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De Graff (E. V.) PRACTICAL PHONICS. A comprehensive

study of Pronunciation, forming a complete guide to the study
of the elementary sounds of the English Language, and con-
taining 3000 words of difficult pronunciation, with diacritical
marks according to Webster's Dictionary. Cloth, 12mo.,
pp. 108



-POCKET PRONUNCIATION BOOK, containing the 3000 words of difficult pronunciation, with diacritical marks according to Webster's Dictionary. Manilla, 16mo., pp. 47..... -The School Room Guide, embodying the instruction given by the author at Teacher's Institutes in New York and other States, and especially intended to assist Public School Teachers in the practical work of the school room. Tenth Edition, with many additions and corrections. Cloth, 12mo., pp. 449. 1 50 -The Song Budget. A collection of Songsand Music for schools and educational gatherings. Paper, small 4to., pp. 72...... -The School-Room Chorus. A collection of 200 Songs, suitable for Public and Private Schools. Boards, small 4to., pp. 147.. Farnham (Geo. L.) THE SENTENCE METHOD of teaching Reading, Writing, and Spelling. A Manual for Teachers. Cloth, 12mo., pp. 50...

Fitch (Joshua G.) The Art of Questioning. Second Edition.
Paper, 12mo., pp. 36..

The Art of Securing Attention. Paper, 16mo., pp. 43....
Hendrick (Mary F.) A series of Questions in English and Ameri-

can Literature, prepared for Class-Drill and Private Study. Second Edition. Boards, 12mo., pp. 100, interleaved.... Hoose (James H.) Studies in Articulation: a study and drill-book in the alphabetic elements of the English language. Fourth Thousand. Cloth, 16mo., pp. 70...

On the Province of Methods of Teaching. A professional study. With an introduction by Prof. Charles W. Bennett, D. D. Cloth, 16mo., pp. 376.. Hughes (James L.) MISTAKES IN TEACHING. American Edition, with Contents and Index. Cloth, 16mo., pp. 135...... New York STATE EXAMINATION QUESTIONS. Being the questions given at all the Examinations for State Certifi cates from the beginning to the present time, embracing 3000 questions in Reading, Writing, Drawing, Arithmetic, Geography, Grammar, United States History, General History, Algebra, Geometry, Book-Keeping, Composition, Rhetoric, Literature, Civil Government, Physiology, Zoology, Botany, Geology, Mineralogy, Physics, Methods, School Economy, School Law, together with Latin as an optional in the place inetry. To which is added a List of the Successful Flexible cloth, 16mo., pp. 191....




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ington (Rt. Rev. F. D.) Unconscious Tuition. Second ition. Paper, 16mo., pp. 45..

ham (Henry C.) Civil Government for Common Schools. Prepared as a manual for Public Instruction in the State New York. To which are appended the Constitution of State of New York, as amended at the election of 1880. e Constitution of the United States, and the Declaration of dependence. Sixth Edition, mostly from entirely new ates. Cloth, 16mo., pp. 185....

odicals. The School Bulletin and. New York State Educaonal Journal. Established 1874. Monthly, 16 pp., 10x14. er Year...

Bound Vols. I-VII, Cloth, 200 pp., each..

The New Education and Kindergarten Messenger. Established
Per year..
877. Monthly, 16 pp., 7x10.

TOPICS OF THE DAY, a Monthly Leaflet for Supplemen-
ary Reading in Public Schools. 2 pp., 6x9. Per year...
THE SCHOOL ROOM. A Monthly Journal of Practical
Help to Young Teachers. 16 pp., 7x11. Per year....

ler (Charles T.) Chart of Civil Government. A list of the
aw-Making Powers and Officers, arranged according to
he similarity of their duties, in the United States, State of
New York, County, Town, School District, City, and In-
corporated Village. Cloth, 16 mo.,
The Same, in sheets 12x18, per hundred..
PP. 15...

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Paper, 12mo.,


ents' Questions. Ten Editions. Complete with Key. The
Regents' Questions from the first examination in 1866. Being
the Questions for the preliminary examinations for admission
to the University of the State of New York, prepared by the
Regents of the University, and participated in simultaneously
by more than 250 academies, forming a basis for the distri-
42d Edition, to
bution of more than a million of dollars.
June, 1880. Cloth, 16mo., pp. 408...
Complete, without Key.

Arithmetic, 1153 Questions.

Key to Arithmetic.

Geography, 1687 Questions.

Key to Geography.

Grammar, 2665 Questions..

Grammar and Key with References to Leading
Spelling, 4400 Words:.

1000 Arithmetic Questions, Card-board slips
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