Paolo & Francesca

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J. Lane, the Bodley Head, 1900 - 120 страница

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Страница 109 - PAO. Remember how when first we met we stood Stung with immortal recollections. O face immured beside a fairy sea, That leaned down at dead midnight to be kissed! O beauty folded up in forests old! Thou wast the lovely quest of Arthur's knights — FRANC. Thy armour glimmered in a gloom of green.
Страница 25 - Spared ! to be spared what I was born to have ! I am a woman, and this very flesh Demands its natural pangs, its rightful throes, And I implore with vehemence these pains. I know that children wound us, and surprise Even to utter death, till we at last Turn from a face to flowers : but this my heart Was ready for these pangs, and had foreseen. O ! but I grudge the mother her last look Upon the coffined form — that pang is rich — Envy the shivering cry when gravel falls. And all these maimed wants...
Страница 61 - I cannot go ; thrilling from Rimini, A tender voice makes all the trumpets mute. I cannot go from her : may not return. O God ! what is Thy will upon me ? Ah ! One path there is, a straight path to the dark. There, in the ground, I can betray no more, And there for ever am I pure and cold. The means ! No dagger blow, nor violence shown Upon my body to distress her eyes. Under some potion gently will I die ; And they that find me dead shall lay me down Beautiful as a sleeper at her feet.
Страница 88 - Now they two were alone, yet could not speak ; But heard the beating of each other's hearts. He knew himself a traitor but to stay, Yet could not stir : she pale and yet more pale Grew till she could no more, but smiled on him. Then when he saw that wished smile, he came Near to her and still near, and trembled ; then Her lips all trembling kissed.
Страница 30 - ANG. He shall be Not far to seek : yet perilous to find. Unwillingly he comes a wooing : she Unwillingly is wooed : yet shall they woo. His kiss was on her lips ere she was born. Gio. Who used thy mouth then, and so strangely spoke ? O, this is folly ! Yet it weighs me down ANG.
Страница 87 - The glimmering page is clear. [Reading.] "Now on that day it chanced that Launcelot, Thinking to find the King, found Guenevere Alone; and when he saw her whom he loved, Whom he had met too late, yet loved the more; Such was the tumult at his heart that he Could speak not, for her husband was his friend, His dear familiar friend: and they two held No secret from each other until now; But were like brothers born
Страница 110 - And in that kiss our souls Together flashed, and now they are one flame, Which nothing can put out, nothing divide.
Страница 120 - Not easily have we three come to this — We three who now are dead. Unwillingly They loved, unwillingly I slew them. Now I kiss them on the forehead quietly. \He bends over the bodies and kisses them on the forehead. He is shaken."} Luc. What ails you now ? Gio. She takes away my strength. I did not know the dead could have such hair. Hide them. They look like children fast asleep ! [ The bodies are reverently covered over.~] CURTAIN.
Страница 23 - A pureness that shall purge these ancient halls. Luc. Watch, then, this pureness : fend it fearfully! Gio. I took her dreaming from her convent trees. Luc. And for that reason tremble at her more ! Old friend, remember that we two are passed Into the grey of life : but O, beware This child scarce yet awake upon the world ! Dread her first ecstasy, if one should come That should appear to her half-opened eyes Wonderful as a prince from fairyland Or venturing through forests toward her...

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