Journal of the Assembly of the State of New York, Том 2

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Страница 1163 - An Act making provision for issuing bonds to the amount of not to exceed one hundred and one million dollars for the improvement of the Erie canal, the Oswego canal and the Champlain canal, and providing for a submission of the same to the people to be voted upon at the general election to be held in the year nineteen hundred and three,' in relation to locks -and channel.
Страница 1331 - Bronx, in the city of New York, as constituted by chapter three hundred and seventy-eight of the laws of eighteen hundred and ninety-seven and all acts amendatory thereof and supplemental thereto...
Страница 729 - AN ACT to amend chapter four hundred and ten of the laws of eighteen hundred and eighty-two, entitled, "An act to consolidate into one act and to declare the special and local laws affecting public interests in the city of New York," relating to the selection of grand jurors.
Страница 1118 - No search warrant shall issue to search any private dwelling occupied as such unless it is being used for the unlawful sale of intoxicating liquor, or unless it is in part used for some business purpose such as a store, shop, saloon, restaurant, hotel, or 68 I boarding house. The term
Страница 815 - ... to the Legislature to be chosen at the next general election of Senators...
Страница 1118 - ... positive that the property is on the person or in the place to be searched, in which case he may insert a direction that it be served at any time of the day or night.
Страница 805 - Upon claims arising out of the same transaction, or transactions connected with the same subject of action, and not included within one of the foregoing subdivisions of this section.
Страница 1031 - An act to authorize the commissioners of the sinking fund of the city of New York...
Страница 736 - An act to amend chapter one hundred and ninety of the Laws of nineteen hundred and seventeen, entitled 'An act to provide for the improvement of streets in sidewalk districts in the town of Brighton, in the county of Monroe...
Страница 978 - An act to amend chapter four of the Laws of eighteen hundred and ninety-one, entitled 'An act to provide for rapid transit railways in cities of over one million inhabitants...

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