An Analytical Digest of All the Reported Cases Determined by the High Court of Admiralty of England: The Lords Commissioners of Appeal in Prize Causes, and (on Questions of Maritime and International Law) by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council; Also of the Analogous Cases in the Common Law, Equity and Ecclesiastical Courts, and of the Statutes Applicable to the Cases Reported; with Notes from the Text Writers, and Other Authorities on Maritime Law and the Scotch, Irish, and American Reports; and an Appendix, Containing the Principal Statutes, Etc. Etc, 961. стр.

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W. Benning and Company, 1847 - 707 страница

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Страница 523 - Council, and that such appeals, causes, and matters shall be heard by the said Judicial Committee, and a report or recommendation thereon shall be made to His Majesty in Council for his decision thereon as heretofore, in the same manner and form as has been heretofore the custom with respect to matters referred by His Majesty to the whole of his Privy Council, or a committee thereof (the nature of such report or recommendation being always stated in open court).
Страница 358 - Salvage," said Sir John Nicholl, " in its simple character, is the service which those who recover property from loss or danger at sea render to the owners, with the responsibility of making restitution, and with a lien for their reward.
Страница 15 - Admiralty shall have jurisdiction to decide all claims and demands whatsoever in the nature of salvage for services rendered to or damage received by any ship or sea-going vessel, or in the nature of towage, or for necessaries supplied to any foreign ship or sea-going vessel, and to enforce the payment thereof, whether such ship or vessel may have been within the body of a county, or upon the high seas, at the time when the services were rendered, or damage received, or necessaries furnished, in...
Страница 518 - An Act for the further amendment of the law and the better advancement of justice.
Страница 97 - Contra, if the great predominant character of a port be that of a port of naval military equipment, it shall be intended that the articles were going for military use, although merchant ships resort to the same place, and although it is possible that the articles might have been applied to civil consumption...
Страница 525 - ... of the said Judicial Committee, direct; and it shall be lawful for His Majesty in Council, on such Recommendation, by Order, to direct that such Court of Justice shall carry the same into effect accordingly, and thereupon such Court of Justice shall have the same Powers of carrying into effect and enforcing such Order or Decree as are possessed by or are hereby given to His Majesty in Council...
Страница 502 - That if any witness shall be objected to as incompetent, on the ground that the verdict or judgment in the action on which it shall be proposed to examine him, would be admissible in evidence for or against him...
Страница 440 - That all the provisions, rules, regulations, forfeitures, and penalties respecting the delivery by prize agents of accounts for examination, and the distribution of prize money, and the accounting for and paying over the proceeds of prize and the per-centage due thereon to Greenwich Hospital, shall be extended to all bounties and proceeds to be distributed, under the provisions of this Act, to the officers and crews of any of Her Majesty's ships and vessels of war.
Страница 528 - An Act for transferring the Powers of the High Court of Delegates, both in Ecclesiastical and Maritime Causes, to his Majesty in Council...
Страница 504 - ... that a witness cannot by law refuse to answer a question relevant to the matter in issue, the answering of which has no tendency to accuse himself...

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