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OIL wells of Gallcia, source of disputes be-
tween Poles and Ukrainians, 05.

OLONETZ, Russia, captured by a Finnish
contingent, 476.

OMNIBUS Park, service rendered by In the
war, 171.

Opening the Dardanelles, 32.

OPPELN, scene of demonstrations against
union with Poland, 473.

ORLANDO, (Premier) Vlttorlo Emanuele,
19; replies to President Wilson regarding
Flume, 407.

O'RYAN. (Major Gen.) John F., commander
Of 27th Division, 248.

OTANI, (Gen.) Kikuzo, commander of expe-
ditionary forces in Siberia, 118.

OWEN, (Sen.) Robert L., discusses draft of
League of Nations, 93.

PADEREWSKI, Ignace Jan, at Peace Con-
gress, 385.

PADEREWSKI Government Issues call for
elections, 03.

PAGE, (Ambassador) Thomas Nelson, con-
fers with Orlando and Sonnino, 411.

PALACKT, Bohemian historian, 309.

Paris-Madrid in Fourteen Hours, 29.

PASHITCH. Nikola, Prime Minister of Ser-
bia, 22.

Peace Conference, 1, 191.

PEACE Conference delegates, biographies,

PEACE Conference, Germany's delegates, 8.

PEACE Conference, summary of proceedings
by Premier Lloyd George, 191; defended
by British Premier, 195.

PEACE Treaty delivered to German dele-
gates at Versailles, 380; terms, 388; cor-
respondence between allied and German
delegates, 393.

PEREL, Raoul, discusses French financial
situation In Chamber of Deputies, 34.

PERSHING. (Gen.) John J. reports on
progress of demobilization, 44; fac-simlle
of letter to Foch offering full use of
American Army, 216.

PERSIUS (Capt.), on the failure of sub-
marine warfare, 460.

PESSOA, Epitaclo, head of the Brazilian
delegation to the Peace Conference, 20.

PETCHORA sector in Russia, scene of mili-
tary operations, 477.

PETLURA (Gen.), dictator of the Ukraine,

PETROGRAD, dwindling In population, 488.

PICHON, Stephen, biographical sketch, 11;
defends action of French Government in
Russia, 280.

PILSUDSKI. (Gen.) Joseph, resigns dictator-
ial power and is again Invested with it,

PINHOOS, Krasny, appointed Minister of
Jewish Affairs. 422.

PINSK, Poland, scene of quelling of Bol-
shevist uprising, 301.

POBHLMANN, Adolph, 382.

POINCARE. (President) Raymond, visit to
Strasbourg, 148.

POINDEXTER, (Sen.) Miles, attacks consti-
tution of League of Nations. 90.

Poland and Other New States, 472.

Poland's Boundary Conflicts, 298.

POLAND, food sent to, by the United States,
52; result of elections In, 63; recognition
by the Allies, 302.

Poland's Triple Warfare Over Boundaries, 63.

POLISH corridor, limitations placed upon, 67.

POLITIS, M., Greek Foreign Minister, 21.

POPE'S relation to the Peace Conference
discussed, 226; asked to intervene with
Allies to secure easier terms for Ger-
many, 398.

POPULATION, decrease In France In four
years of war, 156.

PORT ARTHUR lease extended by China,

PORTUGAL, end of royalist revolt noted, 37.

POSEN, centre of negotiations between allied
and German delegates, 66.

POSNANIA, negotiations with delegates of
German Government, 64.

President Wilson's New York Address, 104.

PRICES, program to Insure lowering of In
purchases by U. S. Government, 46.

PRINCE OF MONACO on the Kalser'a re-
sponsibility for the war, 83.

Progress in American Demobilization, 435.

PROHIBITION defeated In New Zealand by
soldier vote, 422.

PROTITCH, M.. views as to organization of
Jugoslavic State. 306.

Public Sentiment in Germany, 394.


Queen Marie of Rumania, 505.
QUEZON, Manuel, presents memorial asking
for Filipino independence, 211.


RADEK, Karl, sent by Soviet Government to
invite allied Ambassadors to Moscow, 142.

RATHIEN, (Dr.) Gustaf, 382.

Ravages of Influenza in India, 214.

Rebuilding Disabled Soldiers, 324.

Rebuilding the Industries of France, 251.

Red Guards, brutality of, in Russia, 531.

RED Terror sweeping through the Russian
provinces. 27S.

REDFIELD, (Secretary of Commerce) Will-
lam C, program for lower prices, 40.

REED, (Sen.) James A., vehemently de-
nounces draft of League of Nations, 92.

REED, John, witness In the U. S. Senate in-
quiry Into Bolshevism, 132.

REED. (Mrs.) John, testimony before Sen-
ate Committee on Bolshevism, 132.

REHABILITATION of disabled soldiers, 320.

RELIEF in food and supplies to Belgium and
Northern France, 51.

RENNER, (Chancellor) Karl, head of Aus-
trian peace delegation, 415.

REPARATIONS demanded of Germany by
Peace Conference, 202.

REPUBLICAN Senators attack the draft of
the League of Nations covenant, 00.

REPUDIATION of debts by the Bolshevist
r6gime, 130.

RESPONSIBILITY for the war placed on
Germany by the Peace Conference, 201.

Revolt in Hungary, 36. '.

Revolutionary Reforms in Rumania, 296.

RHINE, demilitarization of, discussed at
Peace Conference, 199; regulation of traf-
fic provided for, 203.

RICHARDSON. (Gen.) Wilds P., sent to
American forces at Archangel, 477. V

RIGA, atrocities in, 479.

ROBINS, (Col.) Raymond, head of American
Red Cross Mission to Russia, 134.

ROECHLING, Louis, 382.

ROOT, Elihu, efforts made to discredit hlir
with the Russian people, 136.

ROSENWALD, Julius, 313.

ROTTERDAM, chief port through which sup-

plies were sent to Belgium, 51.

ROUCHDI PASHA, Prime Minister of Egypt.

ROYAL Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserves,

RO^AL Engineers, vast amount of work ac-
complished by, 170.

RUMANIA, battle losses, 31; attitude toward

Russia and the Entente, 42; relations with

Hungary, 223; agreement with Allies be-

fore entering the war, 346; takes meas-
ures against Bolshevism, 433; advance
against Hungary, 466.

RUPPEL, Herr, 382.

Russia and Finland, 419.

Russia Under the Bolshcviki, 486.

RUSSIAN battle losses, 31; military opera-

tions In Archangel district. 113; problems

described by Lloyd George as complex,

192; food relief proposed by conference

at Paris. 202.

Russia's Warfare on Many Fronts, 261.

RUSSKI (Gen.), narrow escape from execu-

tion by the Bolshevik!, 279.

SARRE Basin, disposition of, discussed at
Peace Conference, 198.

SAID PASHA ZAGLOUL advocates program
of complete autonomy for Egypt. 34.

SALANDRA, Antonio, biographical sketch,

SALONIKI front, campaign on, in latter
stage of the war, 338.

SAMBRE, battle of. described by Marshal
Halg, 166.

SAXONY, revolt In. 77, 235.

SCHEIDEMANN, Philipp, advocates signing
of armistice extension terms, 25; corre-
spondence with Gen. Ludendorff. 457.

SCHLESWIG, to be divided into four zones,

SCHMIDT, Herr. 382.

SCHNEE, Herr, 382.

SCHNEEKING, (Prof.) W. M. A., German

delegate to Peace Conference, 8.

SCHULENBURG, (Count) von der, memo-
randum on the Kaiser's abdication, 463.

Second Revolution in Hungary, 284.

SECRECY at the Peace Conference defended
by Lloyd George, 195.

SEIGNOBOS. Charles. ■• German National

Assembly in 1348 and in 1919." 335.

SEITZ Karl, elected President of German

Austria. 35.

SELF-determination In labor questions dis-
cussed at Peace Conference, 208.

SELLE River, battle of, 164.

SEMENOFF (Gen.), interferes with trans-
portation of Czechoslovak supplies, 112.

Senate Discussion of the League, 90.

SENATE inquiry into Bolshevist conditions
In Russia, 128.

SENATE resolution presented In opposition
to draft of League of Nations, 99.

SERBIA, battle losses, 31; relations with
other parts of Jugoslavlc State. 43; de-

scribed as physical and moral ruin, 53.

SEVASKY, Miran. Chairman of the Ar-

menian National Council of America. 72.

SEVENTY-seventh Division in the Argonne-
Meuse battle, 529; great parade in New
York on occasion of division's return, 53S>.

SHACKLETON, (Sir) Ernest H., succeeds
in getting reinforcements to Russia, 113.

SHANTUNG Peninsula, subject of dispute

between Japan and China. 441.

SHERMAN, (Sen.) L. J., bitterly criticises

course of President Wilson, 98.

SHIPBUILDING in Canadian shipyards, 323.

SHIPS exchanged for food in armistice ex-
tension, 23.

LIBERIA, Japanese ambitions in, before the

armistice, 109.

SIGNAL services, achievements of, praised

by British commander In chief, 170.

SILESIA, part of it granted to Poland, 472.

SIMMONS, Roger E., testifies regarding

Bolshevist rule in Russia, 128.

SIMS. (Admiral) William S.. returns from

service abroad, 244.

SINHA. (Sir) S. P., biographical sketch, 16.

SISSON documents declared by Mrs. Reed

to be clever forgeries, 132.

Situation in Ireland, 421.

SLOVENES, accept monarchical regime for
Jugoslavic State, 304.

SMUTS. (Gen.) Jan C, biographical sketch,

SMYRNA, essentially Greek character of.

Socialist Labor Leader Convicted, 213.

SOCIALIZATION law promulgated by the
Weimar Assembly, 78.

SOCIALIZATION of industries in Russia,


SOLDIERS, disabled, methods adopted to
make them self-supporting, 324.

SONNINO, (Baron) Sidney, Italian Minister
of Foreign Affairs, 19.

SOTERIADOS. (Prof.) George, prepares

ethnological map of Greek populations in

Balkans and Asia Minor, 503.

SOUTH German Tyrol applies for union

with German Austria, 35.

SOVIET congress assembled in Berlin, 233.

SOVIET envoy in America, 267.

SOVIET Government in Russia attempts to
strengthen armies, 116; deplorable condi-
tions under, 261.

Vol. 19

SPAIN, members of new cabinet. 433.

SPANISH railway prolecU. 30.

SPARTACAN disturbances in Germany, 75.

SPARTACAN revolt in Bavaria. 231.

Specimen of Bolshevist Terrorism, 213.

SPIRIDONOVA. Maria, imprisoned In the
Kremlin. 279.

Starting the German Revolution, 458.

STATE Councils organized for National De-
fense. 316.

STATE Legislatures indorse League of Na-
tions, 509.

STAUSS, Herr von, 382.

STEGERWALD, Herr, 382.

STEWART. (Col.) George E., commanding
officer at Archangel of American troops,

ST. GERMAIN-EN-LATE, quarters assigned
to Austrian peace delegates, 415.

STINNES, Hugo, recalled from the armi-
stice convention at Treves, 25.

STOCKHAMMER, (Director) von, 385.

STRASBOURG, scenes In, when Marshal
Foch entered the city, 145.

Strasbourg Welcomes the French, 145.

STRIKES, prevalence of. In Germany during
February and March, 75.

Struggle to Stabilize the Czech Republic, 306.

Sufferings of the Romanoffs Under the Reds,

SUGAR factories In France destroyed by
Germans, 252.

Summary of Peace Conference Proceedings,

SUPPLY services of British Army exceeding-
ly efficient, 171.

SUPREME Economic Council established at
Paris. 1.

SURGERY, marvels of. 327.

Surrender of the Austrian Fleet, 209.

SWEDEN claims possession of the Aland
Islands, 63.

SYRIA, conflicting claims as to its future
status, 39.


TAFT, (ex-President) William H., supports

covenant of League of Nations, 101.
TAKASHIMA (Gen.), tactics obstructive of

American plans In Siberia, 110.
TANKS, achievements praised in dispatch of

Marshal Haig, 169.
TARDIEU, Andre, biographical sketch, 11.
TARIFF adjustments consequent upon return

to peace conditions, 6.
TAUSSIG, (Dr.) F. W., Chairman of U. S.

Tariff Commission, 6.
TCHITCHERIN, M., criticises Nansen plan

for feeding Russia, 483.
TEACHERS, French, killed In the war. 328.
TENNESSEE, superdreadnought, launching

of, 417.
TERRITORIAL losses of Germany under

terms of Peace Treaty, 388.
TESCHEN, scene of conflicts between Czechs

and Poles. 65; subject of discussion at

Peace Conference, 192.
Testimony of Ambassador Francis, 140.
Testimony of Sir George 'Buchanan, British

Ambassador, 275.

Vol. 19

Text of Draft Convention to Govern World's

Labor, 520.
Text of the Treaty Under Which Rumania

Entered the War, 346
THOMPSON. (Col.) William B.. efforts to

counteract German intrigue In Russia

THRACE claimed by Greece In the Peace

Conference, 61.
TIGRIS, military operations on, 549.
Tisza accused of having plotted the tear, 28.
Total Battle Losses, 31.
Total Cost of the War, 212.
TOYNBEE. Arnold, on character of the

Epirotes. 68.
TRANSPORTATION, freedom of the new

States through enemy countries provided

for, 203.
TRANSPORTATION services In the British

Army, speed and efficiency of, 171.
Transporting American Troops, 32.
TREATY of London with regard to cessions

to Italy, 57.
TREDWELL. Roger C, released from im-
prisonment in Russia, 482.
TRENCH mortars. Importance and efficiency

of, 170.
TRENCHARD (Gen.), report of operations

of British airmen, 151.
TREVES, Germany, new armistice conven-
tion signed at, 23.
TRIANON Palace Hotel, Versailles, where

Peace Treaty was delivered, 381.
TRUMBITCH, Ante, Foreign Minister of

Serb-Croat-Slovene Kingdom, 22.
Tunneling the English Channel, 29.
TURKEY, political changes under allied

supervision, 37; peace delegation leaves

for Paris, 435.
TURKISH armistice, conditions preceding

Its signing, 74.
TURKISH Army, battle losses of, 31.
TURKISH change of Administration after

the war, 224.
TURKISH, retreat of, to Mosul barred by the

British. 550.
TWENTY-seventh Division, parade on re-
turn from abroad, 247.
Two Years of American Accomplishment

Since War Was Declared, 246.


U-Boat History, 211.

UDENITCH (Gen.), commander of body of
anti-Bolshevist troops, 476.

UKRAINIANS fire on members of the Inter-
allied Commissions, 65.

UNITED STATES Army, demobilization of,

UNITED STATES Employment Service, cut
In forces, 45.

United States Inquiry Into Bolshevism, 128.

United States Loans to Allies, 30.

UNITED STATES Navy appointments, 438.

UNITED STATES, progress made in dis-
bandment of armies, 43, 241; cost of war,
47; additions to civil list, 348; see also
America and American.

UNITED STATES Tariff Commission, an
Important factor at Peace Conference, 6.
United States War Claims, 33.
URBIG, Frederick, 382.

VALONA under Italian control, 61.

VANDERVEL.DE, Emlle, discusses labor
problems at Peace Conference, 208.

VAN ZILE. Edward S., "Fearless Knights
and Flawless," 337.

VENICE decorated on occasion of surrender
of Austrian fleet, 209.

VENIZELOS. Eleutherios, Prime Minister of
Greece, 21; expounds claims of Greece in
Peace Conference, 61; services in creating
Greek Army, 339; authorized to dispatch
troops to Smyrna, 429.

VERSAILLES, place of delivery of Peace

Treaty, 381.

VESNITCH (Dr.), Minister to Paris from

the new Serb-Croat-Slovene Kingdom, 22.

VIENNA, German Austria, demonstrations
in, on occasion of elections, 293; suppres-
sion of Bolshevist agitation, 469.

VILLAIN, Raoul, acquitted of the murder
of Jaures, 214.

VISTULA river controlled by the Pole's, 474.

Vocational Training for Soldiers in Australia,


VOGLER, Herr. attacks Erzberger at

Weimar National Assembly, 24.

VORWERK, Herr, 382.


WAGE problems to be regulated Internation-
ally, 207.

WALLACE. Hugh C, appointed Ambassador

to France, 32.

Walloons of Prussia Ask to be Disanncxcd,

WALTER, Herr, 382.

WAR, cost of, to the United States, 47.

WAR guilt of Germany shown by cipher dis-
patches, 28.

WAR Industries Board, 314.

WAR reparation discussed at the Peace Con-
ference, 1.

WAR, responsibility for, declared by the
Peace Conference to rest upon Germany,

War Work of the Knights of Columbus, 236.

WARBURG, Max. German delegate at Peace

Conference, 8.

WARD, (Sir) Joseph, career In New Zealand,


Yanks on the Marne, (poem,) 525.
YOVANOVITCH. Yovan, Serbian Minister to
Great Britain.


VoU 19

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