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United Provinces of South America, during the present Admini

stration. The evils which had in succession since the year 1810, occasioned our calamities and retarded the progress of our sacred cause, appear to have all conspired to assail us at the same moment, threatening to reduce our political existence to its last agonies, towards the close of 1815. The few remaining forces which we had saved from the unhappy field of Sipesipe, seemed to be on the point of dissolution. The army which had been organized in the province of Cuyo, for the purpose of marching upon Chili, beheld itself insecure, even in its entrenchments. The enemy, proud of his victories, had already laid his plans to entrammel the inhabitants of those districts, who were distracted by opposite councils, and who dared not indulge a hope that, through our means, they might be shielded from the impending dangers. The national treasury was not only inadequate to the satisfaction of the de. mands upon it, but even to provide for the most urgent wants. The public spirit of the different provinces, had lost sight of the common danger, and occupied itself exclusively, in the visionary project of seeking liberty, in the dissolution of every tie. Discord had taken possession of all hearts, expelling every generous and honorable sentiment. The citizens of the same land displayed their valor only in mutual destruction or distrust; assailing their best friends and benefactors. Subordination amongst the military was disregarded by the lowest subalterns. The public authorities were only respected as they gave countenance to crime, to error, to licentiousness. It grieves me fellow-citizens, to speak of it, but I must be faithful to truth, when I undertake to trace the revolting picture, which our country then exhibited to the contemplation of the world. The acknowledgement of our errors can bring upon us no disgrace, when made with the virta. VOL. II.


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ubjugation. I at length adopted the course inspired by baffling the plans of the enemy's generals, Serna and The patriot army, against which that of Lima was in

operate, was rapidly re-inforced, the discipline and tion, which had been lost during the periods of our reere in a short time restored. Its present strength, reEy, and efficiency is known to you in common with the - fellow-citizens; and more would you have seen, if the 10 now flies before us, beaten and humbled, had not en

a rampart of loyalty and valor in the province of Salta. - of Cuyo, not surpassed in firmness by that of Peru, d its ground until regiments were marched from Buenos ts re-inforcement. New regiments were created with

almost incredible, through the noble devotedness and liberality of that Province, in order to accelerate the arations, for setting on foot the stupendous design, been formed of scaling the Andes; whose successful afford to other nations some means of estimating the lity of our power, as it has struck terror into the minds mies; has kindled gratitude in the hearts of our brethren and erected the most splendid monument to the power of our country. ny of this capital was organized at the same time with ne Andes and of the interior; the regular force has been abled; the militia has made great progress in military our slave population has been formed into battalions, the military art as far as it is consistent with their

The capital is under no apprehension, that an army usand men can shake its liberties, and should the Span

against us thrice that number, ample provision has - to receive them. y has been fostered in all its branches; the scarcity of ler which we labored until now, has not prevented us ertaking very considerable operations with respect to essels; all of them have been repaired, and others have mased and armed, for the defence of our coasts and rivision has been made, should necessity require it, for ny more, so that the enemy will not find himself secure eprisal, even upon the ocean.

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