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tariff, as may lessen or impair the en the eastern states, instead of being a loss couragement and protection now afford to the state in which they are situated, ed to the mechanics and manufacturers are actually yielding a revenue. The of our country.'

new prison at Weathersfield, ConnectiMr Hornblower called them up on the cut, afforded a profit last year, after

pay9th. Mr Earle moved the postponement ing all expenses, of $3000.' The old of them to the next session.

one was an expense to the State of 1830. The Legislature re-assembled $8000 per annum.' on the 5th of January.

INTERNAL IMPROVEMENT is next adThe MESSAGE of the Governor was verted to. “New Jersey as a state, has presented on the 7th. The first subject not yet commenced her operations. The noticed, after an illusion to the happiness Morris Canal is the only prominent and prosperity of the State, and the re work that has been undertaken even by public, is Education. Feeling the im- individuals. portance of extending instruction to all • The expediency of constructing a caclasses of citizens, former Legislatures nal through the state to unite the waters carefully husbanded the resources of the of the Delaware and the Raritan, will State, and laid the foundation of a fund again come under your consideration. which was to be appropriated to that in- Whether this is the propitions time to teresting object. This fund was increas- commence the work, is the grave inquied by the constant addition of its interest, ry which will be submitted to your reand occasional appropriations, until the flection. last session of the Legislature, when it • The propriety of a Railway from amounted to about $222,000. It was some point on the Delaware near Philaconsidered at that time advisable to com- delphia, to a point on the Raritan, near mence a system of common school in- Amboy, will also claim your attention. struction throughout the State. The • At the last session a law was passed sum of $20,000 was ordered to be appro- authorizing the appointment of commispriated annually for that purpose ; and sioners to treat with the state of Pennto be distributed among the several town. sylvania in regard to the use of the ships in proportion to the State tax paid waters of the Delaware river. A similar by them respectively—on condition that law was passed by the Legislature of at their annual town-meetings, they that state; and commissioners were apshould resolve to raise money in aid of pointed by each. The result of their such appropriation. The operation of deliberations has been the formation of a the law, owing to difference of opinion' compact for the use of the waters above as to its construction, &c. has been lim- tide, and a recommendation authorizing ited and imperfect, and its modification the improvement of the navigation of and simplification are recommended.' the Delaware river below the falls of

The evils belonging to Penitentiaries Trenton, in such manner as to interpose on the old plan are noticed, and the fol- no obstructions to the natural navigation lowing statements made.

or the passage of fish. Application has • New Jersey has paid as much for the been made, in compliance with the support of her Penitentiary as any other wishes of the legislature, for the aid of State of the same population. The ex- the general government in making a pense for the last thirty years, inclusive survey of the contemplated route of the of the cost of buildings, may be estimated Delaware and Raritan Canal. The at a sum little less than $160,000. In engagements of the general department this suin are included officers' fees, and were such as to render it impracticable the costs of prosecution and transporta- at that time to effect the object of the tion. The annual cost has sometimes resolution, but the application would be constituted a third, and frequently a kept in view and claim its attention as fourth part, of all the tax raised for the soon as circumstances permit. For many support of the Government. And al- years past difficulties have existed bethough the expense for the last few years tween the states of New York and New has not been so great as formerly, it has Jersey, in relation to the eastern bounaveraged at least $5000 per annum. It dary of the state. Various efforts have is supposed that the loss for the last been made by the State of New Jersey year, will be still further diminished, but to effect an amicable adjustment on such it is not expected that the State will be terms as it was conceived, would be safe, sensibly relieved under the present sys- honorable and advantageous to both partem.

ties. These efforts have failed of suc• It is a remarkable fact, that the pris- cess, the alternative was presented, of ons lately constructed in New York and tamely submitting to the pretensions of

the state of New York, and acknowledg. The following are the principal features ing her sovereignty and jurisdiction, up of the bills. to high water mark on our own shores, DELAWARE AND RARITAN Canalor bringing the matters in controversy Sec. 1. Subscription books for stock to before the highest legal tribunal of the be opened within six months. country. The path of honor and duty 2. Capital, $1,000,000 in shares of was plain; and the Legislature, in $100. When 5,000 shares are taken the March, 1828, passed an act requiring the act to take effect. Attorney General to institute proceed 7. Directors empowered to fill vacan. ings against the state of New York in cies, appoint all officers and engineers, the Supreme Court of the United States. regulate toll, receipts and expenses, &c. A suit has accordingly been commenced 11. Company inay construct a canal on the Equity side of the court, and able from the Delaware to the Raritan, and counsel have been retained to aid the improve their navigation when necessaproper law officer of the state.

ry. Canal to be at least 50 feet wide at • It is a proof of the great wisdom of the water line, and the water at least 5 our forefathers, that a tribunal has been feet deep: to be supplied from the Delprovided, in which the conflicting claims aware by a feeder, to be constructed so of the different members of the confed as to form a navigable canal 30 feet wide eracy, may be amicably adjusted; and and 4 deep. it is a matter of just pride, that the rep. 12. Empowers the company to make all utation of that august tribunal for wis- necessary locks, &c to survey grounds, doin, integrity and independence, is and use such as are necessary, making such as to guaranty to states as well as compensation. individuals, a liberal and fearless admin 13. If damages are disputed, to be val. istration of justice. In such a court our ued under the cognizance of a justice of rights will be respected, and there is the Supreme Court. every reason to anticipate a favorable 14. If unsatisfactory, appeal to the issue.

Circuit Court. • The great number of applications that 15. Similar provision with respect to are made every year to the Legislature entering upon or injuring land. for the procurement of laws dissolving 16. Bridges to be placed over canal the marriage contract has become the where roads intersect it. subject of unfavorable remark both 17. Toll shall not be higher than 4 abroad and at home; — and I beg leave cents per ton per mile on property, nor to recommend it to your serious reflec- than 5 cents per mile for each passention.

ger, nor more than half that rate on the “ The mode of proceeding in these feeder. If the Company shall not comcases is not favorable to the investigation plete the canal and feeder within the time of truth; and there is reason to fear that limited, or if after completion they abanin some instances parties connive with don it, or do not keepit in repair for three each other and make false acknowledg. successive years, their charter to be an. ments and declarations for the purpose of nulled, and the lands to revert in their furnishing evidence to effect their im original owners; provided if New Jersey proper designs.

take possession of it, the title to rest in

the state. Among the consequences resulting from the controversy respecting boun- tions require. No canal to be construct

19. Route may be altered if obstrucdaries with New York, was an act which ed within five miles of any point of it passed the house of representatives of without consent of the Company. New Jersey authorizing any person or 20. To be a public highway on pay. persons to fire upon, wound and kill, the

ment of the established tolls. citizens of another state, being five or more in number, who shall be discovered of, within two years, taking one fourth

23. Legislature to have the privilege catching oysters within the disputed of stock, and in that case have the apterritory provided the trespassers shall refuse to yield themselves to the civil pointment of two directors, or if it takes

a smaller share, to appoint one; and if authority, to answer for the offence com

the State take any portion, not less than mitted by them.'

one eighth, the route not to be altered Acts were also passed incorporating without its consent. the Delaware and Raritan Canal Com 24. Act to be void if works not company,' and the Camden and Amboy menced within 2 years, and completed Rail Road and Transportation Company.' in 8.

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3. At the expiration of 30 years from within three miles of this road, then the completion, state may cause an appraise- payments of sect. 23 not to be required. ment to be made of canal and append 25. 26. This is a public act, &c. ages, the value not to exceed the first 27 Company shall not engage in cost, thereupon the state shall have the banking operations. privilege for ten years of taking canal 23. Rail road to be a public highway, upon payment of the amount to the subject to tolls. Company.

An act was also passed abolishing 26. Treasurer to make quarterly re- imprisonment for debt, when the perturns of the amount of articles transport- son arrested shall give to the sheriff an ed, and pay the state 8 cents for each inventory under oath of all his real and passenger, and 8 cents for each ton of personal estate, and security to appear merchandise, excepting coal, wood, or at the next Court of Common Pleas, to other low priced articles, for which two take the benefit of the insolvent laws. cents per ton shall be paid.

1830. The Legislature closed the Ses27 This act to be deemed public. sion on Tuesday, 2d March. Among

CAMDEN AND AYBOY RAIL ROAD. the acts passed. is a supplement to the Sec. 1. Subscriptions to be opened militia law, reducing the trainings to within six months.

one in each year, and the fine to two 2. Capital $1,000,000; shares of $100. dollars for non-attendance; the compact When 5000 are taken the act to go into between the states of Pennsylvania and effect.

New Jersey, relative to the mutual use 11. Directors authorised to survey of the waters of the Delaware for the and construct a rail road or roads from canals and other purposes; and the bill the Delaware at some point between to prevent horse-racing. This bill in its Cooper's and Newton creeks, in Glou- modified form authorises two cester county, N. J. to the Raritan Bay, courses under particular regulations, one with as many sets of tracks as are necessa in Monmouth County, and the other in ry. Road not to exceed 100 feet in width. Hoboken, at two seasons of the year.

12. A lateral road may be constructed July. The Morris CANAL, which to Bordentown.

was this year nearly finished, com13. 14. 1.5. Compensation to be made mences near Easton on the Delaware, for damages, &c. Bridges to be made. and passing the flourishing town of

16. Toll not to be inore than 8 cents Newark, terminates at Jersey city, opper ton per mile for merchandise, nor 10 posite New York. Its whole length is cents for passengers. If rail road is 100 miles and 64 chains, and the navigaabandoned for three successive years, ble feeder from the Hopatcong lake, is charter to be annulled and land to revert, 60 chains. It will have several inclined anless the state take possession of it. planes and 23 locks—the chief of which

20. Same privilege to the estate as in are finished The entire amount exsect. 23 of the canal act.

pended on this work is $777,923 71; 21. Rail road to be commenced with there are demands against the company in two and finished in nine years. for the sum of $333,050 50, on account

22. Same provision as sect. 25 of ca of loans, notes in circulation, &c., and nal bill.

the resources make an aggregate of 23. Treasurer to make quarterly re- 572,032 90, being chiefly shares of its turn of number of passengers and tons own stock and bills payable by stocktransported, and pay to the state 10 cents holders, received for instalments and for for each passenger, and 15 cents for shares of stock not paid. It is calcueach ton.

lated as being capable of transporting 35. If the state authorise any other 300,000 tons a year, and expected to be rail road for the transportation of pas- much used for the supply of coal. Very sengers from New York to Philadelphia, many of the culverts, aqueducts, &c., which shall commence and terminate are completed, and 131 bridges built.


October, 1829. George Wolf was elec November 3. An extra session of the ted Governor of the State for 3 years. legislature commenced this day at HarThe returns were for

risburg. The next day, Gov. Schulze George Wolf, (Administration) 76,673. delivered his message. Joseph Ritner, (opposition) 50,151. It is principally occupied with the pe


cuniary concerns of the State, and state that Courts of Justice be invested with ments of the progress made in certain jurisdiction in such cases. An alteration public works undertaken by the author of the law regulating the rights of landity of the Legislature. By an act of lord and tenant, is also recommended, so Dec. 18, 1828, the Governor was au as to compel the tenant to deliver up posthorised to effect a loan of $800,000, session at the end of the term; and the which was immediately obtained. By establishment of a system of free schools another act in the April following, an ad. is also recommended. ditional loan of $2,200,000 was author November 10. AQUEDUCT at Pittsised, and a commissioner of loans ap BURGH.—The Gazette says, 'with much pointed. The commissioner has ob. pleasure we announce, that the aquetained but $779,123 of this amount in duct over the Alleghany is now comthe form of a permanent loan, the re- pleted. It is an honor to the liberality mainder having been made up by tem- of the state, an ornament to the city, porary loans procured by the Governor. and a credit to the enterprise and taste Besides these, the Governor, at the re of the architect and builder. Our citiquest of the Canal Commissioners, has zens and various military companies, obtained another temporary loan of yesterday celebrated the introduction of 106,000. The occasion of this loan water and the first passage of boats over was the necessity of continuing the opit'. erations on the canal and rail road, and January, 1830. The message of Gov. of securing the works against the appre- Wolf was transmitted to the new Legishended injuries of the winter. The lature on the 14th of this month. Governor recommends that provision be its principal subjects are the expendmade for the payınent of all these teni itures and debts of the state, on account porary loans.

of internal improvements, and the means The money obtained under the act of proper to be adopted for meeting them, April, 1829, would, says the message, and for providing a fund for the purpose have been sufficient to meet all the de- of education. The Governor expresses mands of the Canal Cominissioners, if his confidence in the utility of the works the vouchers and consequent drasts on in which the state is engaged, and lays the Treasury of some of the acting Com- before the Legislature a view of the acmissioners in June last, and not greatly tual state of present indebtedness of the exceeded what was usual or expected. Cominonwealth It appears that the The Governor does not undertake to en whole amount of loans contracted for ter into the reasons for the failure of the since the passing of the act of second loan authorised in April, but expresses April, 1621, authorising a loan of $1,his confidence that the funds necessary 000,000, down to and including the parto coinplete all the rail roads and canals tial temporary loan of $40,000, under the now under contract, can be had on the act of 17th November, 1829, constitute most favorable terms, if the legislature an aggregate of $8,286,000; and it apwill call the resources of the Common- pears that the further sum of $4,000 was wealth into the Treasury in such a man borrowed from the Harrisburgh bank, ner as to inspire confidence in the lender under the last mentioned act; and the that his interest will be regularly and sum of $10,000 from the bank of the punctually paid.

Northern Liberties, under the act of 7th The message recoinmends the ap- December last, which increases the agpointment of a board of commissioners gregate of debt before mentioned, to the to superintend the turnpike roads and sum of $0,300,000. bridges in which the state holds stock. By the report of the canal commisThe companies who have undertakensioners recently communicated to the these enterprises have, in many in- Legislature, it appears that the debts acstances, found them unprofitable, and tnally due upon the respective divisions having involved themselves in debt, the of the canal according to the reports of tolls, instead of being applied to repairs the acting commissioners and superinand improvements, have gone to the tendents,amount to the sum of $1,318,790 payment of debts.

67; and that the whole amount of works Applications for divorces to the Legis- of every description, yet to be executed lature of Pennsylvania are becoming upon the several divisions, as estimated more numerous every year. The mes- by the principal engineers, is $2,060,sage observes that they have probably 742 09, making an aggregate of three been acted upon in some instances with millions four hundred and fifty nine out sufficient evidence; and recommends thousand five hundred and thirtýthree


dollars and six cents, to be provided for interest of five per cent; the interest, as by the present legislature, by way of it becomes due from time to time, to be loan or otherwise.

likewise invested, and the principal so The governor believes that the Com- invested, together with the interest monwealth will incur little difficulty in thereon accruing, shall be taken and held procuring loans for present emergencies by the Commonwealth, as and for a fund and future operations in completing the for a general system of education, and works in progress, and urges upon the for no other


whatever. legislature the necessity of immediate Statement of debts due on loans by the action upon the subject.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the He also suggests the propriety of pro 1st January, 1830. viding a fund of a permanent nature, in

Amount. addition to that already existing, for the Stock loan, payment of the interest upon the loans per act of 2d of eight million three hundred thousand April, 1821, redollars, and upon the several sums to be imbursable 1st borrowed hereafter; and as a means for June, 1841, $930,000 00 raising a fund for that object, proposes

Stock loan, either that the dividends hereafter to be per act of 30th declared on the stock held by the state, March, 1824, in the several banks in which it is a $380,000 therestockholder, and in case that should not of reimbursable be deemed sufficient, that so much of 1st May, 1834, the capital stock itself owned by the and the residue Commonwealth, as may be necessary to the 1st of Janumake up the deficiency, be set apart as

ary, 1839,

600,000 00 an additional fund for that object; or that Stock loan, a tax upon the income of individuals, per act of 11th other than that derived from real estate, April, 1825, rebe assessed and levied throughout the imbursable 1st Commonwealth, under such regulations Jan. 1840, 150,000 00 as the legislature may think proper to

- 1,680,000 00 prescribe.

Bank of MontAmong the modes for raising a reve gomery nue, to which the exigencies of the ty, per act of state, in the opinion of the governor, 1st April, 1826, will justify the legislature to resort, he at an interest of recommends a tax upon Bonds, Mortga. 43-4 pr centreges, Judgments, and other evidences of imbursable 1st debt, certificates of stock and money it. May, 1835, 60,000 00 self, the possessors of which have here Farmer's bank tofore been exempt from taxation, as far of Lancaster, pr as that species of property is concerned. act of 1st April, If the legislature shall deem it inexpe- 1826,at an interdient to lay a tax upon these, he propo est of 4 1-2 per ses articles of luxury of every descrip: cent,reimbursation, and anthracite and bituminous coal ble 1st May,1837, 25,000 00 as proper subjects for a light excise. Easton bank, The governor earnestly presses the ne

per act of 1st cessity of providing a permanent fund April, 1826, at for the purposes of education, and propo- an interest of 5 ses for this object that the commission.

per cent, reim.' ers of the several counties be authorised bursable 1st of to assess a certain per centum of small May, 1837, reamount, upon the property, real and serving the right personal, trades and occupations, &c, of of the commonthe citizens, to be collected by the same wealth to reimofficer to whom the collection of the burse the same county tax is entrusted, to be paid over at anytime withby the several county treasurers to the in that period, 25,000 00 commissioners of the internal improve- Harrisburgbank ment fund, and by them invested in the per Act of 1st Afunds of the Commonwealth, bearing an pril, 1826, at an


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