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The wise men mock'd him, and the learned

scorn'd; Th' ambitious worldling other patrons tried; The power that.judg’d him every foe suborn'd; He wept unpity'd, and unhonour'd died.

For ever mournful, but for ever dear,
O love stupendous! glorious degradation !
No death of sickness, with a common tear ;-
No soft extinction claims our sorrows here;
But anguish, shame, and agonizing passion!
The riches of the world, and worldly praise,
No monument of gratitude can prove ;
Obedience only the great debt repays,
An imitative heart, and undivided love!

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To see the image of the All-glorious Pow'r
Suspend his immortality, and dweil
In mortal bondage, tortured every hour :
A self-made prisoner in a dolesome cell,
Victim for sin, and conqueror of hell !
Lustration for offences not his own!
The unspotted for the impure resign’d his breath;
No other offering could thy crimes atone:
Then blame thy Saviour's love, but not his death.

From this one prospect draw thy sole relief,
Here learn submission, passive duties learn;
Here drink the calm oblivion of thy grief:
Eschew each danger, every good discern,
And the true wages of thy virtue earn.
Reflect, О man, on such stupendous love,
Such sympathy divine, and tender care ;
Beseech the Paraclete thine hand to move,
And offer up to heaven this silent prayer.

“ Great God, thy judgments are with justice

crown'd, To human crimes and errours gracious still ; Yet, though thy mercies more and more abound, Right reason spares not fresh-existing ill, Nor can thy goodness counterwork thy will. Ah, no, the gloom of sin so dreadful shows, That horrour, guilt, and death the conscience fill: Eternal laws our happiness oppose ; Thy nature and our lives are everlasting foes !

Severe thy truth, yet glorious is thy scheme;
Complete the vengeance of thy just desire;
See from our eyes the gushing torrents stream, .
Yet strike us, blast us with celestial fire;
Our doom, and thy decrees, alike conspire,

Yet dying we will love thee and adore :-
Where shall the flaming flashes of thy ire
Transpierce our bodies ? Ev'ry nerve and pore
With Christ's immaculate blood is cover'd o'er and



Upon a set of Tea Drinkers. So Fairy elves their morning table spread O'er a white Mushroon's hospitable head : In acorn cups the merry goblins quaff The pearly dews; they sing, they love, they laugh; Melodious Musick trembles through the sky, And airy sounds along the green wood die.



To have been a respectable versifier, if praise it be, is the

least of this nobleman's praises : he was a faithful historian, an honourable statesman, and a good man.

Advice to a Lady.--1731.

The counsels of a friend, Belinda, hear,
Too roughly kind to please a lady's ear,
Unlike the flatteries of a lover's pen,
Such truths as women seldom learn from men.
Nor think I praise you ill, when thus I show
What female vanity might fear to know.
Some merit's mine, to dare to be sincere ;
But greater your's, sincerity to bear.

Hard is the fortune that your sex attends ; .
Women, like princes, find few real friends :

All who approach them their own ends pursue ;
Lovers and ministers are seldom true.
Hence oft from reason heedless beauty strays,“
And the most trusted guide the most betrays!
Hence, by fond dreams of fancied power amused,
When most you tyrannize, you're most abused.

What is your sex's earliest, latest care,
Your heart's supreme ambition ?-to be fair.
For this, the toilet every thought employs,
Hence all the toils of dress, and all the joys: ..
For this, hands, lips, and eyes, are put to school,
And each instructed feature has its rule :
And yet how few have learnt, when this is given,
Not to disgrace the partial boon of heaven!
How few with all their pride of form can move!
How few are lovely, that are made for love!
Do you, my fair, endeavour to possess
An elegance of mind as well as dress ;
Be that your ornament, and know to please
By graceful nature's unaffected ease.

Nor make to dangerous wit a vain pretence,
But wisely rest content with modest sense;
For wit like wine intoxicates the brain,
Too strong for feeble woman to sustain:

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