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State maps,


State maps,

interest of 5 per

Duties on dealers in foreign cent, reimbursa


62,607 92 ble in May,1837,

691 36 reserving the

Collateral inheritances, 10,742 194 right of the com

Pamphlet laws,

55 46 monwealth to re

Militia and exempt fines, 3,000 71 imburse the same

Tin pedlars' licenses,

210 00 at anytime with


74 24 in that period, 50,000 00

Commissioners of the inter

160,000 00 nal improvement fund, 200,000 00 Canal loan, per


2,811,238 38 act of 1st April,

Old debts and miscellane1826, reimburs.


9,738 38 able 1st December, 1846, 300,000 00

$3,610,332 02, Canal loan, per

-Balance in the treasury 1st act of 9th April,

December, 1828, 189,815 464 1827, reimbursable 1st Decem

$3,800,153 49 ber, 1850, 1,000 000 00 Canal loan,

Internal improvements, $3,049,893 01 per act of 24th

Expenses of government, 210,393 85 March, 1828, re

Militia expenses,

17,730 22 imbursable 1st

Pensions and gratuites,

27,800 32 Dec. 1853, 2,000,000 00 Education,

16.702 48 Canal loan, per

Interest on loans,

91,725 00 act of 18th De.

Internal improvement fund, 168,767 18 cember, 1828, re

Pennsylvania claimants, 178 92 imbursable 1st

542 27 January, 1854,800,000 00

Penitentiary at Philadelphia, 6,000 00 Canal loan, per

Penitentiary near Pittsburg,

5,400 25 act of 22d April,

Conveying convicts,

411 27 1829, reimhursa

Conveying fugitives,

257 58 ble 1st Decem

House of refuge,

2,500 00 ber, 1854, 2,200,000 00


17,555 16 -6,300,000 00

$3,624,777 51 Canal loan, per resolu

Balance in the treasury tion of the board of canal

1st December, 1829, 175,375 98 commissioners of 2d October, 1829, 106,000 00

$3,800,153 49 Temporary loan, per act of

State EXPENSES.- The Register of 17th Nov, 1829,

40,000 00 Pennsylvania has a table of the expenses

of the government of the state, from

$8,286,000 00 1791 to 1829. In 1791 they amounted FINANCES OF PENNSYLVANIA. to $69,000; in 1792, to $80,000; and in Summary statement of the receipts and 1793, to $110,000 : they averaged from

payments at the treasury of Pennsyl- that year to 1818, aboui $150,000 yearvania, for the year commencing 1st ly. In 1819, the amount was $194,000, December, 1828, and ending 30th No- but fell considerably below that sum in vember, 1829.

the subsequent years, until 1827, when

they rose to $202,000 The last year's
Lands and land office fees, $97,290 79 expenses were $218,000.
Auction commissions, 19,000 00 The expenses of the Executive De-
Auction duties,

140,518 75 partment for the first year were $5047, Dividends on bank stock, 121,259 00 in 1794 they were $11,000, at which Dividends on bridge and

average they continued until 1814, when turnpike stock,

19,640 00 the sum is nearly $13,000, at which it Tax on bank dividends, 53,184 07 continued for several years, when it fell Tax on offices,

9,245 33 to about $11,000. The Executive exFees secretary of state's

penses of 1829 were $10,520. The items office,

1,779 23 of expenditure are, the salaries of the Tavern licenses,

50,031 67 Governors, Secretary of State, Deputy

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1827, 1828,

Secretary, Clerks, and contingent ex

CR. penses. From 1793 to 1820 the Govern. Amount of general charge ors received the handsome allowance of

es, being the cost of the $5333 32, which, we imagine, was in improvements, 2,236,937 25 most cases equal in value to the salary Do, current expenses and of the President of the United States.

repairs, since 1st JanuThe Governor now receives $3000.

ary, 1829,

41,785 06 Banks – The Auditor General's re. Do, of interest account port to the legislature contains the state. since 1st January last, 39,979 24 ments of the affairs of thirty two Banks Do, of damage account, do

5,173 46 within the Commonwealth.

Do, of individual account,

611 04 Capital Stock paid in of

Cash balance,

36,567 94 thirty two banks, $12,815,581 85 Notes in circulation, 7,870,613 80

$2,361,053 99 Due to other Banks, 2,343,223 54 The amount of tolls received in the Due to individual deposit

year 1825, was

$15,775 74 ors,

7,244,752 95

43,108 87 Contingent fund, 1,170,068 02

58,149 74 Dividends unpaid, 274,056 91

87,171 56 Due to the Commonwealth, 186,208 27 1829,

120,039 11 Bills discounted, 18,454,213 50

The increase in the coal trade has been Specie,

3,013,383 84 Notes of other Banks, 1,926,257 00

greater than in any previous year, being Real estate, Bridge, &c. 1,490,936 26

equal to near 70 per cent advance on that Loans to Commonwealth, 1,344,027 66 brought down in 1829 was 79,973 tons.

of the year 1828. The whole quantity Bonds, mortgages, ground

The amount of tolls received in rents, &c,

953,375 85
1829 from coal, was

$77,032 Due by other Banks, 2,697,370 03 And from merchandise, &c, Drafts, bills of exchange,&c,

(301,215 58
other than coal,

43,007 United States Stocks,

35,689 05
Sundry securities and per.
sonal accounts,

Making the total amount of tolls
76,545 56
in 1829,

$120,039 INTERNAL IMPROVEMENT.-The Schuyl. The amount of tolls in 1828 kill canal is 108 miles in extent. It cost

having been

87,171 about two millions of dollars. · In 1823, the revenue derived from tolls on it There is shown to be an inamounted to 64,000 dollars. In 1829, it

crease of

$32,868 amounted to upwards of 120,000. Much of the produce passes through the Penn- Equal to about 38 cent. sylvania and Union canals into the of the tolls in 1829 there arose from the Schuylkill canal, and thence to Phila

ascending navigation, $27,853 delphia. The Lehigh canal is about 35 Leaving for the descending trade, 92,186 miles long. Of the Pennsylvania canal, 212 miles are completed, and 23 miles

$120,039 more nearly finished. The Union canal of the tonnage conveyed on the canal in is 80 miles in length. Between two and three hundred miles of the Pennsylvania

1829, there was of the ascending trade,

tons 21,820 canal remain to be completed. A rail And of the descending trade, 112,704 road of 78 miles is also in a course of preparation. Statement of the affairs of the Schuylkill

Making the whole tonnage in

tons 134,524
navigation company.

Against that of 1828, which was 105,463 Amount of capital stock, 1,083,808 00 RISE OP PROPERTY, - Prior to the Do loans,

1,095,803 60 completion of the Schuylkill navigation, Do of rents since 1st

this part of the country was considered January, 1829,

7,414 98 a ‘barren and mountainous waste,' not Do of tolls do

109,984 33 worthy the attention of capitalists, alDo of real estate do 8,234 15 though it was known that its bowels was Do of individuals,

678 93 well stored with anthracite coal.- Since Do of reserved dividend

the completion of the above improvefund,

55,130 00 ment, the attention of capitalists has been

drawn towards it, and property has risen $2,361,053 99 in value, within the last five or six years,

at a rate almost unparalleled in this has been incurred in the works to sup. country

ply the city with good and wholesome Five years ago, the Peacock'tract of water; and the present supply is worth coal land, belonging to the New York more than all the debt. The interest and Schuylkill coal company, was pur- payable in 1830 will be 104,776 dollars. chased by them for the sum of 9,000 dol. The taxes in 1829, amounted to $208,lars. At the latter part of 1829, it was 500. The real estate in the city was assold and bought in by the original seller sessed at 24,202,786 dollars, in 1829, for the sum of 42,000 dollars.

showing an increase of nearly two milA tract of 120 acres, on the Broad lions over the assessment of 1826. Square mountain, was disposed of for the sum of yards of pavement laid in 1829, 70,603, 12,000 dollars, which was bought in the costing about 85,000 dollars. spring of 1829 for 1,400 dollars.

WATER Works. The whole amount One fourth of another tract of 450 acres of payments for water in 1829, was $81,on the Broad mountain, has been dispos- 180 06. ed of for 9,000 dollars, at which rate the whole traci would be worth 36,000 dol. during the year, including the main, was

The whole extent of iron pipe laid lars. This tract was purchased about 16,848 feet. six years ago for 190.

The extent of iron pipes of different A tract on the west branch sold for dimensions in the city is nearly 36 miles, 6,000 dollars, which was purchased in which added to the pipes laid in the disthe spring for 700 dollars.

tricts, makes nearly 55 miles of iron Another tract sold for 16,000 dollars, pipes supplied from Fair Mount Works. which was purchased for 1,000 dollars.

The whole amount raised by loan on MANUFACTURES OF IRON IN AND ABOUT account of the water works, last year, PittsBURG. – There are consumed an

was $55,000. nually, in the different foundries, rolling

The whole receipts, independent of mills, and steam engine factories, in and the loan, were $57,783 78, whereof about Pittsburg, sir thousand tons of 3,027 51'were for old iron castings and blooms, and five thousand tons of pig other articles which were sold, and 54,metal. These articles are brought prin- 756 17 for water rents, for permits, for cipally down the Monongahela and Al. ferules, repaving, &c. leghany rivers.

Of the sum received, 14,000 dollars There are nine foundries, which use

were placed to the credit of the Sinking about 3,500 tons of pig metal, and em- Fund; and 12,706 20 to the credit of the ploy about 225 hands.

tax fund for the year. The rolling mills are eight in number,

The duplicates of water rents for 1830 and are now chiefly employed in rolling amount to $56,693 29, viz. City, 37,Juniata blooms, of which they use 881 50. Northern Liberties 10,362 75. about 6,000 tons, They also consume Spring Garden, 3,440 04. Southwark, about 1,500 tons of pig metal, and em- 5,019 00. ploy about 320 hands.

The increase of water rents in 1830 There are nine nail factories, which

over 1829, is, for Spring Garden 930 00, manufacture daily about 18 tons of nails, Southwark 125 75, Northern Liberties and employ about 150 hands.

1,926 26, City 2,090 00. There are also seven steam engine factories, in which are employed about

The extent of iron pipes laid in the

Northern Liberties last 210 hands. As yet but three steam en

ear, was 9,793

feet 3 inches. Whole extent of pipes in gines have been sent east of the mountains, four or five to the northern lakes, number of fire plugs 94, of which 13

that district 48,116 feet 3 inches. Whole and one to Mexico.

Within two or

were erected last year. three years past, the casting of sugar kettles, sugar mills, and small steam en In the district of Spring Garden, 6,981 gines, to drive them, for the planters of feet of iron pipe were laid during the Louisiana, has become a very important year, which added to 15,298 feet laid in obranch of manufacturing business, and previous years, make 22,279. Whole is increasing

number of fire plugs 35, of which 11 In addition to the metal and blooms were erected during the year. above mentioned, a large quantity of bar The number of feet of iron pipe laid in iron is brought to Pittsburg from Juniata. Southwark, in 1826, 27, and 28, was

PHILADELPHIA. — The debt of this 26,233. Add for 1829, 6,051 feet. Tocity is estimated at $1,937,400 — the tal 32,284 feet. Whole number of fire sinking find amounts to 367,028 — real plugs is 69, of which 11 were erected debt 1, 570,371 69 A great part of this during the year.

The whole expenses of the Water The cost of raising the water at Fair Works for 1830, are estimated at 27,900 Mount last year including wages, fuel, dollars, whereof $5,660 will be for new lights, tallow, &c, was $1,528 75, or four iron pipes, and 7,160 for removing 32, dollars and ten cents per day. 000 yards of earth at Fair Mount.

EXPENDITURES. By the County COMMISSIONERS for the Prisons of the City and County of PHILADELPHIA, from 1819 to 1829 inclusive, as charged on the Books of the Office. Criminal Price of pur

Debtor's Apartment of chase and re- Apartment House of Honse of Date. Walnut street pairs of Arch in Arch st. Correction in Correction in

Prison st. Prison. Prisen. Prune street. Arch street.

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Jan. 23, 1830. The following resolu. the industry of the country against fortion was passed by both houses of the eign policy and legislation. legislature and directed to be sent to the A resolution was also passed directing governors of the several states and to the the appointment of 3 persons to prepare senators and representatives of the state a revised statutory code for Pennsylvain congress.

nia, somewhat similar to the revision in Resolved, That the tariff of 1828 ac- the statute laws of New York. The records with the spirit of the constitution vised code is to be submitted to a future of the United States and that it main- legislature. tains the true principles of protection to


In 1829 a law was passed establishing tenance of a free school within that disa system of common schools in this trict. An account of this fund will be state and making it the duty of the court found in the Register for 1827-8-9. At of appeal in each county to cause the the next session of the legislature which county to be divided into convenient met January, 1830 it was provided, that school districts. By this act returns are a majority of all the school votes in the to be made to the legislature of those in district should be necessary to authorize each district between the ages of 5 and the cumpulsory levy of a tax and that no 21 years. On the 2d Monday of October tax should exceed $300 per annum. The in each year the electors in each dis- inspectors of elections were also directed trict having a right to vote for members to make returns of the votes given at of Assembly are to assemble to deter- the general elections for or against the mine by a majority of votes, what sum is holding of a convention to amend the to be raised within the district for the constitution. The Newcastle turnpike free school, and this sum is to be collect company heretofore incorporated was ed by a clerk and commissioners elected also authorized to make rail roads from at the same meeting and together with Clark's corner in Newcastle county in its proportion of the income of the state the direction of Frenchtown until it school fund is to be applied to the main. should reach the Maryland line. The

uary 20th.

following Resolutions were adopted Jan- tures and also before the two houses of

Congress. Resolved, By the senate and house of June, 1830. AGRICULTURAL SCHOOL. representatives of the state of Delaware The Edncation Society of the Episcopal in general Assembly met, that the tariff Church in Philadelphia, have purchased of 1828 accords with the spirit of the the Farm of Mr Hemphill, about two constitution of the United States and is miles from Wilmington, where they a protection to home industry from the mean to establish a self supporting overwhelming influence of foreign ri- school. The pupils will be exclusively valry.

youths who are designed for the minisResolved, that the foregoing resolution try; the farm, of nearly 100 acres, is to be communicated to the governors of the be cultivated by the students, who will several states and to the senators and be employed in agricultural or other larepresentatives of Delaware in Congress, bor at least four hours in the day. to be laid before the respective legisla


Elections, October, 1829. The members whose names are in Italics are in favor of the administration of Gen. Jackson.

Benjamin C. Horard. Elias Brown. Peter Little. John Barney. City of Baltimore, 4300


2851 County of do, 2006



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Without opposition Montgomery and part of Frederick reelected George C. Washington.

Somerset and Worcester reelected E. K. Wilson. Calvert, Charles and St Mary'. reelected Clement Dorsey. Richard Spencer.

John L. Kerr. Queen Ann 603

402 Talbot 512

607 Caroline 562


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Dec. 28. The legislature met this day ment for a deputation from the Corps of at Annapolis.

Engineers, to survey a route for a lateral The Message of the Governor (Daniel Canal, to connect the Chesapeake and Martin) mentions,

Ohio canal with the Chesapeake Bay at An application to the federal govern- Annapolis,and to ascertain whether such

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