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To which are appended the Constitution of the State of New
York as amended at the election of 1880, the Constitu-
tion of the United States, and the Declaration
of Independence.

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Since 1866 the Regents of the State of New York have held examinations three times a year in all the Academies and Academic Departments of the Union Schools, granting certificates to such pupils as pass satisfactorily, and apportioning upon these certificates a large sum of money among the schools of the State. As pupils begin the study of the higher branches after passing this examination, the questions are made to embrace all that is practical in the above branches. In all these 9,000 questions not a single unimportant or "catch" question can be found. These questions have been published in one neatly bound volume, and separately in pamphlet form. They are now used as text-books in many of the leading schools of he country. Cornell University, recognizing their practical character, now admits, without any further examination upon these subjects, pupils who have passed an examination upon these questions.

The following TEN EDITIONS are now published:
1. The Regents' Questions in Arithmetic, Geography,
Grammar and Spelling, complete, with Keys to the
Arithmetic, Geography and Grammar Questions,
16mo, cloth...



2. The Regents' Questions in Arithmetic, Geography, Grammar and Spelling, Complete......

3. The Regents' Questions in Arithmetic, flexible cloth. .25 4. Key to the same, flexible cloth....


5. The same, each on slip of Card-board, in box,with key 1.00
6. The Regents' Questions in Geography, flexible cloth.
7. Key to the same, flexible cloth..



8. The Regents' Questions in Grammar, flexible cloth, .25 9. The Regents' Questions in Grammar, with Key, with references upon every point to all the leading textbooks now in use, thus forming a COMPARATIVE ENGLISH GRAMMAR, cloth.......



10. The Regents' Questions in Spelling flexible cloth
Any of the above will be sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt
of the prices annexed.


C. W. BARDEEN, Publisher,




Instruction in Civil Government should be both theoretical and practical. Unfortunately the text-books in general use stop with the theory.

They deal with the science of government, but, being intended for use throughout the United States, they give no information as to the art of government as practiced in this State.

Our students learn what is the guaranty of Republican government, but not how that government is exercised in their own town.

They are drilled in Incorporeal Hereditaments, but do not learn what kind of causes can be tried before a Justice of the Peace

To supply this deficiency, is the aim of the present manual. Beginning with the school district, the names, manner of election, duties, and salaries are given of all important officers from the school trustee to the President of the United States.

The rapid sale of the First and Second Edi tions of this book encourages the hope that, with the additions now made, this manual may be considered indispensable in every progressive school in the State of New York.


LOWVILLE, April 22, 1878.

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