages and noes shall be called and ation of New York shall hereafter be published in the same manner.

performed by distinct departments, Every act, or ordinance, or resolution which it shall be the duty of the common which shall have

passed the two boards council to organize and appoint for that of the Common Council, before it shall purpose take effect, shall be presented, duly cer. These together with some other tified, to the mayor of the city, for his amendments giving effect to these chanapprobation. Ifhe approve, he shall sign ges were submitted to the citizens at it; if not be shall return it, with his ob- the fall election of 1829 and being sancjection, to the board in which it origin. tioned by a vote of 10,436 Ayes to 5058 ated, within ten days thereafter; or if Nays was submitted to the legislature, such board be not then in session, at its which at the subsequent session passed next stated meeting. The board to a law making the amendments proposed. which it shall be returned, shall enter October. A branch of the U. S. Barik the objections at large on their journal, was established at Buffalo, and Wm. B. and cause the same to be published in Rochester appointed President thereof. one or more of the public newspapeis in Oct. 13, 1830. AMERICAN INSTITUTE. the city

- The Annual exhibition commenced Tne board to which such act, ordi- this day. A surprising variety and nance, or resolution, shall have been so amount of the productions of doinestic returned, shall, after the expiration of industry were displayed, both useful and not less than ten days thereafter, proceed ornamental. Broadcloths and Calito reconsider the same. If, after such coes, Porcelain and Cut Glass, Musical reconsideration, a majority of the mem- Instruments, &c,&c, were among them,

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