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Arrival of American dreadnoughts and superdreadnoughts in New York harbor, April 14, 1919, after their war
The entire fleet comprised 104 ships with 30,000 officers and men. There were 12 dreadnoughts, 70 de-

stroyers, . 10 submarines, and 12 auxiliary cruisers.

The fleet spent two weeks in the harbor

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Fiume is one of the finest ports and most beautiful cities on the east coast of the Adriatic. It is located at the head of the Bay of Quarnero and is about thirty miles southeast of Trieste. Its possession was the subject of a serious dispute between Italy and Jugoslavia

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In the group, left to right, seated, are: Major Gen. S. Inagaki, Japanese; Colonel Louis Ceissier, French: Major
n William S. Graves, U. S. A.; General K. Otani, Japanese, Commander in Chief; Lieut. Gen, M. Yuhi, Japanese;
ig Gen Yuyousi, Chinese; Lieut. Col. Fillippe, Italian. Second row, standing: Professor J. Maruyama, Japanese;

Brig Gen J N Blair, British; Colonel H. H. Pattison, U.S. A.; Colonel Fuching, Chinese; Major Ou, Chinese; Colonel
M Le Magnen, French; Lieut. Col. 0. P. Robinson, U. S. A.; Major C. Manera, Italian; Major Gen. M. Nakajima,
Japanese Third row: Captain T. Watanabe, Japanese; Captain R. J. Hoffman, U. S. A.; Major S. Hasebe, Japanese;
Captain G. Balzani, Italian; Lieut. Col. Vichterle, Chief of Staff, Czechoslovak; Major Gaston Renondeau, French;
Major J. Broz, Czechoslovak, and Captain F. B. Rives, U. S. A.

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