The Church Historians of England: pt. 1. The Anglo-Saxon chronicle. The chronicle of Florence of Worcester

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Seeleys, 1854

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Страница 477 - ... he caused the chaplains to make six candles thereof, each of equal length, so that each candle might have twelve divisions marked longitudinally upon it.
Страница 451 - Mucil,* earl of the Gaini.f The mother of this lady was named Edburga, of the royal line of Mercia, whom we have often seen with our own eyes a few years before her death. She was a venerable lady, and after the decease of her husband, she remained many years a widow, even till her own death. In the same year, the above-named army of pagans, leaving Northumberland, invaded Mercia and advanced to Nottingham, which is called in the British tongue, " Tiggocobauc," but in Latin, the " House of Caves,"...
Страница 651 - English, both noble and ignoble, wishes health. I make known to you that I have lately been to Rome, to pray for the redemption of my sins, and for the prosperity of the kingdoms and peoples subject to my rule.
Страница 452 - Kdelwlf, meeting 2 consuls of the army at Engla-feld, fought and conquered them, and slew one consul named Sidrac. Simeon the West-Saxons, came to the royal city called At Reading, situated on the South bank of the river Thames, in the district which is now called Berkshire by the inhabitants of that country. On the third day from that on which these enemies of the English came, their earls with a great multitude gallopped along the side of that river, and carried off a great quantity of booty. Some...
Страница 445 - In the same year the aforesaid venerable king ,i aiu !uulf released the tenth part of all his kingdom from all royal service and tribute, and with a pen never to be forgotten, offered it up to God the One and the Three in One, in the cross of Christ, for the redemption of his own soul and of his predecessors.
Страница 701 - ... and at length, after some time it was proved and shown by the distinct authority of various writings, that the church of York ought to be subject to that of Canterbury, and to be obedient to the appointments of its archbishop, as primate of all England, in all such matters as pertained to the Christian religion. But the homage of the bishop of Durham, that is of...
Страница 449 - Humbert, bishop of the East Angles, anointed with oil and consecrated as king the most glorious Eadmund, with...
Страница 491 - ... lieges as well Britons as others that he had brought with him. Even the renowned King Arthur himself was wounded deadly, and was borne thence unto the island of Avalon for the healing of his wounds, where he gave up the crown of Britain unto his kinsman, Constantine, son of Cador, Duke of Cornwall, in the year of the Incarnation of Our Lord five hundred and forty-two.
Страница 455 - He did not long live after his arrival, but died there, and was honourably buried in the school of the Saxons, in St. Mary's church, where he awaits the Lord's coming and the first resurrection with the just. The pagans also, after his expulsion, subjected the whole kingdom of the Mercians to their dominion ; but by a most miserable arrangement, gave it into the custody of a certain foolish man, named Ceolwulf, one of the king's ministers, on condition that he should restore it to them, whenever...
Страница 590 - And let it be free in all things for the release of our souls and the remission of our sins, that it may be employed in God's service alone...

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