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ishing any Court shall deprive a Judge The Message of the Governor was of his office, unless two thirds of the presented on the same day. The documembers of each House present concur ment opens with acknowledgments for in it, but he may be assigned other du- the general health and prosperity of the ties. The Legislature may also erect State during the year, and especially Corporation Courts, and create Corpora- that it has pleased God to bless them tion Magistrates and Justices of the with plentiful crops, particularly of InPeace. Sheriffs and Coroners are to be dian corn, which has been unusually appointed by the Governor on recom- abundant throughout all parts of the mendation of the County Courts, Consta- Commonwealth. bles by the Justices, and Attorney Gen. The only political event of promi. eral by vote of the two Houses, during nence during the year, has been the call whose pleasure he is to hold his office. of the Convention now sitting, The

The sixth article directs that the sum of $6,000, borrowed from the LitTreasurer of the commonwealth shall erary Fund, together with other prebe annually appointed by a joint vote of vious appropriations, has been invested the two Houses.

in books for the Public Library, on adThe seventh and last article provides vantageous terms. A correspondence for the continuance in office of ihe pres- has been commenced by the Executive, ent Governor and other officers, until under a late law of the State, with the their successors are elected under the General Government, on the subject of new Constitution, and for the mainte- certain Reserved Lands, which is subnance of the Courts of Justice in their mitted to the Legislature. The attenpresent jurisdiction until otherwise or- tion of this body is again called to the ganized by the Legislature.

subject of the Census of the State, which By the order of the Convention, the is reported to have been so imperfectly amended Constitution was submitted taken, that Virginia is supposed to have for acceptance at the ensuing April elec- lost one member in Congress, to which tion, to the voters qualified to vote for her population rightly estimated would inembers of Assembly, and the vote was entitle her. “The peculiar situation in as follows:

which Virginia is now placed,' the Gov.

For. Against. empor conceives, render measures to Trans Alleghany

prevent any such oversight in the apdistrict,

2,123 11,289 proaching census of particular necessity. Valley district, 3,842 2,097 Investments have been made in behalf Middle district, 12,417 1,000 of the li'ushington Monument Fund, with Tide-water district, 7,673 1,091 a view to provide for the original object

of the appropriation. 26.055 15,563 • During the last summer, a spirit of So the Constitution was ratified by a dissatisfaction and insubordination was majority of 10,492 votes, and went into manifested by the slaves, in different operation according to its provisions. sections of the country, from this place

October, 1829.-One of the cotton fac- to the seaboard ; and in consequence of tories in Wheeling, commenced opera- misrepresentations and exaggerations in tions in 1825, with 500 spindles. It now relation thereto, considerable excitement runs 2100 spindles, and consumes about and alarm were produced in a few neigh300 bales of cotton per annum. The ma- borhoods. For the purpose of quieting, chinery is driven by steam. This was the the apprehensions to certain portions of first cotton factory erected in Virginia. the country, it was deemed advisable,

The Point Cotton Factory is situated upon the requisitions of the Colonels of upon the point of land at the confluence several regiments, and of other persons, of Wheeling creek with the Ohio river. to furnish certain volunteer companies At this factory there is at present made of the militia with arms. A plan for a from 3 to 4000 lbs. of cotton yarn week- still further extension of the supplies of ly, with 1000 spindles.

arms to the militia, in certain portions of December, 1829. MEETING OF THE the State, had been, and was at that Legislature.—This body met in Rich- time, under the consideration of the Exmond on the 7th inst. In the Senate, ecutive, and was subsequently adopted. Wm. C. Holt, Esq. was appointed This plan has been only partially suc. Speaker, and Addison Hansford, Clerk. cessful. The great difficulty on any Linn Banks, Esq. of Madison, was chos- plan for furnishing the militia with arms, en Speaker of the House of Delegates, arises from the necessity of providing and George W. Mumford, Clerk. adequate means for securing their saio

preservation and return when called for; be pardoned of her offences and set at and without some competent provision liberty.' The number of solitary cells for this object, it is deemed better that has been so increased as to be equal to the arms remain in their present state of the necessities of the case, and other safe keeping and preservation. And I local improvements effected. take pleasure in stating, that their pres The attention of the Legislature is ent condition is reported to me to be as called to the Act which authorizes the good as it can be.

Punishment of Stripes for petiti larceny The condition of the Treasury is rep- offences. This the Governor considers resented as highly prosperous; and 'not- disproportionate to the offence, repug. withstanding the very large and enor nant to the general feeling of the peomous sums of money drawn from Vir- ple, and from its character of public ig. ginia, and expended in other States, nominy, tending more to confirm vice through the unconstitutional, unjust, than to produce reform. unwise, and ruinous tariff acts, the rev. Accounts of the fund for internal imenue has been paid into the Treasury provement, for the year ending 30th with the usual punctuality.' The bal- November, 1829, ance in the Treasury on the 27th Nov. The permanent funds in stocks, 1829, after defraying the extraordinary

are stated at

$1,418,961 11 expenses of the call of a Convention, up Disposable funds, in do. 681,630 00 to that time, is greater by $35,000, than in the preceding year; it being in the former case $32Ă,688 17, and in the lat- Disposable funds, in cash,

2,100,591 11 ter, $359,552 91.

balance in the treasury

14,269 62 The Penitentiary establishment is much improved ; and the Governor points out

2,114,860 73 as a subject of consolation to every philanthropist in the State the improved

The estimated receipts in the year and improving moral condition of socie. ending the 30th Nov 1830, including ty, and the beneficial effects of prison the dividends on bank stocks, or differ. discipline, as evinced through the de

ent companies in which the commoncreasing convictions for penitentiary wealth is interested, and the receipts on offences. On the 30th day of Sept. last, account of the James river company there were in the Penitentiary 128 white surplus fund, are $110,386 41—which convicts, one of whom was a female; added to the balance in the treasury on of this number 82 were natives of Vir: the 30th Nov. 1829, will amount in all ginia, and 46 of other States and foreign

to $124,656 03. countries. On the 30th of Sept. 1828,

The estimate of the probable disburse. there were 135 white males and two

ments during the same period, is $98,white females; showing a decrease of 023 83—-leaving a probable balance in nine within the two last years. Since the treasury 1st Dec. 1830, unless preintroducing the regulation for solitary

viously appropriated and disbursed, of confinement for three months imme

$26,632 20. diately before discharge, not a single January, 1830.-On the 9th inst. Gen convict, who has undergone such pun. John Floyd, was elected Governor of ishment, has been returned for a second Virginia, by the legislature. The votes offence.

were, for Gen. Floyd, 140; for P. V. The Governor adds with emotions Daniel, 66; scattering, 7. both of pride and pleasure as a Virgin February 16.-Gov. Giles transmitted ian, that another year has passed by to the legislature, a correspondence be. without a single conviction of a white tween the Mayor of Boston, and the female for a penitentiary offence; mak- Mayor of Savannah, by which it aping the whole time above 5 years since peared that a free black living in Boston any such conviction has taken place in had caused a pamphlet of a seditious Va. There is now but one solitary case character to be published and circulated of the confinement of a white female in among the slaves. the Penitentiary, and it is submitted to The house of Delegates under the the General Assembly, whether it is not excitement of the moment, passed a bill due to the unexampled morals, virtue, by a vote of 81 to 80, prohibiting blacks and good conduct of the females of Vir- whether free or slaves from being taught ginia, as demonstrated by this view of to read or write and all assemblages for the condition of the Penitentiary, that such purposes. This bill was however that unfortunate, solitary convict should rejected by the Senate, 7 Ayes, 11 Nays,

May, 1830. HIDDEN TREASURES. June. Dr White, of Spottsylvania About the middle of this month some county, recently sold a thousand acres slaves of the kev. Mr Kennerly, while of poor land for $30,000, on account of blowing rocks on his farm, near White the gold found on it. He would have Post, discovered gold coins of the value sold it for $3 an acre a few years ago. of $240, in joes, halves, and quarters. Tobacco.-Amount of inspections in

The farm was formerly the residence of Virginia for the year ending 30th Sept. Lord Fairfax, and the gold was doubtless 1829. deposited by some of his family in the

Passed. Refused. On hand. place where it was found. It is remark. 'Richmond 7,970 4,026 9,405 ably pure, of very ancient mould, and is Manchester


340 154 not in the slightest degree corroded by Petersburg 1,901 2,407 251 its long confinement in the earth. Many Linchburg 10.981 1,946 706 of the pieces are clipped and plugged; Farmville 2,185 1,174 30 that is, parts had been cut off, by which Others, sup'd 1'500 300 the weight was reduced below the standard, and the same quantity afterwards Total 1829 25,349 10,793 10,546 inserted elsewhere in the coin to restore 1828 28,647 16,503 10,474 the weight in consequence of a law of 1827 35,093 12,962 10,717 England inflicting a severe penalty upon Export of tobacco from Virginia for any person having light coin in his pos- the year ending 30th Sept. session. The amount, after exchanging 1829

22,850 hhds. it for bills, was divided by Mr Kennerly, 1828

29,854 among the slaves who had found it.'




Nov. 1829. The Legislature met on • If in the more healthy parts of the the 16th inst. at Raleigh. Bedford State, labor of a different kind may be Brown, Esq. of Caswell, was chosen advantageously employed, in the conSpeaker of the Senate; and Samuel F. struction of roads, or the improvement Patterson, Principal Clerk. Wm. J. of rivers, it is very evident that in those Alexander, of Mecklenburg, was elect- sections where our most valuable unaped Speaker of the House of Commons; propriated lands lie, slaves constitute and Pleasant Henderson, Chief Clerk. the only effective force—with them our

The Message of Governor Owen was swamps must be drained, and our rivers presented on the following day. The opened, or the former remain the abodes first subject noticed, is the Internal Im- of noxious animals, and the latter, a mere provement of the State. His Excellency apology for navigable streams. Such is holds that it is their duty to pursue this the demand for slave labor, they cannot great work; and, if their system is de. be had for hiring, without great sacrifective, as it appears to be, to apply a fice, and those hired for short periods remedy: or if a candid and thorough cannot be properly disciplined. To emexamination shall show that the means ploy white laborers to drain our swamps, of the State are incompetent to such a can not succeed-they have not the phy. work, to abandon it until their hands are sical ability :—there cannot be found a strengthened.

single instance in the low countries of The question is asked, why so much the Southern States, where even a farm expense has been sustained in examina on an extensive scale has been cleared tions and surveys, and so little is done and cultivated by this species of labor, to turn these preparations to account. and the inost liberal wages cannot effect In answer, the want of an effective it. It is evident, then, from a moment's force continually at the disposal of the reflection, that the State is reduced to State,' is mentioned; and to acquire this, the necessity, of either giving up all the State must hire or purchase it. In pretensions to improvement upon a large dividual experience (says the Governor) scale, or to make an appropriation to shows that the former alternative will purchase laborers commensurate with not answer expectation ; but, as indi. the work to be performed, and to cease viduals by the purchase and employ- to think of employing any longer, a spement of slaves, make valuable improve. cies of force, which both public and ments, and become wealthy, the State private experience, demonstrate to be may do the same.


By pursuing the plan recommended, which appropriations to the amount of the millions of acres of the lands of the $41,000 have been made by Congress. State, it is believed, may be made valu. These improvements will be of essenable ; and North Carolina, by the pro- tial benefit to the state and particularly gress of Internal Improvement, become to Wilmington and Newburn, and there full of wealth and happiness.

is no doubt of their being fully accomThe next subject noticed is Educa- plished, now that they have been so fation. His Excellency commends the vorably commenced. A still more imwisdom and liberality that established portant work, demanding the attention the University of North Carolina ; 'the both of the Legislature and the Genonly monument of learning within the eral Government, is the opening a com. State, to which the eye of the stranger munication from the Albemarle Sound or citizen patriot, may be directed with to the Atlantic Ocean. As evidence of any emotions of pride or patriotisın.' the national importance of the measure To perfect and give permanency to this proposed, and to show the encourageinstitution much remains to be done, ment 'the state has to expect the aid of and interposition and patronage are par. Congress in its execution, the Governor ticularly demanded at the present time. quotes as follows from the language of A loan to the institution of certain mon the Board of Engineers of the United eys appropriated for the establishment States. “If the plan be carried into of a literary fund, but not yet invested, execution, whether we consider the is recommended.

profits of commerce, the dangers of The advantages and importance of spipwreck, pursuit by an enemy, or education in general, are next presented convenience as a point of departure and to notice, and the adoption of a system refreshment for our privateers and vesof public education is urged on the at sels of war, a harbor will be formed tention of the Legislature.

precisely in that part of the coast where It is submitted whether some meas

it is most needed.' ure should not be adopted preparatory to

To divert the commerce growing out the profitable investment of the large of the rich

and abundant products of the amount of funds owned by the state in territory watered by the Yadkin from its Banking Institutions ; and for ena

passing to its ultimate destination bling these to close their concerns before through foreign ports, and to concen. the expiration of their charters in 1835: trate, as far as possible, the wealth of and it is suggested, that the number of the state, it is with much earnestness directors in these incorporations should recommended that a communication be be lessened, and that the State Bank be established between the Yadkin and the permitted to close its concerns, by dis- Cape Fear, either by a well finished turncontinuing its branches alternately, at pike or rail road; and to try the practiintervals of not less than nine months.

cability and utility of the latter project, Some inprovements in the Judicial from Fayetteville to the river, at Camp

the propriety of constructing such a road System of the state are recommended; belton, is again submitted. and for the better guidance of the Exec

The attention of the legislature is utive in respect to applications for par. called to the subject of the management don, so often made, as well as more cor and disposal of the lands lately acquired rectly to impress the public mind, it is by extinguishing the Indian title, lying suggested that when a criminal petitions principally in the county of Macon. It for pardon, he shall present an abstract is believed that on some of those lands of the evidence in his case, prepared by there are valuable deposits of the prethe presiding judge, whose duty it shall cious metals, and it is submitted, how far be to furnish it.

it may be promotive of the public good, The measures that have been taken and compatible with the principles of for improving the Navigation of the the Government, to secure to the state Cape Fear River, by removing the ob- "an interest in all the mines and minerstructions made below Wilmington in als which now are, or may hereafter bethe revolutionary war, are next adverted come the subject of entry. '--Should this to. Congress on application, appropria-. be determined on, a suitable survey by ted $20,000 for this object, and the work qualified commissioners is recommendis now going on exclusively under the di- ed. rection of the General Government. Of The Militia System is taken up, as a similar character is the improvement requiring amendment. If made to emof the navigation of Ocracock Inlet, for brace, as originally by the Act of Con


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gress of 1792, all free white males be- November, 1828, to the 1st tween the ages of 18 and 45, it provides of November, 1829, for for a force quite unnecessarily large; and which vouchers have been imposes a weighty and useless burden on delivered to comptroller, the State. No important improvement and by him allowed, 121,151 00 in the system, it is thought, can be made, until a new organization is adopted by Showing the balance of cash Congress. This view of the subject remaining in the public seems to have been so generally taken treasurer's hands to the by the most eminent military men of the first of Nov. 1829, to be $74,014 124 country, as to have established it, so far as their concurrent testimony will go, as The disbursements during that period, true; and that the militia laws, as gen- and thus deducted, consist of the followerally enforced and observed in the mid- ing items : dle and southern states, instead of advan. General Assembly

39,704 63 cing the military art, is productive of a Executive department

3,046 77 contrary effect, by engendering vicious Treasury department

2,606 25 habits, encouraging intemperance, and, Comptroller's department 1,278 70 consequently,a spirit of insubordination.' Department of state

1,374 50

Adjutant general's office 223 05 Balance of cash in the treas

Public printers

900 00 ury 1st Nov. 1823. $93,343 594 Executive council

87 00 Product of taxes 2,298 811


23,878 51 Of the executors


200 00 of John Hay

Sheriffs for settling taxes 937 50 wood,(late treas

Congressional elections

527 31 urer), 1,599 26 Electoral elections

1,396 07 Balances sales


391 47 of land near Ra

Repairs of state house

279 47 leigh 1,291 37 Public Library

112 50 Of J. McRae,

State bank of N. Carolina for money loaned 2,000 00

deferred payment

3,356 24 Bonds for sale of


880 00 lands and

Miss Ldney M. Blakely

600 00 groes 9,581 60

Surveying and selling CheroRent of public

kee lands

1,165 50 land 100 00

Romulus M. Saunders, comInterest 532 93 missioner

47 48 17,403 971 Roanoke Navigation CompaTax on bank of

ny 1st, 2d and 3d instalNewbern, 1 per

ments, as directed to be centum on the

paid by resolution of 1828 15,000 00 stock 6,182 Governor's house

748 50 Cape Fear 5,928

Expenses for surveying and Dividend on stock,

selling land and negroes of state bank 2), per

the late public treasurer 300 cent. for 12 mo. 6,910


4,476 31 Cape Fear

Treasury notes burnt 17,781 69 4 per cent, 40

Money burnt

130 35 Newbern

Bogue banks

18 00 4 per cent, 620 7,570 00

$121,151 00 Buncome turnpike

The internal improvement fund shows company

400 an aggregate of $21,289 704–of which Amount of taxes received of

6,559 00 remained from the last year. sheriffs, the revenue of

The disbursements of the present amoun. 1828, payable in the treas

ted to $12,949 22 1-3— balance on hand ury 1st October, 1829, and

8,440 48. This fund is made up of not otherwise appropriated, 64,337 55 dividends in certain shares of bank stock

specially appropriated, and sales of cer. An aggregate of 195,165 12– tain lands that belonged to the CheroDeduct disbursements at the

kees. treasury from the 1st of

The literary fund shows a general


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