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EDITED BY FREDERIC A. OGG, University of Wisconsin

*INTRODUCTION To AMERICAN Government. By Frederic A. Ogg, . University of Wisconsin, and P. Orman Ray, ... Northwestern University. *STATE Gover NMENT IN THE UNITED STATEs. By Walter F. Dodd, Chicago, Illinois. \ “THE Conduct of AMERICAN FoREIGN RELATIONs. By John M. Mathews, University of Illinois. *AN INTRoDUCTION To WoRLD Politics. By Herbert Adams Gibbons, Princeton, New Jersey. *INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZA\ TION. By Pitman B. Potter, University of Wisconsin. *LATIN AMERICA AND THE UNITED STATEs. By Graham H. - Stuart, Stanford University. A "History or Political, Thought. By Raymond G. Gettell, University of California. \ *INTERNATIONAL LAw. By Charles G. Fenwick, Bryn Mawr College. AMERICAN PARTIES AND ELECTIONs. By Edward M. Sait, University of California. MUNICIPAL Government. By Thomas H. Reed, University of Michigan. PRACTICE or MUNICIPAL ADMINISTRATION. By Lent D. Upson, Detroit Bureau of Governmental Research. LEGISLATION. By Joseph P. Chamberlain, Columbia University. CoNSTITUTIONAL LAw of THE UNITED STATEs. By Edward S. Corwin, Princeton University. CoNSTITUTIONAL History or THE UNITED STATEs. By Andrew C. McLaughlin, University of Chicago. RECENT AND CoNTEMPORARY PoliticAL THEoRY. By Francis N W. Coker, Ohio State University. CoMPARATIVE Gover NMENT. By Frederic A. Ogg, University of Wisconsin. EUROPEAN DIPLoMACY, 1914-1921. By Charles Seymour, Yale University. AMERICAN DIPLoMACY. By Edwin M. Borchard, Yale University. CoLoRIAL Govern MENT AND ADMINISTRATION. By J. Ralston Hayden, University of Michigan. AMERICAN INTEREsts AND Policies IN THE FAR EAST. By Stanley K. Hornbeck, Harvard University. Gover NMENTS AND PARTIES IN THE FAR EAST. By Harold S. Quigley, University of Minnesota.

Other volumes to be arranged. *—Published.


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