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Much care and labor have been devoted to the orthoëpical department. The pronunciation of all words liable to be mis pronounced is indicated once in each paragraph, or at the bottom of the page whicre they occur. With respect to the words about the pronunciation of which orthoöpists differ, we have adopted the most recent and reliable authority.

Classical and historical allusions, so common among the test writers, have in all cases been explained; and if the authors have not been deceived, every aid has been given in the notes, that the reader may readily comprehend the meaning of the writer. This has been done in a manner more full and satisfactory than they have seen in any other collection, and in every instance at the bottom of the page where the difficulty occurs, so that the reader may not be subjected to the trouble of turning to an index, or consulting a dictionary,--a work which, in general, if done at all, is done with extreme reluctance, even by advanced pupils.

In order that the student may still more thoroughly understand what he reads, and for the convenience of that large class of readers who have not leisure to peruse voluminous menoirs of distinguished men, and yet would be unwilling to forego all knowledge of them, we have introduced concise Biographical Sketches of authors from whose works extracts have been selected, and of persons whose names occur in the Reading Exercises. These sketches, presenting a clear and distinct outline of the life, and producing a clear and distinct impression of the character, furnish an amount of useful and available information rarely surpassed by memoirs of greater extent and pretension. Lists of the names of authors, both alphabetical and chronological, have also been introduced, thus rendering this a convenient text-hook for students in English and American Literature.

1. The Months...

II. W. Beecher. 67

3. On Reading

. Edward Gibbon. 75

4. Never Despair.


7. Maternal Affection.

. Scrap Book. 84

8. Shaking Hands....

Edward Everett. 85

10. Peter Pounce and Parson Adams.

.Henry Fielding. 92

11. Noble Revenge..

Thomas De Quincey. 96

13. A Golden Coppersmith,


14. The Hermit of Niagara.

Mrs. Sigourney. 102

16. Broken Hearts..

Washington Irving. 109

17. Broken Hearts--concluded


22. Selected Extracts.

4. W. Beecher. 123

24. The Barbarities of War.

Thomas Chalmers. 128

26. The Cost of Military Glory

. Sidney Smith. 133

28. Biography of Jacob Hays...

William Cox. 138

30. The Uses of History..

Washington Irving. 143

31. Ancient and Modern Writers

. Charles Sumner. 145

33. Return of Columbus..

W. H. Prescott. 148

35. Character of Louis the Fourteenth

T. B. Macaulay. 153

36. Queen Elizabeth.

David Hume. 155

38. The Good Wite..

D. G. Mitchell. 160

39. Scene with a Panther..

.C. B. Brown. 163

41. Work

Thomas Carlyle. 168

43. Study

Orville Dewey. 173

45. Wants.

.J. K. Paulding. 178

46. Wants-continued.


47. Wants-concluded.


51. Letters..

D. G. Mitchell. 197

54. Washington and Napoleon..

.J. T. Ileadley. 205

57. Rural Life in England in 1763.

George Bancroft. 210

58. Panegyric on England

Eduard Everett, 213

60. Sound and Sense

. Robert Chambers. 218

61. The Power of Words .

E. P. Whipple. 221

63. Parallel between Pope and Dryden.

.Samuel Johnson, 228

64. The Puritans..

.T. B. Macaulay. 231

66. Advantages of Adversity to our Forefathers . Edward Everet. 233

68. Progress of Freedom.

W. II. Prescott. 239

70. Liberty..

Orville Dewey. 244

72. Influence of Home..

.R. H. Dana. 249

74. The Widow and her Son.

Washington Irving. 253

75. The Widow and her Son-concluded.


77. Glory..

Francis Wayland. 262

79. Westminster Abbey.

Washington Irving. 267

80. Westminster Abbey-concluded.


82. Daniel Webster.

Edward Everett. 273

83. Daniel Webster-concluded.


84. From a Historical Address

Daniel Webster. 277

87. Charge against Lord Byron

.. Francis Jeffrey. 285

90. View of the Coliseum

.Orville Dewey. 293

93 The Death of Hamilton

.Eliphalet Nott. 296




I. Good Use of Memory. II. Injudicious Haste in Stuły ---

Locke. III. Studies -- Bacon. IV. Books---Chunning.

V. The Bible--lluu.

96. Buying Books..

II. W. Beeche. 304



I. A True Man- Scott. II. A True Woman- Scout. III. The

Power of a Word-landor. IV. Moral Force of Ex-

ample-Judge McLean. V. Law-- Hooker. VI. Truth

and Falsehood-Milton.

99. Truth and Falsehood.

Dr. Johnson. 311

101. Count Fathom's Adventure

T. G. Smollett. 316

102. Count Fathom's Adventure-concluded.


101. The Rittlesnake.

W. G. Simms. 325

103. Shak-peare...

Dr. Johnson. 314

110. Hamlet's Instruction to the Players.

. Shak&peare. 317

114. Paul Flemming Resolves.

11. W. Longjellou. 356

116. Beanty..

R. W. Emerson. 360

118. Death of the Old Trapper.

.J. Fennimore Cooper. 365

119. Death of the Old Trapper-concluded.


121. The Poet and his Critics ...

Washington Allston. 375

131. A Curtain Lecture of Mrs. Caudle.

Douglas Jerrold. 404

133. Blennerhassett's Temptation..

William Wirt. 412

136. Public Virtue...

llenry Clay. 420

- 137. Washington's Sword and Franklin's Staff. J. Q. Adams. 422

139. Forest Trees.,..

Washington Irving. 427

145. Speech of Sergeant Buzfuz.

Charles Dickens, 415

148. Landscape Beauty..

. Francis Jeffrey. 459

151. Elements of the Swiss Landscape.

..G. B. Cheever. 468

163. Cicero at the Grave of Archimedes.

R. C. Winthrop. 473

157. Hymns..

II. W. Bercher. 486

160. The Stolen Rifle

Washington Irving. 4:18

161. The Tomahawk submissive to Eloquence.. .John Neal. 499

162. Marius in Prison....

Thomas De Quincey. 501



1. The Stream of Life-Heber. II. Life compared to a River

- Dary. III. Ideal Character of Lite-R. II. Dana.
IV. Man's Glory passeth away— Watson. V. Evidence
of a Creator in the Structure of the World--Tillotson.
VI. Nature proclaims a Deity--Chaleaubriand. VII. The

Blessings of Religious Faith-Davy.

165. The Unbeliever.

Chalmers. 510

168. The Resurrection ..

Bible. 514

170. Moral Progress of the American People W. II. Seward. 518

171. SELECT Passages in Prose...


I. Our Common Schools-- Everett. II. What Youth shoubi

Learn--Hare. III. What Youth should be Taught--
Landor. IV. Education of the Heart-Scott. V. Duty

- Dickens. VI. Air and Exercise-London Quarterly Re-

view. VII. Pampering the Body at the Soul's Expense

-Everett. VIII. The Necessity of Mental Labor - Scott.

IX. Aptitude of Youth for Kuowlodge-Brouwhuim.


.Henry Brougham. 528

II. D. Wallace. 540

.J. D. Yourse. 545

.H. B. Wallace. 553
II. B. Wallace. 558
T. B. Macaulay. 575

Thomas De Quincey. 592

.U. B. Wallace. 595


2. Hymn to the Seasons.

James Thomson. 71

5. Pennsylvania

T. B. Read. 79

6. Sabbath Morning.

.James Grahame. 81

9. The Dream of the Reveler.

Charles Mackay. 89

12. Life in the West..

.G. P. Morris. 97

15. The Song of the Shirt

Thomas Llood. 106

18. Lines relating to Curran's Danghter.

Thomas Moore. 115

19. Thanatopsis ..

W. C. Bryant. 116

20. Euthanasia...

W. G. Clark. 119

21. Select PassAGES IN VERSE.


1. Succession of Human Beings. II. Death of the Young

and Fair. III. A Lady Drowned-Procter. IV. The

Life of Man-Beaumont. V. Coronach-Scott. VI. Im-

mortality--R. II. Dana.

23. Fuller's Bird ..

.B. W. Procter. 127

25. Bingen on the Rhine.

.Mrs. Norton. 130

29. A Modest Wit..


32. The Poetic Faculty.

Gold Pen. 147

34. Destiny of America.

.George Berkeley. 152

37. The King and the Nightingales.

. Charles Mackay, 157

40. Nature's Teachings....

. Robert Pollok. 166

42. Now.

Charles Mackay. 171

44. The Power of Art.

.Charles Sprague. 176

48. The Deserted Village

.Oliver Goldsmith. 183

49. The Deserted Village-continued


50 The Deserted Village-concluded.


52 The Settler,...

A. B. Stred. 200

53 The American Flag

.J. R. Drake, 202

55. Napoleon and the Sphinx.

Charles Mackay. 207

56. A Conqueror's Account of Himself.

W. B. Procler. 203

59. Language.

0. W. Ilolmes. 216

62. Extract from the Essay on Criticism. . Alexander Pope. 224

65. The Rock of the Pilgrims.

.G. P. Morris. 233

67. The Graves of the Patriots

J. G. Percival. 236

69. The Antiquity of Freedom.

W. C. Bryanl. 212



I. The Beauties of Nature, Beatlie. II. Beauty-Gay. III.

The Poet-Shakspeare. IV. Flowers-lluni. V. Summer

Wind-Bryant. VI. The Last Rose of Summer-- Voore.

73. An Old Haunt.

Icusehold Words. 251

76. Passing Away.

.John Pierpont. 259

78. The World for Sale.

Ralph Hoyt. 264

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