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PRUDENTI0. Why nothing --- let the children have their way. Our grave remarks will never make them wiser, And sad experience is their best adviser. But, hark! the palace clock is striking three, So even go home and eat your beef with me..


London, 1710,-1774.

An imitator of Pope, whose talents were so far successful

that they raised him from obscurity to affluence.


On converting the Chapel to a Kitchen, at the seat of

the Lord Donnerayle called The Grove, in Hert-

By Ovid, among other wonders we're told
What chanced to Philemon and Baucis of old;
How their cot to a temple was conjured by Jove,
So a chapel was changed to a kitchen at Grove.

The lord of the mansion most rightly conceiting,
His griests loved good prayers, much less than good

eating ;

And possess'd by the devil, as some folks will tell

ye, What was meant for the soul, he assign'd to the


The word was scarce given when down dropp'd

the clock, And straight was seen fixed, in the form of a jack; And shameful to tell ! pulpits, benches, and pews, Form’d cupboards, and shelves for plates, sauce

pans, and stews.

Prayer-books turnid into platters ; nor think it a

fable, A dresser sprung out of the communion-table; Which instead of the usual repast, bread and wine, Is stored with rich soups, and good English sirloin.

No fire but what pure devotion could raise,
"Till now had been known in this temple to blaze:
But, good lord ! how the neighbours around did

When a chimney rose up in the room of a spire.

For a Jew many people the master mistook,
Whose Levites were scullions, his high-priest a:


And thought he design'd our religion to alter, When they saw the burnt-offering smoke at the


The bell's solemn sound, that was heard far and

near, And oft roused the chaplain unwilling to prayer, No more to good sermons now summons the sinner, But blasphemous rings in the country to dinner.

When my good lord the bishop had heard the

strange story, How the place was profaned that was built to G-'s

glory ; Full of zeal he cried out, Oh how impious the

deed, " To cram Christians with pudding, instead of the

o creed !"

Then away to the grove hied the church's protec


Resolving to give his lay brother a lecture; .
But he scarce had begun, when he saw placed be-

fore 'em,
A haunch piping hot from the sanctum sanctorum,

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“ Truth !" quoth he, “ I find no great sin in the

plan, “ What was useless to G-d to make useful to

man : * Besides, 'tis a true Christian duty, we read, “ The poor and the hungry with good things to


Then again on the walls he bestow'd consecration, But reserved the full rights of a free visitation : Thus, 'tis still the Lord's house-only varied the

treat, Now, there's meat without grace where was

grace without meat.

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