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15.-April 29, 1872 Captain J. B. Walker, Old Calabar. 16.- April 29, 1872 Captain Alfred Horsfall, S.S. " Canopus." 17.--Oct. 18, 1875 Captain John Slack. 18.- Feb. 19, 1877 Nevins, Arthur B. 19.-Dec. 2, 1878 Captain C. A. Sibthorpe, S.S. "European." 20.—Dec. 2, 1878 Captain A. T. Cooper, P. S. N. Co.'s

" Illimani.”




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Presented by the Author. Currency, Annual Report of the Controller of the, U.S. Govern

ment, 1877-8-9,


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the Author.


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British Museum.

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