Some Account of the Worshipful Company of Grocers of the City of London

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C. Whittingham, 1854 - 580 страница
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Страница 297 - Cutler saw tenants break and houses fall; For very want he could not build a wall. His only daughter in a stranger's power; For very want he could not pay a dower.
Страница 162 - I have ever made the law of the land the rule of my conduct, esteeming it my chief glory to reign over a free people. With this view I have always been careful, as well to execute faithfully the trust reposed in me, as to avoid even the appearance of invading any of those powers which the constitution has placed in other hands.
Страница 259 - While it was in my power I did my duty, but that being taken away by a higher power, it is my duty to obey.
Страница 271 - Blake, under whose auspices and command he had performed the most creditable services of his life, but in the trial of Argyle, produced letters of friendship and confidence, to take away the life of a nobleman, the zeal and cordiality of whose co-operation with him, proved by such documents, was the chief ground of his execution...
Страница 161 - I shall always be ready to receive the requests, and to listen to the complaints of my subjects : but it gives me great concern to find that any of them should have been so far misled, as to offer me an address and remonstrance, the contents of which I cannot but consider as disrespectful to me, injurious to my parliament, and irreconcilable to the principles of the constitution.
Страница 483 - / Though men do now adore me, They ne'er did see my pedigree, Nor who was born before me. My grandsir striv'd, and wiv'd, and thriv'd, Till he did riches gather, And when he had much wealth atchiev'd, O ! then he got my father. Of happy memory, cry I, That e're his mother bore him, I had not been worth one penny Had I been born before him. To...
Страница 345 - Statefman, yet friend to Truth ! of foul fincere, " In aftion faithful, and in honour clear ; «' Who broke no promife, ferv'd no private end, " Who gain'd no title, and who loft no friend ; " Ennobled by himfelf, by all approv'd, " And prais'd, unenvy'd, by the Mufe he lov'd.
Страница 496 - October 29, 1675, for the Entertainment of the Right Honourable and truly noble Pattern of Prudence and Loyalty, Sir Joseph Sheldon, Knt., Lord Mayor of the City of London.
Страница 162 - I have made the law of the land the rule of my conduct, efteeming it my chief glory to reign over a free people. With this view, I have always been careful as well to execute faithfully the truft repofed in me as to avoid even the appearance of invading any of thofe powers which the Conftitution has placed in other hands. It is only by perfevering in fuch a conduct that I can either difcharge...
Страница 161 - Parliament, are notorious, as well as fubverfive of the fundamental laws and liberties of this realm ; and fince your Majefty, both in honour and juftice, is obliged inviolably to preferve them according to the oath made to God, and your...

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