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on purpose.

You see my arms are tired holding the saucer for you all the morning; and, indeed, I could not help laughing to see how your cheeks puffed out, and how very earnest you looked, and all for nothing, but a soap-bubble." And here Blanche laughed again.

Oliver was angry for a moment, but, at last, he could not help laughing himself. “ Well,” said he, “ let us play at something else, for it is not worth being angry about.”

“ No, it is not, brother-let us kiss, and be friends—the bubble is worth nothing at all.”

• Why, they are very beautiful,” said Oliver; “ and, when they are large, and fly up as high as the house, the colours are all red and blue and yellow and green, almost like the rainbow.”

“ They are pretty for a moment,” said Blanche, " and then they are gone, and there is nothing left but the little dirty soap-suds.”

“ Well, then, let us play at something else. What shall it be? We can plant sweet-peas in our garden-border. They look pretty when they blossom, and they last longer than bubbles.” So the little boy and girl went hand-in-hand to get their hoe and rake, and were very happy together until Oliver's next fit of passion.

There have seldom been a brother and sister

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