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Come up unto the Hills. COME up unto the hills—thy strength is there.

Oh, thou hast tarried long,
Too long, amid the bowers and blossoms fair,

With notes of summer song.
Why dost thou tarry there? what though the bird

Pipes matin in the vale
The plough-boy whistles to the loitering herd,

As the red daylights fail-
Yet come unto the hills, the old strong hills,

And leave the stagnant plain;
Come to the gushing of the new-born rills,

As sing they to the main ;
And thou with denizens of power shalt dwell,

Beyond demeaning care;
Composed upon his rock, mid storm and fell,

The eagle shall be there.


unto the hills : the shattered tree Still clings unto the rock, And Alingeth out his branches wild and free,

To dare again the shock.
Come where no fear is known: the sea-bird's nest

On the old hemlock swings,
And thou shalt taste the gladness of unrest,

And mount upon thy wings.


unto the hills. The men of old, They of undaunted wills, Grew jubilant of heart, and strong, and bold,

On the enduring hills,


Where came the soundings of the sea afar,

Borne upward to the ear, And nearer grew the moon and midnight star, And God himself more near.


Consecration of the House of Prayer.
OD of wisdom, God of might,

Father! dearest name of all,
Bow thy throne and bless our rite;

'Tis thy children on thee call. Glorious ONE! look down from heaven,

Warm each heart and wake each vow; Unto Thee this house is given;

With thy presence fill it now.


Bless them, Father, long and late,

Blot their sins, their sorrows dry; Make this place to them the gate

Leading to thy courts on high. There, when time shall be no more,

When the feuds of earth are past, May the tribes of every shore

Congregate in peace at last !
Then to Thee, thou One all-wise,

Shall the gather'd millions sing,
Till the arches of the skies
With their hallelujahs ring.


Charity. CHARITY! decent, modest, easy, kind,

Softens the high, and rears the abject mind; Knows with just reins and gentle hand to guide Betwixt vile shame and arbitrary pride ; Not soon provoked, she easily forgives, And much she suffers, as she much believes. Soft peace she brings wherever she arrives; She builds our quiet as she forms our lives; Lays the rough paths of peevish nature even, And

opens in each heart a little heaven. Each other gift which God on man bestows, Its proper bounds and due restriction knows; fixed purpose

dedicates its power, And finishing its act, exists no more.

To one



Thus, in obedience to what Heaven decrees,
Knowledge shall fail, and prophecy shall cease;
But lasting Charity's more ample sway,
Nor bound by time, nor subject to decay,
In happy triumph shall for ever live,
Andendless good diffuse, and endless praisereceive.

As through the artist's intervening glass,
Our eye observes the distant planets pass,
A little we discover, but allow
That more remains unseen than art can show;
So whilst our mind its knowledge would improve
(Its feeble eye intent on things above,)
High as we may lift our reason up,
By Faith directed, and confirmed by Hope;
Yet are we able only to survey
Dawnings of beams and promises of day.
Heaven's fuller effluence mocks our dazzled sight;
Too great its swiftness, and too strong its light.

But soon the mediate clouds shall be dispelled, The Sun shall soon be face to face beheld, In all his robes, with all his glory on, Seated, sublime, on his meridian throne.

Then constant Faith and holy Hope ghall die, One lost in certainty, and one in joy; Whilst thou, more happy power, fair Charity, Triumphant sister, greatest of the three, Thy office and thy nature still the

Isting thy lamp, and unconsumed thy flame, t still survive alt stand before the host of heaven confest, ever blessing, and for ever blest.




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