The Cornhill Magazine, Том 72

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William Makepeace Thackeray
Smith, Elder., 1895

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Страница 63 - The kirk of Ulpha to the pilgrim's eye Is welcome as a star, that doth present Its shining forehead through the peaceful rent Of a black cloud diffused o'er half the sky ; Or as a fruitful palm-tree towering high O'er the parched waste beside an Arab's tent; Or the Indian tree whose branches, downward bent, Take root again, a boundless canopy.
Страница 66 - Thy cradle decks ; to chant thy birth thou hast No meaner poet than the whistling blast. And Desolation is thy patron-saint ! She guards thee, ruthless power ! who would not spare Those mighty forests, once the bison's screen, Where stalked the huge deer to his shaggy lair Through paths and alleys roofed with sombre green, Thousands of years before the silent air Was pierced by whizzing shaft of hunter keen ! How shall I paint thee?
Страница 538 - What a knowledge of the human heart ! Well might a critical judge of writing say, as he did to me, that your late brother's knowledge of it was not (fine writer as he was) comparable to your's. His was but as the knowledge of the outside of a clock-work machine, while your's was that of all the finer springs and movements of the inside.
Страница 66 - CHILD of the clouds ! remote from every taint Of sordid industry thy lot is cast ; Thine are the honours of the lofty waste ; Not seldom, when with heat the valleys faint, Thy handmaid Frost with spangled tissue quaint Thy cradle decks ; — to chant thy birth, thou hast No meaner Poet than the whistling Blast, And Desolation is thy Patron-saint!
Страница 29 - Time must finish the artist's work ; nay, the very act of playing has a beneficial intluence, constraining, as Tyndall expresses it, the molecules of the wood, which in the first instance might be refractory, to conform at last to the requirements of the vibrating strings. And the varnish — the Cremona varnish ? That is a romance and a mystery in itself. Ever since the traces of it finally disappeared, about 1760, violin-makers have been...
Страница 452 - Whitehal, for the Dog was better known at Court than those who stole him. Will they never leave robbing His Majesty ? must he not keep a Dog 1 This Dogs place (though better than some imagine) is the only place which nobody offers to beg.
Страница 533 - ... em in again, they found the same thing floating toward the ship, and which was now come so near as to be within view without a glass. * * * The figure was this, a four-square floor of various coloured marble, from which ascended rows of fluted and twisted pillars, embossed round with climbing vines and flowers, and waving streamers, that received an easy motion in the air; upon the pillars a hundred little cupids clambered with fluttering wings.
Страница 343 - And he look'd at her and said, " Bring the dress and put it on her, That she wore when she was wed.
Страница 451 - We must call upon you again for a Black Dog, between a Grey-hound and a Spaniel, no white about him, onely a streak on his Brest, and Tayl a little bobbed. It is His Majesties own Dog, and doubtless was stoln, for the Dog was not born nor bred in England, and would never forsake his Master. Whosoever findes him may acquaint any at, Whitehal, for the Dog was better known at Court than those who stole...
Страница 14 - He could win money at cards from her husband, or he could teach her son, Jamie, who had just left school, a fine new game with the lock of a door and one of his curious pronged hooks. There are more ways of killing a cat than drowning it in cream— also many deaths less agreeable to the cat.

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