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Volume XIX.

April—May—June, 1919

With Alphabetical and Analytical Index
Illustrations, Maps and Diagrams



Copyright 1919

By The New York Times Company

Times Square, New York City


Volume XIX.

[Titles of articles appear in italics]

ABDICATION, Kaiser's, events leading up
to. 463.

Activities of the Lesser Belligerents, 36.

ADMINISTRATIVE services and depart-
ments praised by Marshal Halg, 172.

AERIAL terms of disarmament demanded of

Germany, 8.

AEROBOE (Prof.), 382.

"Affair of the Grand Dukes," 497.

AGRARIAN problem In the Caucasus, 124.

AIR mall service between New York and
Washington, 417.

AIRMEN, work of British lauded by Marshal
Halg. 169.

AIRPLANE raids on British territory, repa-
ration for, 2.

ALAND Islands want to be reunited to

Sweden, 63.

Albania at the Peace Conference, 69.

ALBANIA, reconstruction with reference to

other Balkan States, 40; claims set forth

at the Peace Conference, 60.

ALIEN Property Custodian, amount collected
by sufficient to cover American claims for
reparation, 7.

ALLENBY. (Gen. Sir) Edmund, at inau-
guration of new Turkish Government, 38;
firm handling of Egyptian Insurrection,

ALLIED nations, debts of to U. S., 47.

Allied Policy in Russia, 280.

ALLIED relief expeditions to Archangel, 203.

ALLIES, appreciation of co-operation of ex-
pressed by Marshal Halg, 172.

ALLIES In Siberia co-operating with Japan,

ALSACE, celebration of Its return to France,

ALSACE-LORRAINE, occupation of by the

French. 145.

AMERICA as mandatary for Armenia, 71.

AMERICA, declared to have Incurred the

hatred of Bolshevist leaders, 144.

AMERICAN achievements In two years of

war, 246.

AMERICAN Army, length of front held In
France, 416.

AMERICAN Army of Occupation at Coblenz,

American Army Strength, 34.

AMERICAN casualties, 436.

AMERICAN Generals demoted at end of war,

American Hospital at Bcaune, 327

American Problems of Reconstruction, 43.

AMERICAN theory of reparation that
should be demanded from Germany, 1.

AMERICAN troops, total transported, 32.

AMNESTY decree of Berlin Government, 455.

Among the Nations, 217.

ANARCHY, conditions of existing In Hun-

gary, 283.

ARABIAN claims as regards Syria, 72.

ARCO VALLEY (Count) assassinates Kurt

Eisner in Munich, 76.

ARGONNE-MEUSE battle described In de-
tail. 526.

ARMENIA considered with view to America
as mandatary, 71.

ARMENIA'S claims in the Peace Conference,

ARMENTIERES, withdrawal of Germans

from under British pressure, 162.

ARMISTICE, Austrian, protest against In

Hungary, 285.

ARMISTICE, military position of British

at time of signing, 167.

ARMSTRONG. John S., Jr., American Con-
sul at Venice, 431.

ARMY courts-martial, 438.

ARMY deaths In American Expeditionary
Forces, 44.

ARMY of Occupation Inspected by Gen.
Pershing, 48.

ARNHOLD. E., 382.

ARTILLERY arm of the service, value of,


ASIA, territorial problems following the war,

ASIA MINOR, Greek populations In, 503.

ATLANTIC fleet returns to New York, 249.

Attempt on Clcmcnceau's Life, 27.

AUER, Herr, Bavarian Minister of the In-
terior, shot In Munich, 76.

AUSTRALIA, vocational training for her sol-

diers, 35.

AUSTRIA, battle losses. 31.

AUSTRIAN fleet handed over to Italy. 209.

Austrian Peace Delegation, 415.

Austre-Oerman Atrocities in Vcnctia, 210.


BAKER. (Secretary) Newton D., address to
troops of Third Army. 440.

BAKU, rcoccupled by the British, 551.

BALDWIN. (Major) B. T.. chief of the edu-

cational service, 320.

BALFOUR, Arthur James, career of. 13.

BALKAN Campaign, final, description of,


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BALKAN Commission, relief work carried on
by, 53.

BALTIC provinces scene of heavy fighting

with Bolshevist forces, 114.

BAMMATB, Haidar, "The Caucasus During
the War," 122.

BANAT of Temesvar, claimed by the Ser-
bians, 61.

BARRETT, (Gen.) A. A., commanding Brit-
ish forces In Northwest India, 424.

BARTENBACH (Capt.), commander of the
German submarine bases in Flanders, 211.

BARUCH. Bernard M.. 313.

BATTLE losses of all belligerents, 31.

Battle of Macedonia, 338.

BAUER, (Dr.) Otto, begins negotiations look-

ing toward union of German Austria with

Germany, 35.

BAUMGARTEN (Prof.). 382.

BAVARIA, establishment of Soviet republic,


BEATTY, (Miss) Bessie, testifies on Bolshe-

vism before Senate committee, 133.

BEAUNE, France. American hospital at, 327.

BEAUREVOIR, France, description of cap-

ture of, 159.

BEDOUIN element In the Egyptian Insur-

rection, 259.

Belgian Indemnity, 423.

Belgian Treasures Restored*, 210.

BELGIUM, differences with Holland submit-

ted to Supreme Council, 6; battle losses.

31; post-war conditions in, 36; supplies re-

ceived from United States, 51; boundary

disputes with Holland, 55; unemployment

in, 217.

Belgium Grants Partial Suffrage for Women,

Belgium Refuses to Prosecute the ex-Kaiser,


BELGRADE, sacked and ruined by the Aus-
trians, 305.

BENES, Edward, Foreign Minister of
Czechoslovak Republic, 20.

BENKENBERG. Herr, 382.

BENSON (Admiral) on dismantling of Heli-

goland and the Kiel Canal, 4.

BERLIN, number of unemployed In, 229;

refuses to recognize Soviet Government of

Bavaria, 232; impression produced by
publication of peace terms, 394.

BERNSTEIN, Eduard, 382.

BERNSTORFF, (Count) Johann von, ex-
presses views on Peace Treaty, 200.

BESSARABIA, evacuation of by Rumanians

demanded, 482.

BEVERIDGE, (Sir) William, reports on food
conditions in German Austria, 35.

BISMARCK, Kaiser's dismissal of, 329; proj-
ected trip to Vienna. 333.

Bismarck's Side of the Story, 334.

BISSOLATI, Signor, warns Italy against ex-
cessive claims, 57; withdraws from the
Italian Cabinet, 430.

BLISS, (Gen.) Tasker H., American dele-
gate at Peace Conference, 18.

BLOCKADE in the Mediterranean lifted bj
Allies. 203.

BOHEMIA, scene of sanguinary engage-
ments between Czechs and Germans, 61;

famine conditions, 307; relief afforded,


Bolshevism Expounded by Bolsheviki, 277.

BOLSHEVIST military activities against
allied forces In Russia, 113.

BOMB conspiracy, 418.

Bombing Germany, 151.

BONN (Prof.), 382.

BORAH, (Sen.) William E., attacks draft of
League of Nations In U. S. Senate, 91.

BORDEN. (Sir) Robert Lalrd, Prime Minis-

ter of Canada, 15.

BOSCH, Herr, 382.

BOSNIA, situation when Austrian power dis-

appeared, 305.

BOTHA, (Gen.) Louis, career in South
Africa, 14.

Boundary Disputes in Europe, 55.

BOUNDARY disputes between Holland and

Belgium, 55.

BOURGEOIS, Leon, opposes Inclusion of

Monroe Doctrine In League of Nations
covenant, 205; address to citizens of

Strasbourg, 465.

BOURGEOISIE in Russia terrorised by the

Bolsheviki. 279.

BOURGES, France, factories destroyed by

Germans, 2t>3.

BOURLON Wood, machine gun engage-

ments, 320.

Boy Scouts of America, 418.

BRATIANO, Jean, Rumanian Prime Minis-

ter, 21.

BRESHKOVSKY. (Mme.) Catherine, contro-

verts Col. Robin's testimony on Bolshe-
vism, 139.

BREST, controversy regarding conditions in
Embarkation camp, 44.

BREST-LITOVSK Treaty, conditions under
which It was signed, 141; not accepted by
part of Russian people, 194.

BRIEY BASIN, German exploitation, 255.

BRITISH advance into Germany described

by Marshal Halg, 540.

BRITISH Army, program for demobiliza-

tion, 49; achievements described in detail

by Marshal Halg, 540.

British Budget, 421.

BRITISH Infantry regarded by Marshal Halg
as backbone of army, 169.

British Navy Records, 215.

British Pensioners Exceed 600,000, 421.

British Share in the Macedonian Fighting,


BRITISH view on reparation to be demanded
from Germany, 1.

titude on Peace Terms," 83.

leader of German delegation at Peace Con-
ference, 8; reply to Clemenceau on re-
ceipt of Peace Treaty, 386.

BROWN, (Dr.) Constantine, report on condi-
tions in Hungary, 288.

BRUCE-LOCKHART, R. H., sent by Lloyd
George to Russia, 136.

Vol. IB

BRUNSWICK, Germany, Soviet rule comes

to an end, 455.

BRUSSELS, seat of negotiations for exten-

sion of armistice, 26.

BUDAPEST, anarchistic conditions in. 466.

BULGARIA, attempts at rehabilitation in

eyes of the Entente, 4; battle losses, 31;

events that caused withdrawal from the

war, 338; conditions in since hostilities

ceased, 426.

BULGARIAN Army trapped by allied forces,

BUREAU of War Risk Compensation, 325

CABLES, German, disposition to be made

of. 2; decided not to be prizes of war, 203.

CAINE, Hall, "Bismarck's Side of the

Story," 334.

CALCUTTA, disturbances In, 214.

CAMBON, Jules, President of Commission

on Czechoslovakia, 3; sketch of diplomatic

career, 11.

CAMBRAI, France, description of the battle

of, 157.

Canada's Share in the War, 319.
CANADIAN Fiscal Problem, 323.
CANADIAN Imperial Munitions Board, 322.
Canadian Lossct at Ypres, 20.
CANADIAN records made on the battlefield,


CANADIAN Red Cross Society. 325.

CANADIAN troops, charge that they were

uselessly sacrificed, 20.

CANEPA, Giuseppe, sets forth his country's

claims in Italian Parliament, 57.
CARL (ex-Emperor), flight to Switzerland,


CAROLINE Islands taken from Germany by


Case of Northern Epirus, 68.
CASUALTIES of Japanese forces In Siberia,


Caucasus During the War, 122.

CAVALRY, still regarded by Marshal Haig

as a necessary arm in modern war-

fare, 160, 546.

CAVELL, Edith, burial of. In England, 420.

CHAMBERLAIN, Austen, statement in

House of Commons regarding Emir of

Afghanistan, 33.
CHAPLAINS' department, work of In Brit-
ish ranks described, 172.
CHEKREZI, Constantine A., "Albania at

the Peace Conference," 69.
CHINA, controversy with Japan over Shan-
tung Province, 340; soldiers in province,

CHINA Society of America urges China's

claims on American peace delegates, 73.

CHINA'S formal protest regarding Shantung,


China's Part in the European War, 357.

CHINDA (Viscount), Japanese Ambassador

to London, 18.

CHINESE Cabinet resigns, 427.

CHINESE sovereignty, restoration of over

Shantung promised by Japan, 444.

CHURCHILL, Winston Spencer, British Sec-

retary of War, on demobilization, 49.

Civil Warfare in Germany, 75.

CLARKSON, Grosvenor B., 314.

CLEMENCEAU, (Premier) Georges, return

to Peace Conference after illness, 3; bio-

graphical sketch, 10; attempt upon his

life, 27; reception at Strasbourg, 140; de-

livers Peace Treaty to German delegates,


Clemenceau's Would-be Assassin Reprieved,

COBLENZ, Germany, conditions under rule
of American Army of Occupation, 48.

COFFIN, Howard E., 313.

COHN, (Dr.) Oskar, admits receiving Bol-

shevist money, 227.

Ccllege Men on Honor Roll, 418.

COMMUNISM in Bavaria. 232.

COMMUNIST Government in Munich, ex-

cesses of, 453.

COMMUNIST revolt in Budapest, Hungary,

COMPULSORY service proposed for the

British Army of Occupation, 00.

Conditions in Greater Serbia, 498.

CONGRESS of Vienna in session for eleven
months, 191.

CONSTANTINOPLE, views expressed by
Greece as to its disposition, 62; projected
movement against in last stage of the

war, 345.

COOK, (Sir) Joseph, biographical sketch of,


COSSACK troubles with people of the Cau-
casus, 125.

COTTIN, Emil, sentenced to death for at-
tempted assassination of Premier Clem-

enceau, 27; sentence commuted, 215.

Council of National Defense, 313.

CRANE, Richard, appointed Minister to
Czechoslovakia, 473.

CREDITS to Allies of the United States, 47.

Crimes of the Bolshcviki in Esthonia, 495.

CRIPPLED and blinded soldiers, 242.

CROATIA, policy of repression adopted by

Serbs, 59.

CUMMINS, (Sen.) Albert B., discusses draft

of League of Nations, 94.

CUNO (Dr.), 382.

CYPRUS, claimed by Greece in Peace Con-
ference, 61.

CZECHOSLOVAKIA, supplied with food by
allied nations, 52; proposed boundaries of,
60; military activity In Siberia, 119; de-
fended against charge of atrocities, 139.


DAGHESTAN, reorganization of military
forces, 127.

DALMATIA claimed by Serbs on racial

grounds, 58.

DALMATIAN coast, Italian claims to, 404.

DANES, electoral gains over Germans in re-

cent elections, 401.

DANIELS, (Secretary) Joscphus, reviews

troops In army of occupation, 440.

DANKER, Herr, 382.

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