Anecdotes of Painters, who Have Resided Or Been Born in England: With Critical Remarks on Their Productions

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Leigh and Sotheby, 1808 - 327 страница

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Страница xxviii - ... .which we intend to make of our expected profits. Many artists of great abilities are unable to sell their works for their due price; to remove this inconvenience, an annual sale will be appointed, to which every man may send his works, and send them if he will without his name.
Страница 302 - Harvest-home or Thanksgiving to Ceres and Bacchus; the third, the Victors at Olympia; the fourth, Navigation, or the Triumph of the Thames; the fifth, the Distribution of Premiums in the Society of Arts; and the sixth, Elysium, or the State of final Retribution. Three of these subjects are poetical ; the others historical.
Страница xxvii - Those who set their performances to general view, have too often been considered the rivals of each other ; as men actuated, if not by avarice, at least by vanity, and contending for superiority of fame, though not for a pecuniary prize. It cannot be denied or doubted, that all who offer...
Страница xxviii - The purpose of this exhibition is not to enrich the artist, but to advance the art ; the eminent are not flattered with preference, nor the obscure insulted with contempt ; whoever hopes to deserve public favour is here invited to display his merit.
Страница 81 - Apollo, who appears in the sky, with his bent bow, and that those figures should be considered as the children of Niobe. To manage a subject of this kind, a peculiar style of art is required : and it can only be done without impropriety or even without ridicule, when we adapt the character of the landscape, and that too, in all its parts, to the historical or poetical representation.
Страница 129 - When I first knew him he lived at Bath, where Giardini had been exhibiting his then unrivalled powers on the violin. His excellent performance made Gainsborough enamoured of that instrument; -and conceiving, like the servant-maid in the Spectator, that the music lay in the fiddle, he was frantic until he possessed the very instrument which had given him SO much pleasure; but seemed much surprised that the music of it remained behind with Giardini!
Страница xxvii - The artists, who were themselves the first projectors of an exhibition in this nation, and who have now contributed to the following catalogue, think it therefore necessary to explain their purpose, and justify their conduct. An exhibition of the works of art, being a spectacle new in this kingdom, has raised various opinions and conjectures among those who are unacquainted with the practice in foreign nations. Those who...
Страница 81 - Poussin, to achieve it. In the picture alluded to, the first idea that presents itself is that of wonder, at seeing a figure in so uncommon a situation as that in which the Apollo is placed ; for the clouds on which he kneels have not the appearance of being able to support him...
Страница 129 - The next time I saw Gainsborough it was in the character of King David. He had heard a harper at Bath : the performer was soon left harpless ; and now Fischer, Abel, and Giardini, were all forgotten, — there was nothing like chords and arpeggios ! He really stuck to the harp long enough to play several airs with variations, and, in a little time, would nearly have exhausted all the...
Страница 120 - ... more than he found it. As he was painting his way back to London, in his own...

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