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deforming diseases, and may for cause at any time remove him and appoint his successor. They shall also appoint a treasurer who shall have the custody of all moneys, obligations and securities belonging to the hospital.

(As amended by chapter 149 of the Laws of 1909, and chapter 449 of the Laws of 1910.)

§ 133. Powers and duties of the surgeon in chief. The surgeon in chief shall be the superintendent of the hospital. He shall appoint and may remove an assistant superintendent, steward, matron, and such assistant physicians and sur geons, assistants and attendants as may be necessary for the proper treatment of the patients under the care of the hospital, and shall have power to fill vacancies as often as they occur. The assistant superintendent shall act as the assistant to the surgeon in chief, so far as the superintendence of the hospital is concerned, to such extent as said surgeon in chief may from time to time authorize and direct. The first assistant surgeon shall be clothed with all the authority and power of the surgeon in chief during the absence or disability of the surgeon in chief. Subject to the by-laws and regulations established by the board of managers the surgeon in chief shall have the general superintendence of the property, buildings, grounds, fixtures and effects, and control of all persons therein. He shall also,

1. Provide for ascertaining daily the condition of all the patients and proper prescription for their treatment.

2. Keep a book in which he shall cause to be entered at the time of the reception of any patient, his or her name, residence and occupation, and the date of such reception, by whom brought and by what authority committed, and an abstract of all orders, warrants, requests, certificates and other papers accompanying such


(As amended by chapter 149 of the Laws of 1909, and chapter 449 of the Laws of 1910.)

§ 134. Powers and duties of treasurer. The treasurer shall have the custody of all moneys, obligations and securi ties belonging to the hospital. He shall,

1. Open with some good and solvent bank conveniently near the hospital, to be selected with the approval of the comptroller of the state, an account in his name as such treasurer, for the deposit therein of all moneys, immediately upon receiving the same, and drawing from same only for the use of the hospital, in the manner prescribed in the by-laws, upon the written order of the steward specifying the object of the payment, approved by the surgeon in chief and subject to audit by the board of managers.

2. Keep a full and accurate account of all receipts and payments in the manner directed by the by-laws, and such other accounts as the managers shall prescribe.

3. Balance all accounts on his books annually on the last day of September and make a statement thereof and an abstract of the receipts and payments of the past year, and deliver the same within thirty days to the auditing committee of the managers who shall compare the same with the books and vouchers and verify the results upon further comparison with the books of the steward and certify to the correctness thereof to the managers at their next meeting.

4. Render statements quarterly in each year of his receipts and payments for the three months then next preceding to such auditing committee, who shall compare, verify and certify in regard to the same in the manner provided in the last preceding subdivision, and cause the same to be recorded in one of the books of the hos pital.

5. Render a further account of the state of the books, and of the state of the funds and of the property in his hands, whenever required by the managers. Execute any necessary release and satisfaction of mortgage, judgment or other lien in favor of the hospital.

6. Such treasurer shall give an undertaking to the people of the state for the faithful performance of his duties, with such sure ties and in such amount as the comptroller of the state shall ap


(As amended by chapter 449 of the Laws of 1910.)

135. Official oath. The surgeon in chief, treasurer, first assistant surgeon, assistant superintendent and steward, befor

entering upon their duties as such, shall take the constitutional oath of office and file the same in the office of the clerk of the county of New York. (As amended by chapter 449 of the Laws of 1910.)

§ 136. Who may receive treatment. No patient shall be received except upon application of a county superintendent of the poor or commissioner of charities in any county or city within the state, under rules to be established by the board of managers, showing that the patient is unable to pay for private treatment. If there was an attending physician before the patient entered the hospital, it shall be accompanied by the certificate of such physician giving previous history and condition of the patient. (As amended by chapter 449 of the Laws of 1910 and chapter 172 of the Laws of 1911.)

§ 137. Donations. All donations made to the hospital may be received, retained and expended by the managers for the purposes for which they were given, or in such manner, if unaccompanied by conditions, as the board deems advisable. (As amended by chapter 449 of the Laws of 1910.)

The managers

§ 138. Managers' report of receipts. shall make detailed report of all moneys received by them by virtue of this article, and the progress made in the erection of any buildings that may be thereafter from time to time erected, to the legislature, in January of each year, and also to the fiscal supervisor as often and in such manner as the fiscal supervisor shall or may from time to time require. (As amended by chapter 149 of the Laws of 1909, and amended by chapter 449 of the Laws of 1910.)


New York State Hospital for the Treatment of Incipient Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Section 150. Establishment and objects of hospital.

151. Trustees.

152. Lands.

153. Powers and duties of trustees.

Section 154. Annual report.

155. Donations in trust.

156. Superintendent and treasurer.

157. Duties of superintendent.

158. Duties of treasurer.

159. Medical assistants and examining physicians.

160. Free patients.

161. Private patients.

162. Support of free patients.

163. Support of private patients.

§ 150. Establishment and objects of hospital. The state hospital for the treatment of incipient pulmonary tuberculosis, at Raybrook, is hereby continued.

§ 151. Trustees. Seven citizens of this state, of whom two shall be physicians, appointed in accordance with the provisions of section fifty-one of this chapter, shall constitute the board of trustees of the New York state hospital for the treatment of incipient pulmonary tuberculosis. Four members of the board of trustees shall constitute a quorum. (As amended by chapter 449 of the Laws of 1910.)

§ 152. Lands. The lands to be held for the purposes herein mentioned shall not be taken for any street, highway or railway without leave of the legislature.

§ 153. Powers and duties of trustees. For the purposes of this article the said trustees and their successors shall be a body corporate with all the powers necessary to carry into effect the purposes of this article, together with the following powers, duties and obligations. They shall,

1. Take care of the general interests of the hospital and see that its design is carried into effect, according to law, and its by-laws, rules and regulations.

2. Establish such by-laws, rules and regulations as they may deem necessary and expedient for regulating the appointment and duties of officers and employees of the hospital, and for the internai government, discipline and management of the same.

3. Maintain an effective inspection of the affairs and manage

ment of the hospital, for which purpose the board shall meet at the hospital at least once in every month, and at such other times as may be prescribed in the by-laws. The annual meeting of the board of trustees shall be held on the second Saturday of January.

4. Keep in a book provided for that purpose, a fair and full record of the doings of the board, which shall be open at all times to the inspection of its members, the governor of this state, and officers of the state board of charities, the fiscal supervisor or his representatives or any person appointed by the governor or either house of the legislature to examine the same.

5. Cause to be typewritten, within ten days after each meeting of such trustees or of a committee thereof, the minutes and pro ceedings of such meeting, and cause a copy thereof to be sent to each member of such board.

6. Enter in a book kept by them for that purpose, the date of each of their visits, and the condition of the hospital and patients, and all such trustees present shall sign the same.

7. The resident officers shall admit such trustees into every part of the hospital and its buildings, and exhibit to them on demand all the books, papers, accounts and writings belonging to the hospital or pertaining to its business management, discipline or government, and furnish copies, abstracts and reports whenever required by them.

(As amended by chapter 149 of the Laws of 1909, and chapter 449 of the Laws of 1910.)

§ 154. Annual report. The board of trustees of the hospital shall annually, on or before the fifteenth day of January, for the preceding fiscal year, report to the legislature the affairs and conditions of the hospital, with full and detailed estimates of the next appropriation required for maintenance and ordinary uses and repairs, and of special appropriations, if any, needed for extraordinary repairs, renewals, extensions, improvements, betterments or other necessary objects, as also for the erection of additional buildings. The said hospital shall be subject to the visitation and to the general powers of the state board of charities. (As amended

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