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Volume IV.
April—September, 1916

[Titles of articles appear in italics.]

ABDUL Hamid, 60.
ABELL, W. S., 106.
Adventures of a French Trooper, 892.
Aerial Attack on Ravenna, 359.
AERONAUTICS, effect of Zeppelin raid on

Staffordshire, 11; attacks on Paris dis-
cussed by S. Pichon, So; description of air
battle on western front, 131; insurance
against bombs in England, 209; raid on
Constantinople made by Smyth-Pigott,
216: value of Zeppelins discussed by A. J.
Balfour, 249: bombardment of Ravenna,
359; views of Prof. Eltzbacher and of
Frankfurter Zeitung on Zeppelin raids,

1088. AFRICA, Dr. Paul Leutwein on Germany's

need of Central Africa, 1031.

Africa ; CONGO State.
After Verdun-Peace! 252.
AGUILAR, (Sec.) C., 836, 1020.
ALBERT. King of the Belgians, message

from King George, 1119. ALEXEIEFF, (Gen.) M. V., 1121, 1128. ALLIES' Economic Conference, resolutions,

208: countries represented, 399; speeches of leading statesmen, 923; opinions of Senators Stone and Lodge on effect on

American trade, 926; text of program, 928. Allies of the Future, 1067. ALSACE-Lorraine, addition to France ob

jected to by German Socialists, 74, 79; con quest by Germans discussed by G. F. Guerrazzi, 334 ; part in events that led to war, by N. Kareyew, 510; German dependence on iron mines in Lorraine, 664 ; reunion with France discussed by Dr. Born hak, 681; restitution to France demanded by Pres. Poincare, 789; F. Bac quotes conversation of German Emperor

before the war, 1089. ALTE, Viscount de, 5. America Gives $1,200,000 to Red Cross Work,

304, America Up Against the Wall, 297. AMERICAN Commission for East Prussian

Relief. 1114. AMERICAN Foreign Securities Co., 786. American Note Demanding Redress for Aus

trian Attack on the Petrolite, 951 America's Creed of War and Peace, 736. America's Gifts to War Sufferers, 915. America's International Relations, 646. Amerira's Opportunity, 509. ANDENNE, atrocities in, discussed by P.

Van Dyke, 271. ANDERSON,' W. C., 58. ANDRASSY, (Count) Julius, " The Mistakes

of the Allies," 861. ANDREYEV, Leonid. “A Bugle Call to

Duty," 110; appeal for Russian soldiers,

1074. Appalling Struggle at Fort Vaux, 853. ARABIA, German plans for terminus of Bag

dad Railway at Kuweit blocked by Sheik

Mubarak, 544; comment on revolution, ARCHER, William, “The Sin of Color-Blind

Neutrality," reply to Dr. G. Brandes, 900. ARDOUIN-Dumazet, M.. " The Battle of

Verdun,” 418, 652, 848; “Battle of the

Somme," 997.
Are Americans Fair to Germany! 701.
ARENDT, M., 534.


fenses. Armed Liner Issue, 14. ARMED Merchant Ships, see SUBMARINE

Warfare. Armed Merchantmen and Submarines, 32. ARMOR, effectiveness claimed by Dr.

Roussey, 4; for modern soldiers, 123. ARREDONDO, Eliseo, 835. ASQUITH, (Premier) Herbert Henry, ad

dress in Parliament on votes of credit, 49; " The Situation for the Allies," address at opening of Parliament, 96; reply to Bethmann Hollweg's statement of Germany's position, 230; announces casualties in Irish revolt, 412; comment in House of Commons on Battle of Skagerrak, 605; statement on Fryatt case, 1018; “ Britain's Tribute to Belgium," address at eightyfifth anniversary of Belgian independence,

1057. ATROCITIES, text of evidence in German

documents, 271; charge against Russians

by Judge Nippert, 1116. Attack on the Petrolite. 950. Attitude of the American Government Toward

the Belligerents, 293. Attitude of the German Government, 77. AUSTRIA-Hungary, importance to Germany,

150; history of relations with Italy discussed by Ġ. F. Guerrazzi, 332; conditions in Vienna, 507 ; small number of Generals captured by Russians, 600; reasons for movement for separate peace, 789; income tax, 922; importance of navy at Trieste, 982.

See also PETROLITE. Austrian Offensive Against Italy, 645. Austrian Reply to Sir Edward Grey, 859. AVENEL, (Viscount) Georges d', “High

Cost of Living in Germany,” 708. AVERESCU (Gen.), 9. AYLMER (Gen.). 100. AYMERICH (Gen.), mentioned by Earl

Kitchener, 101.

BAC, Ferdinand, “The Kaiser's Attitude

Toward France," 1089. BAGDAD Railroad, status, 167; plan of Ad

miral Degouy to cut, 405; policy of Sheik

Mubarak, 544. Bagdad Railway and a Remarkable Arabian

Sultan, 544. BAILEY, Daniel J., release, 832. BAKER, Newton D., estimate of, 2; mobiliza

tion orders, 617. BALFOUR. Arthur James, attack by

Churchill, 8: " What Britain's Navy Has Done,” address in Parliament, 247 : attack by Col. W. S. Churchill, 251: "Freedom of the Seas," 719; "Jutland and the Turn

of the Tide," 1134. BALKAN States, German designs on Turkey

discussed by Count Reventlow, 59; situation summarized by Count Sazonoff, 103; part in causes of present war, stated by N. Kareyev, 510; nationalities discussed by Dr. Born hak, 677 : Serb and Croat rivalry for Bosnia, discussed by Rev. M.

D. Krmpotic, 1078 BALKAN War (1912), purpose stated by

Count Reventlow, 61; statement by G. F.

Guerrazzi. 544. BALLIN, Albert, 1.

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