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Railroad Commissioners, Board of. Power to issue subpænas and to limit the

number of clerks thereof. Chap. 509. An act to amend chapter four hundred and forty-one of the Laws of eighteen hundred and eighty-four, entitled “ An act to define the duties of certain officers of the Board of Railroad Commissioners, and to regulate the power of issuing subpænas, and to limit the number of clerks thereof.

Railroad Commissioners (town) to issue bonds in place of bonds lost or destroyed.

Chap. 278. An act to authorize railroad commissioners to issue town bonds in place of bonds lost or destroyed.

Railroad companies. To relieve certain, from operating road during winter sea.


Chap. 605 An act to relieve certain railroad companies from the obligation of operating their road under certain conditions during the winter season.

Railroad corporations, formation of: Amending law in relation to.

Chap. 601. An act to amend chapter one hundred and forty of the Laws of eighteen hundred and fifty, entitled An act to authorize the formation of railroad corporations, and to regulate the same.”

Railroads (street). Amending law relative to compensation for right to construct,

maintain and operate. Chap 642. An act to amend chapter sixty-five of the Laws of eighteen hundred and eighty-six, entitled An act to secure adequate compensation for the right to construct, maintain, use, operate or extend street railroads in cities and vil. lages.'

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Railroads (street): Compensation for right to construct, maintain and operate.

Chap. 65. An act to secure adequate compensation for the right to construct, maintain, use, operate or extend street railroads in cities and villages.

Railways (steam): Amending act of 1875, providing for construction and opera

tion of. Chap. 551. An act to amend chapter three hundred and ninety-three of the Laws of eighteen hundred and eighty.two, entitled "An act to amend clapter sis hundred and six of the Laws of eighteen hundred and seventy-five, entitled 'An act further to provide for the construction and operation of a steam railway or railways in counties of the State

Railways (street): Relative to companies whose charters have been annulled.

Chap. 271. An act in relation to the consents of property owners, order of the general term confirming reports of commissioners and the consents of the local authorities heretofore given to the construction and operation of street surface railroads, by companies which have been dissolved or annulled, or whose charter may have been repealed by legislative enactment.

Rochester and State Line Railway: Authorizing certain towns in counties of Gen

esee, Monroe and Wyoming to release claim to stock. Chap. 14. An act to authorize the towns of Wheatland, in Monroe county, Le Roy and Pavilion, in Genesee county, and Covington, Middlebury. Warsaw, Gainesville and Eagle, in Wyoming county, or the assignees of any of said towns. to release the claim of the said several towns to stock of the Rochester and State Line Railway Company, and any claim against Henry A. Taylor, Isaac S. Water man and Thomas Leighton, their heirs and personal representatives therefor

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When Name of Road. formed.

Name of Road. formed. Addison and Northern Pennsylvania... 1882 Auburn and Owasco Lake..

1880 Addison, Osceola and Cowanesque Val- Auburn and Port Byron

1869 ley. 1878 Auburn and Rochester..

1836 Adirondack 1889 Auburn and Syracuse..

1884 Adirondack. 1863 Auburn and Willow Brook..

1872 Adirondack Estate Railroad Company.. 1860 Aurora and Buffalo...

1832 Adirondack Railway. 1882 Avenue C...

1869 Albany ..

1861 Avon, Geneseo and Mount Morris. 1860 Albany, Bennington and Rutland. 1850 Babylon.

1871 Albany and Boston 1862 Baldwinsville Branch.

1886 Albany and Boston..

1864 Batavia, Albion and Lake Ontario... 1883 Albany and Kenwood. 1863 Batavia, Attica and Salamanca.

1867 Albany and Lackawanna.... 1866 Batavia and Cheektawaga..

1850 Albany and New York, 1866 Bath and Crooked Lake

1831 Albany and Northern. 1851 Bath and Hammondsport.

1872 Albany Kailroad... 1863 Bay Ridge and Sea Shore.

1873 Albany Railway 1863 Bay Ridge and Sea Side..

1871 Albany, Sandlake and Stephentown... 1871 Bay Shore...

1866 Albany and Saratoga . 1852 Belmont and Buffalo

1871 Albany and Saratoga Springs. 1853 Binghamton Central..

1883 Albany and Schenectady..

1847 Binghamton, Dushore and Williams. Albany and Susquehanna.. 1851 port....

1872 Albany and Vermont..

1856 Binghamton and Port Dickinson 1868 Albany, Vermont and Canada. 1859 Binghamton and Susquehanna... 1833 Albany and West Stockbridge

1836 Binghamton and Williamsport.. 1882 Albion and Tonawanda.. 1832 Black River..

1836 Allegany Central.... 1881 Black River Company.

1832 Allegany Central. 1882 Black River and Morristown

1870 Amsterdam, Chuctanunda and Northern 1879 Black River and St. Lawrence

1868 Amsterdam Street.... 1873 Black River and Utica...,

1853 Arcade and Genesee River. 1872 Black River and Woodhull..

1868 Astoria and Hunters Point

1867 Bleecker Street aud Fulton Ferry 1865 Astoria and Hunters Point 1877 | Blossburgh and Corning.,

1854 Atlantic Avenue.... 1872 Boonville and Constableville..

1868 Atlantic and Great Western...... 1859 Boonville and Ontario...

1868 Atlantic and Great Western. 1872 Boonville and Port Ontario

1873 Atlantic and Great Western of New Boonville and Turin...

1866 York..... 1872 Boston and Albany..

1871 Atlantic and Great Western Railroad Boston, Albany and Schenectady...... 1377 Company of New York and Pennsyl. Boston, Hartford and Erie....

1864 vania

1872 Roston, Hartford and Erie Extension.. 1864 Atlantic and Ontario..

1871 Boston, Hartford and Erie Ferry ExteuAttica and Allegheny Valley 1852 sion

1864 Attica and Arcade..

1870 Boston and Henderson Harbor.. Attica and Arcade,..

1880 Boston, Hoosac Tunnel and Albany ... 1873 Attica and Buffalo...

1836 Boston, Hoosac Tunnel and Western... 1877 Attica and Hornellsville..

1845 Boston, Hoosac Tunnel and Western Attica, Lockport and Lake Ontario. 1883 Railway. Attica and Sheldon...

1836 Boston, New York and Chicago. 1874 Auburn and Canal...

1832 Boston, New York and Western 1880 Auburn and Deposit Air Line.. 1871 Boston, Rome and Oswego..

1871 Auburn and Homer Midland..

1872 Boston, Saratoga and Western. 1870 Auburn and Owasco Lake.. 1871 | Boutenberg...


..... 1872

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1866 1880



When Name of Road. formed.

Name of Road. formed. Calvary Cem'y, Greenpoint and Brook’n 1885 Cherry Valley and Susquehanna....... 1836 Canajoharie and Catskill.. 1830 Christopher and Tenth Street

1878 Canal..

1878 Christopher Street and James Slip Ferry 1885 Canandaigua and Bath 1872 Citizens Railway ......

1885 Canandaigua and Corning

1845 Citizens' Street Railroad Company of Capandaigua and Elmira 1852 Rochester...

1885 Canandaigua and Niagara Falls.. 1851 City (Binghamton)

1884 Capandaigua, Palmyra and Ontario.... 1872 City Island...

1884 Canandaigua Railway and Transporta- City Line and Canarsie...

1869 tion Company..

1828 City (Poughkeepsie). Canandaigua Street 1886 Clayton and Theresa.

1871 Canandaigua and Syracuse. 1853 Clinton Avenue

1864 Canarsie, Brooklyn and Winfield.. 1864 Clifton and South Clifton..

1853 Canarsie and Flatbush.... 1874 Clove Branch

1869 Canastota Northern 1886 Clyde and Sodus Bay

1853 Canton and St. Lawrence River. 1885 Coeymans

1856 Canton and Waddington.... 1884 Cohoes and Waterford.

1863 Cassadaga and Erie 1836 Cohoes and Waterford.

1567 Castleton and West Stockbridge 1834 Cohoes and Waterford.

1872 Carthage and Adirondack.. 1883 Cold Spring..

1839 Carthage, Watert'n and Sackett's Har. 1869 Columbia and Rensselaer.

1886 Catskill City..

1885 Columbia Street and Erie Basin. Catskill Horse

1874 Concourse ... Catskill and Ithaca. 1828 Conesus Lake..

1892 Catskill Mountain 1880 Coney Island Beach

1877 Catskill and Schoharie Valley. 1871 Coney Island and Brooklyn

1860 Cattaraugus

1868 Coney Island Centre and Safety Rails Cayuga Lake


Elevated...... Cayuga Northern 1872 Coney Island and East River..

1876 Cayuga Midland.. 1871 Coney Island Elevated....

1880 Cayuga Railway.

1875 Coney, Island High and Low-water Cayuga Southern 1878 Mark

1877 Cayuga and Susquehanna. 1843 Coney Island and Rockaway

1878 Cazenovia and Canastota..

1868 Coney Island and Sea View Elerated.. 1880 Cazenovia and Canastota.

1873 Coney Island, Sheepshead Bay and Cazenovia, Canastota and De Ruyter . 1873 Ocean Avenue....

1880 Cazenovia, Canastota and De Ruyter 1876 Coney Island Surface .

1877 Cazenovia and De Ruyter.. 1872 Coney Island Transit.

1880 Cedarhurst

1885 | Connecting Terminal... Central City.

1860 Cooperstown and Cherry Valley... 1837 Central Crosstown..

1873 Cooperstown and Susquehanna Valley, 1865 Central Elevated Railway 1869 Copenhagen and Turin

1866 Central Elevated Railway. 1886 Corning and Blossburg

1851 Central of Long Island.

1871 Corning, Cowanesque and Antrim. 1873 Central Park, North and East River.... 1860 | Corning and Olean

1853 Central Park and Kings Bridge.. 1866 Corning and Painted Post..

1866 Central Railroad Extension.. 1873 Corning and Seneca Lake.

1864 Central Saratoga .. 1378 Cornwall Branch..

1569 Central of Staten Island. 1870 Cornwall Suspension Bridge

1868 Central Staten Island 1873 Cortland and Homer..

1882 Central Tunnel ........ 1881 Court Street and East End.

1886 Central Valley.. 1870 Court Street and River Side.

1858 Chambers Street. 1877 Court Street and River Side.

1885 Chambers Street... 1884 Coxsackie and Schenectady.

1837 Chambers Street Crosstown. 1880 Croton Valley...

1885 Chambers Street and Grand St. Ferry.. 1884 Cypress Hill Railway..

1872 Champlain and St. Lawrence. 1851 | Dansville and Rochester..

1832 Charlotte Lake View..., 1875 Delaware ...

1836 Charlotte and Lake View.. 1881 | Delhi and Hudson River...

1382 Chateaugay. 1879 Delhi and Middletown

1871 Chautauqua County. 1851 Division Avenue..

1853 Chautauqua Lake

1874 Dry Dock, East Broadway and Battery. 1864 Chautauqua Lake

1885 Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley and PittsChautauqua Valley 1882 burgh...

1873 Chemung

1545 Dunkirk and Chautauqua Lake. 1865 Chemung and Ithaca.......

1837 Dunkirk, Chautauqua Lake and PittsChenango Valley... 1863 burgh...

1879 Cherry Valley, Sharon and Albany.. 1869 Dunkirk and Fredonia..

1866 Cherry Valley and Mobawk River.. 1864 Dunkirk and Junction,

1879 Cherry Valley and Spraker's Horse Dunkirk, Warren and Pittsburgh 1867 Power Railroad Company..

1860 Dunkirk, Warren and Pittsburgh...... 1870


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