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Letter of Edward Comstock, mayor of city of Rome, relative to appeal of common council of that city to the Board. Ordered that Secretary write and say that case seems to be covered by chapter 62, Laws of 1853, and is apparently a subject over which this Board has no jurisdiction.

Letter of S. T. Street, relative to automatic signal. Ordered sent to the inspector of the Board.

Application of the Albany Railway Company for increase of capital stock. Ordered that the accountant be instructed to carry foward the examination of the finances of the Albany Railway Company, from the date when he last rested to the present date.

Letier of Geo. O. Membery, relative to his fences. Referred to Commissioner O'Donnell. Letter of J. D. and T. T. Graham. Ordered case closed.

Letter of C. B. Sanford, relative to safety of New York, Rutland and Montreal railroad. Ordered that the Secretary write to general manager of the New York, Rutland and Montreal Railroad Company, that on the date of April 15, 1986, the rate of speed of 15 and 25 miles per hour was recommended by the Board: The Board is now informed that this rate of speed is now exceeded, and the Board desires to know what improvements have been made that justify such increase of speed; an immediate answer desired.

Letter of Milton Brown & Co. of Buffalo and A. W. Mills, general traffic manager of the Boston and Albany Railroad Company, relative to the complaint of Milton Brown & Co. v. Boston and Albany Railroad Co any.

Commissioner O'Donnell moved that Milton Brown & Co. be written to, asking if they have any facts justifying their allegations of discrimination in favor of Cutler & Co., other than those mentioned in their last communications, by the Boston and Albany Railroad Company, or any other party outside the State, against them, or any other Buffalo firm, and if so, to send such evidence to the Board and ask if they desire a hearing before the Board.

Commissioner Rogers moved to amend by adding the words: “Upon the failure of the Boston and Albany to conform to their request, to detain the cars at East Albany."

Commissioner O'Donnell accepted the arendment, and on the question the vote was in the affirmative.

Letter of Frank J. Kearney, clerk of the village of Medina, relative to a dangerous crossing. Referred to Commissioner O'Donnell.

Letter of J. R. Davies, relative to his coupler. Ordered that the Board refuses, and has always refused, to give an opinion on a coupler service until they had seen it in practical operation on a car.

Of Chas. H. Meeks, relative to quarterly report of South Ferry Railroad Company. Ordered that accountant be instructed to insist on the report.

Commissioner O'Donnell submitted the complaint of G. M. Sweet against The Syracuse, Phønix and Oswego Railroad Company. Ordered usual course.

The Board adjourned until September 21, 1886, 10 A. M.

SEPTEMBER 21, 10 A, M. The Board met pursuant to adjournment. Present- Commissioners Kernan and Rogers.

Messrs. Joseph D. Frisbie and Walter Lloyd Smith, in the matter of Frisbie, Blanchard & Co. v, The New York, Lake Erie and Western Railroad Company, were heard.

The New York, Lake Erie and Western baving asked for a postponement, the com. plainants agreed thereto. Adjournment taken for two weeks.

Adjourned to September 22d, 1886, 10 A, M.

SEPTEMBER 22, 10 A. M. The matter of I. H. Maynard v. The Ulster and Delaware Railroad Company was heard, Commissioner Rogers sitting.

A. Schoonmaker, Jr., and Mr. Dimmick appeared for the company, and E. A. Bedell for I. H. Maynard. The Board adjourned.



SEPTEMBER 28, 1886.
The Board met pursuant to rule. All present.
The minutes were read and approved.
The Secretary submitted the unfinished business, under the rule, as follows :

Letter of Milton Brown & Co., relative to complaint of that firm against The Boston and Albany Railroad Company. Ordered filed.

Letter of W. 0. McDowell, relative to his complaint against The New York and Sea Beach Railroad Company.

Commissioner Rogers moved that the case be closed and that The New York and Sea Beach Railroad Company be instructed to (make out and foward to this Board, within


Ordered, that Secretary write The West Shore Railway Company, and ask why, in making up 7 A. M. trains at Kingston, the passenger car is put next to the engine without any intervening baggage or other car between.

Commissioner Rogers offered the following preamble: WHEREAS, upon the application of the petitioners in the matter of Jacob A. Freileweh and others against the Kingston City Railroad Company, alleging that they had had no oppor. tunity to inspect the accountant's report used by the Board in its decision therein, prior to such decision, and that they had, consequently, not fully presented their evidence or argument to rebut the statements contained in such accountant's report, or hearing upon the question of the consents given to the change of route and extension proposed, therefore,

Ordered, that a hearing be granted at Albany on October 12th, 1886, at 1 P. 1., at the Capitol, upon the following questions, to-wit:

1. Have the requisite consents been given for the change of route, and the proposed extensions of the road ?

2. Are any of the statements contained in the accountant's financial report used by the Board incorrect, so far as the same relates to the question of the reduction of the fare?


The Secretary submitted the report of the accountant upon the reduction of the second volume. Board adjourned.



EXPENSES OF THE BOARD. Traveling expenses of the Board of Railroad Commissioners for the twelva months ending September 30, 1886, as filed and audited by items in the office of the Comptroller of the State. (Limited by chapter 353, Laws of 1882, to $500 per month, in the aggregate, or $6,000 per annum.)

Of the three Commmissioners ....
Of the inspector and accountant
Of the marshal, stenographer, clerks, etc.

$1,367 41

728 63 98 10


$2,194 14

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