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A. F. of L. Office Building-Ground Broken ......

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16th and Chestnut Streets Entered as second-class matter April 8, 1907, at the Post Office at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, under Act of Congress of March 3, 1879.






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A. F. of L. Office Building

Ground Broken





On October 28th, with very simple advantage of such a building were apceremonies, the first soil was turned preciated, yet, so many other more for the building that is to be the immediate needs intervened that the home of the general labor movement office building proposal was deferred of America. Upon invitation of from year to year. The Denver, 1908, President Gompers, Secretary of La- Convention authorized the E. C. to bor Wilson, a member of the United expend $80,000 for the purchase of Mine Workers of America, removed land and the erection of an office the first spadeful of earth. He was building thereon. The local trades followed by President Gompers and and federal labor unions directly affilSecretary Morrison. There was as- iated with the A. F. of L. had already sembled on the site, at the ground- voted in favor of a loan of $50,000 breaking ceremonies, several other from the defense fund for this purofficials of the American Federation pose. The E. C. was instructed to of Labor, many labor men of Wash- devise ways and means to raise the ington and other places, and the two additional $30,000. The need for fraternal delegates from the British such a building has grown increasTrade Union Congress to the San ingly urgent as the scope of the work Francisco Convention of the A. F. of of the A. F. of L. has increased with L. (Messrs. E. Bevin and C. G. the growth of its membership, and Ammon).

the widening of its activities. The erection of this building rep- The E. C. then took up consideraresents the attainment of a desire tion of various sites and office buildthat has long been held by the mem- ings with a view to reporting specific bers of the trade union movement of plans to the convention in order to America. The new building is de carry out the long deferred purpose scribed in a section of the Executive of securing at the nation's capital a Council's report to the San Francisco building which should belong to the Convention, and is quoted for the in- wage-earners of the nation. formation of our readers, as follows: The Seattle Convention asked the

In the convention of the American E. C. to secure definite data as to Federation of Labor in Boston in lots, size, cost of building, and cost 1903, a resolution was adopted in- of maintenance. In the report of the structing the Executive Council to in- E. C. to the Philadelphia Convention vestigate the cost of purchasing a lot it was stated that the investigation and constructing a suitable office had been made. The convention aubuilding. Although the need and the thorized and directed us to purchase a site and erect a building for office the officers of the various departpurposes for the A. F. of L., and its ments of the A. F. of L. in an addepartments, and such other unions visory capacity. Many meetings have for which the structure might be suit been held, as it was necessary to exable. The convention again directed ercise the greatest care and wisdom the use of such funds as had been in carrying out this purpose. Samuel authorized by previous conventions in Gompers acted as chairman, and action upon this subject, as well as Frank Morrison as secretary of the the raising of other funds that might committee. The firm of Milburn, be necessary to carry out the purpose. Heister & Co., architects, was selected

The resident members of the E. C. to make the plans for the new buildsubmitted at our January session the ing, and also to act as superintendent sites and buildings that were avail- of construction. The plans were apable for an office building. During proved by the trustees and endorsed our April meeting we personally in- by the advisory council. The buildvestigated the various sites and de- ing is to consist of five stories and a cided that the one best suited to our basement. Twelve building conneeds was on the northwest corner tractors were invited to submit bids of Ninth Street and Massachusetts for the construction. These bids were Avenue Northwest. This lot was pur- opened in public, September 18, 1915. chased for the sum of $40,000.

The bids varied from $92,300 to The lot contains 5,133 square feet. $130,000. On October 7, 1915, the The Massachusetts Avenue front is trustees entered into a contract with 60.83 feet, and the frontage on Ninth the R. P. Whitty Company, contractStreet is 138 feet deep. The lot runs ors, in the city of Washington, after back at an angle which makes the several changes in material and conwidth on the end of the lot 37.74 feet. struction were agreed to that reduced That part of the lot which is 37.74 the contract price to $90,450. The feet wide is 68.10 feet long.

contract provides that the building We selected Samuel Gompers,

shall be completed on April 7, 1916. Frank Morrison and James O'Connell Upon the site when it was puras trustees with authority to make the chased was standing a finely built purchase, to enter into the contract

mansion with a slave pen in the rear. for the erection of a suitable building These of course have been razed to and to borrow the necessary money the ground, but before do'ng so photofor its erection. It developed that graphs were made of them, framed, there was an irregularity in the title and appropriately designated. On growing out of a transfer of the prop- that site in which slave owners and erty which occurred in 1817. Suit slaves dwelt, the temple of Labor, was begun in a court of equity to the A. F. of L. office building, will be remedy the defect in the title. This erected. suit is in the name of the trustees, Ground has been broken and in and the expense is to be borne by the the course of a few months the corformer owners of the property. The

nerstone will be laid. The cornermatter will undoubtedly be adjudi

stone will be contributed by Henry cated and the title cleared. We have

Gompers, a member of the Granite a guarantee from the Real Estate Title Insurance Company and the Co

Cutters' International Union, who lumbia Title Insurance Company of

was the first office boy of the A. F. the District of Columbia for safe

of L. The date of the laying of the guarding the title to the property, or. cornerstone is not yet determined. in other words, to afford insurance We recommend that the E. C. be auagainst any claim arising under the thorized to prepare suitable arrangetitle.

ments for the laying of the cornerIn considering plans for the office stone and also for the dedication of building, the trustees have consulted the building.

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