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gimp, embroidery, buttons, etc.-Mr. tice: Socialism versus Social Reform Aumonier writes of their rivalries, and kindred subjects. ambitions and anxieties, of their Under the title "Woodrow Wilson extravagances and excesses, of the and the World's Peace" (Mitchell swagger put on for business and the Kennerley) George D. Herron, author pitiful shabbiness at home, all with of the striking and timely volume on extraordinary sympathy, penetration «The Menace of Peace,” recently and power of portraiture. Thoroughly noticed in these pages, has grouped modern in style, these melancholy sto- six papers upon subjects connected ries point their morals as plainly as any with the war and the entrance of the old time “tract." The Century Co. United States which he has previously

Theodore Roosevelt's “The Foes of published in various foreign reviews. Our Own Household" (George H. The opening paper, which gives the Doran Co.) is not, strictly speaking, book its title, was published in the a “war book," but it is a book well New Age of London, as an interpretasuited to war times, enforcing, as it tion of President Wilson's address to does, with characteristic strength and the Senate; the second in order, “The pungency, the vital lessons of the Man and the President" was first present national and international published under the title of “President crisis. The keynote is found in this Woodrow Wilson" in La Semaine Foreword: “The man who still asks Littéraire of Geneva, in December, 'why we are at war' or apologizes in 1916; the third, “His Initial Effort" any way for Germany, should look to was published in the Journal de his own soul; he is neither a patriot Genève of December 31, 1916, under nor a true American, nor a lover of the title of “The Note of President mankind; and the foes of his own Wilson"; the fourth, "The Pro-Gerhousehold are the folly and the man Morality of the Pacifist" was cowardice and the cold selfishness of originally published in two parts, the his own heart. We should hold Ger- first in Il Giornale d'Italia of Rome, many in horror for what she has done. last March, and the second in the But we should regard with contempt April number of La Revue Mensuelle, and loathing the Americans who Geneva, in reply to pacifist perverdirectly or indirectly give her aid sions of President Wilson's unforand comfort; whether they do so by tunate phrase "peace without victory"; downright attack on our own country, the fifth, “Pro-America" was pubby upholding Germany, by assailing lished in La Semaine Littéraire of Geneva, any of our allies, by trying to dis- last May, upon the occasion of Presicourage our people from vigorous, dent Wilson's address in declaration resolute, unyielding prosecution of the of war; and the sixth, “An Apologia" war, or by crying on behalf of peace, was published in La Tribune de Genève peace, when there ought not to be of July 1, 1917, and in a previous peace.” It is in the spirit thus in number of Il Giornale d'Italia of Rome, dicated, and with vehemence and as a defense against the attacks of the clearness that Col. Roosevelt dis- pacifists. They are all vigorous and cusses The Instant Need and the trenchant expositions of American Ultimate Need; Must We Be Brayed ideals and policy, and, grouped in the in a Mortar before Our Folly Depart present volume, they will be the more from Us?; The Children of the Cruci interesting to American readers by ble; A Square Deal in Law Enforce reason of their previous publication in ment; Industrial Justice; Social Jus- influential foreign reviews.

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I. The War Current and Peace Eddies. By
E. J. Dillon

. Fortnightly Review 579 II. A Very Invisible God. By Frederic Harrison

NINETEENTH CENTURY AND AFTER 588 III. John-a-Dreams. By Katharine Tynan.

Chapter V. Yesterday's Rose. Chapter
VI. “Youth is Full of Pleasure.” (To
be continued) .

. . . . 596 IV. Some Russian Novelists. By George Sampson . .

BOOKMAN 606 V. The Wisdom of Woodrow Wilson. By Ecib · New WITNESS 614 VI. Mr. Teachild's Transformation. By B.

Paul Neuman . . . . CHAMBERS's JOURNAL 618 VII. The Mechanics of Irish Government. By

an Ulster Imperialist . . .. MANCHESTER GUARDIAN 626 VIII. A Jewish Palestine. By Israel Cohen . London CHRONICLE 630 IX. Bad Temper. . . . . . NEW STATESMAN 631

WARTIME FINANCE x. The Conscription of Capital . . : SATURDAY Review 635 XI. French War Finance

. . . . . ECONOMIST 636

A PAGE OF VERSE XII. Small Craft. By C. F. S. . . . . . Punch 578

BOOKS AND AUTHORS . . . . . . . 637



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