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Art. 7. The preceding articles place. The Consuls, Vice-Consuls, are not applicable to the coastwise and Commercial Agents shall navigation of the two countries, have the right, as such, to sit as which is, respectively, reserved, judges and arbitrators in such difby each of the high contracting ferences as may arise between the parties, exclusively, to itself. captains and crews of the vessels

Art. 8. No priority or prefer- belonging to the nation whose ence shall be given, directly or interests are committed to their indirectly, by either of the con- charge, without the interference tracting parties, nor by any com- of the local authorities, upless the pany, corporation, or agent, acting conduct of the crews, or of the on their behalf, or under their au- captain, should disturb the order thority, in the purchase of any or tranquillity of the country; or article of commerce, lawfully im- the said Consuls, Vice-Consuls, ported, on account of, or in refer- or Commercial Agents should ence to, the character of the ves- require their assistance to cause sel, whether it be of the one party, their decisions to be carried into or of the other, in which such ar- effect or supported. It is, howticle was imported : it being the ever, understood, that this spetrue intent and meaning of the cies of judgment or arbitration contracting parties, that no distinc- shall not deprive the contending tion or difference whatever, shall parties of the right they have to be made in this respect.

resort, on their return, to the Art. 9. If either party shall, judicial authority of their counhereaster, grant to any other na- try. tion, any particular favor in navi ART. 11. The said Consuls, gation or commerce, it shall im- Vice-Consuls, and Commercial mediately become common to Agents, are authorized to require the other party, freely, where it the assistance of the local authoris freely granted to such other ities, for the search, arrest, and nation, or on yielding the same imprisonment of the deserters compensation, when the grant is from the ships of war and merconditional.

chant vessels of their country. Abr. 10. The two contracting For this purpose they shall apply parties have granted to each other to the competent tribunals, judges, the liberty of having, each in the and officers, and shall, in writing, ports of the other, Consuls, Vice- demand said deserters, proving Consuls, Agents and Commissa- by the exhibition of the registers ries of their own appointment, of the vessels, the rolls of the who shall enjoy the same privi- crews, or by other official doculeges and powers, as those of the ments that such individuals formmost favored nations. But if any ed part of the crews; and, on such Consul shall exercise com- this reclamation being thus submerce, they shall be submitted to stantiated, the surrender shall not the same laws and usages to which be refused. Such deserters, when the private individuals of their arrested, shall be placed at the pation are submitted, in the same disposal of the said Consuls,

Vice-Consuls, or Commercial declared in the twelfth article of Agents, and may be confined in the said treaty of 1799, to estabthe public prisons, at the request lish between themselves, or in and cost of those who shall claim concert with other maritime powthem, in order to be sent to the ers, further provisions to insure vessels to which they belonged, just protection and freedom, to or to others of the same country. neutral navigation and commerce, But if not sent back within three and which may, at the same time, months, from the day of their ar- advance the cause of civilization rest, they shall be set at liberty, and humanity, engage again to and shall not be again arrested treat on this subject, at some sufor the same cause. However, ture and convenient period. if the deserter should be found Art. 13. Considering the reto have committed any crime or moteness of the respective counoffence, his surrender may be tries of the two high contracting delayed until the tribunal before parties, and the uncertainty resultwhich his case shall be depend- ing therefrom, with respect to the ing shall have pronounced its various events which may take sentence, and such sentence shall place, it is agreed that a merchant have been carried into effect. vessel belonging to either of them,

ART. 12. The twelfth article which may be bound to a port of the treaty of amity and com- supposed, at the time of its demerce, concluded between the parture to be blockaded, shall not, parties in 1785, and the articles however, be captured or confrom the thirteenth to the twenty- demned, for having attempted, a fourth, inclusive, of that which first time, to enter said port, unless was concluded at Berlin in 1799, it can be proved that said vessel with the exception of the last could, and ought to have learned, paragraph in the nineteenth arti- during its voyage, that the blockcle, relating to the treaties with ade of the place in question still Great Britain, are hereby reviv- continued. But all vessels which, ed with the same force and vir- after having been warned off tue, as if they made part of the once, shall, during the same voycontext of the present treaty ; it age, attempt a second time to being, however, understood that enter the same blockaded port, the stipulations contained in the during the continuance of the articles thus revived, shall be al-' said blockade, shall then subject ways considered as, in no manner, themselves to be detained and affecting the treaties or conven- condemned. tions concluded by either party ART. 14. The citizens or subwith other powers, during the in- jects of each party shall have terval between the expiration of power to dispose of their perthe said treaty of 1799, and the soual goods within the jurisdiction commencement of the operation of the other, by testament, donaof the present treaty.

tion, or otherwise, and their repreThe parties being still desirous, sentatives, being citizens or subin conformity with their intention jects of the other party, shall suc

ceed to their said personal goods, and if twelve months before the whether by testament, or ab in- expiration of that period, neither testato, and may take possession of the high contracting parties thereof, either by themselves, or shall have announced, by an offiby others acting for them, and cial ratification to the other its indispose of the same, at their will, tention to arrest the operation of paying such dues only as the in- said treaty, it shall remain binding habitants of the country wherein for one year beyond that time, the said goods are, shall be sub- and so on, until the expiration of ject to pay in like cases. And in the twelve months which will folcase of the absence of the repre- low a similar notification, whatsentative, such care shall be taken ever the time at which it may take of the said goods, as would be place. taken of the goods of a native, Art. 16. This treaty shall be in like case, until the lawful owner approved and ratified by the may take measures for receiving President of the United States of them. And if question should America, by and with the advice arise among several claimants, to and consent of the Senate thereof, which of them said goods belong, and by his Majesty the King of the same shall be decided finally Prussia, and the ratifications shall by the laws and judges of the be exchanged in the City of land wherein the said goods are. Washington, within nine months And where, on the death of any from the date of the signature person holding real estate, within hereof, or sooner, if possible. the territories of the one party,

In faith whereof the respective such real estate would, by the Plenipotentiaries have signed the laws of the land, descend on a above articles, both in the French citizen or subject of the other, and English languages; and they were he not disqualified by alien- have thereto affixed their seals, age, such citizen or subject shall declaring, nevertheless, that the be allowed a reasonable time to sigoing in both languages shall sell the same and to withdraw not be brought into precedent, the proceeds without molestation, nor in any way operate to the preand exempt from all duties of judice of either party. detraction, on the part of the Done in triplicate at the City Government of the respective of Washington, on the first day States. But this article shall not 'of May, in the year of our Lord derogate, in any manner, from the one thousand eight hundred and force of the laws already published twentyeight; and the fiftysecond or hereafter to be published, of the Independence of the Uniby his Majesty the King of Prus- ted States of America. sia to prevent the emigration of Signed, his subjects.

H. CLAY, Art. 15. The present treaty

LUDWIG NIEDERSTETTER. shall continue in force for twelve years, counting from the day of The said Treaty was duly ratithe exchange of the ratifications ; fied on both parts, and the respec

tive ratifications of the same were States, and the Sieur Ludwig duly exchanged at Washington Niederstetter, Chargé d'Affaires on the 14th of March, 1829, by of His Majesty, the King of PrusJames A. Hamilton, acting Sec- sia, on the part of His said Maretary of State of the United jesty.

Convention between the United States of America and His Ma

jesty the King of Denmark, signed at Copenhagen the 28th of March, 1830.

The United States of America, &c, and the Sieur Paul CHRISand His Majesty the King of Den- TIAN DE STEMANN, of the order mark, being equally desirous of of the Elephant, Grand Cross of terminating the discussions which the order of Dannebrog, decorahave taken place between them ted with the silver cross of the in respect to the claims and pre- same order, His Minister (intime) tensions formed by the citizens of of State and of Justice, President the United States and the subjects of His Danish Chancery, etc., of Denmark, having for their ob- and the said Plenipotentiaries afject, the seizure, condemnation or ter having exchanged their full confiscation of their vessels, car- powers, found in good and due goes or property whatsoever, with- form, have agreed upon and conin the territory, or under the au- cluded the following articles : thority of the respective Govern Art. 1. His Majesty the King of ments, have named for this pur- Denmark renounces the indemnipose, and furnished with their full ties which might be claimed from powers: that is to say, the Presi- the Government of the United dent of the United States of States of America, for the subAmerica, by, and with the advice jects of Denmark, on account of and consent of the Senate, Hen- the seizure, detention and conRY Wheaton, Chargé d'Affaires demnation or confiscation of their of the said United States at the vessels, cargoes or property whatCourt of His Majesty, the King soever, under the authority of the of Denmark, &c, and His Ma- said Government; and his Majesty the King of Denmark, the jesty engages, moreover, to pay Sieur ERNEST HENRY, Count de to the said Government, the sum Schimmelmann, Knight of the of six hundred and fifty thousand order of the Elephant, Grand Spanish milled dollars, on account Cross of the order of Dannebrog, of the citizens of the United decorated with the silver cross of States, who have preferred claims the same order, His Minister relating to the seizure, detention, (intime) of State, Chief of His condemnation or confiscation of Department of foreign affairs, their vessels, cargoes or property

whatsoever, by the public and debt and the sinking fund of Denprivate armed ships, or by the tri- mark, to the order of the Departbunals of Denmark, or in the ment of Foreign Affairs of DenStates subject to the Danish mark, and assigned to the Gov. sceptre.

ernment of the United States. ÅRT. 2. The payment of the By the said obligations, His Maabove sum of six hundred and jesty the King of Denmark shall fifty thousand Spanish milled dol- acknowledge himself debtor, for lars, shall be made, in the times the sums not yet paid to the Govand manner following: On the ernment of the United States of 31st March, 1831, two hundred America, and the same shall be and sixteen thousand six hundred delivered to such person or perand sixtysix dollars and two thirds sons, as may be authorized to reof a dollar.

ceive the same by the said GovOn the 30th September, 1831, ernment; and when the said oblitwo hundred and sixteen thousand gations are to be discharged, six hundred and sixtysix dollars according to the tenor thereof, and two thirds of a dollar. by the Danish Government, the

On the 30th September, 1832, person or persons authorized by two hundred and sixteen thousand the Government of the United six hundred and sixtysix dollars States, to receive the stipulated and two thirds of a dollar. payments, shall deliver up the said

To the second payment shall obligations with receipts for the be added the interest for that, and amount thereof, from the said for the last payment, at four per Government. centum per annum, to be comput ART. 3. To ascertain the full ed from the first payment, on the amount, and validity of the claims, 31st March, 1831.

mentioned in Article 1, a Board To the third payment shall also of Commissioners, consisting of be added the interest for that three citizens of the United States, payment, at four per centum per shall be appointed by the Presiannum, to be computed from the dent, by and with the advice and second payment, on the 30th Sep- consent of the Senate, who shall tember, 1831.

meet at Washington, and within The above sums, thus specified the space of two years from the in Spanish milled dollars, shall be time of their first meeting shall paid in bills of exchange, at fifteen receive, examine and decide upon, days' sight, at Hamburgh; for the the amount and validity of all payment of which the Danish such claims, according to the Government shall be responsible. merits of the several cases, and to

At the time when the first pay- justice, equity and the law of nament shall be made, on the 31st tions. March, 1831, two obligations, cor The Commissioners shall take responding to the two last pay- an oath or affirmation, to be ments to be effected for the capital entered in the journal of their proand interest thereof, shall be issued ceedings, for the faithful and diliby the Direction for the public gent discharge of their duties.

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