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This series of Books for Teachers began with the issue in 1875 of Common School Law for Common School Teachers.

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Problems of Percentage.
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illustrative examples.
Flexible Cloth, 16mo.,

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Bardeen (C. W.) Common School Law. A digest of statute and
common law as to the relations of the Teacher to the Pupil,
the Parent, and the District. With 400 references to legal
decisions in 21 different states. To which are added the
1400 questions given at the first seven New York Examina-
tions for State Certificates. 7th thousand. Cloth, 12mo, pp.
188 and Appendix.

Roderick Hume. The story of a New York Teacher. Cloth,
16mo., pp. 295..

Beebe (Levi N.) First Steps among Figures. A Drill Book in the
Fundamental Rules of Arithmetic, based upon the Grubè Meth-
od. Teacher's Edition. Cloth, 16mo., pp. 326--
Pupil's Edition. Cloth, 16mo., pp. 143..

ERS. No 1, FIRST STEPS. Cloth, 24 mo., pp. 152.
No. 2, LESSONS AND DISCIPLINE. In preparation.
Bulletin Blank Speller. Designed by Principal H. B. Buckham,
Buffalo Normal School. Boards, 54x7, round corners, pp. 40
-Book-Keeping Blanks. Day-Book, Journal, Ledger, Cash Book.
Sales Book. In sets or singly. Press board, 7x83, pp. 28....
-Composition Book. Designed by Principal H. B. Buckham,
Buffalo Normal School. Manilla, 7x9, pp. 34..

Class Register. Designed by Edward Smith, Superintendent of
Schools, Syracuse, N. Y. Press board covers, Two Sizes. (a)
6x7, for terms of twenty weeks, (b) 5x7, for terms of fourteen
weeks. When not otherwise specified the smaller size is always
sent. Pp. 48..

-School Ruler, marked on one side by inches and metres, and
containing on the back an immense amount of condensed sta-
tistical information. Two Styles. (a) Manilla, 12 inch, (b) Card-
board, 6 inch. Each 3 cts. Per hundred-

Colored Crayon, for Blackboard, per box of one dozen, nine different colors-Red, orange, yellow, green, lake, brown, light brown, blue, lilac..

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Common School Thermometer, in box, post-paid.. Cooke (Sidney G.) Politics and Schools. Paper, 8vo., pp. 23. Craig (Asa H.) The Question Book. A general review of Common School Studies, to be read in schools in connection with text-books. Invaluable to teachers as a means of giving a Normal Training. 42d Thousand. Cloth, 12mo., pp. 340.... 1 50 Davis (W. W.) FRACTIONAL APPARATUS, consisting of eight wooden balls, three inches in diameter, one whole, and the others divided respectively into halves, thirds, quarters, sixths, eighths, tenths and twelfths. In wooden box, 4 00 A MANUAL OF SUGGESTIONS FOR TEACHING FRACTIONS, specially designed to accompany a Fractional Apparatus for developing the idea of Fractions. Paper, 12mo.,

pp 43..


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