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Ordnance Department, Washington. Report, 1879.

Palæontologia Indica (4to.); Geological Survey of India, Calcutta.

Series xiii., part 1, 1878;
Records, vol. xii., parts 1-3, 1878. Presented by the Governor-

General in Council.
Philosophical Society, The American, Philadelphia. Proceedings,

nos. 102 and 103, 1878-9. Philosophical Society, Glasgow. Proceedings, vol. xi., part 2,

1879. Plymouth Institute. Transactions, vol. vii., part 1, 1879. Polytechnic Society, Royal Cornwall, Falmouth. Report, 1878. Powys-Land Club, Liverpool. Collections, vol. xii., part 2, 1879 ;

vol. xiii., part 1, 1880. .


Royal Institution of Cornwall, Truro. Journal, no. 21, 1879;

Report, 1878. Royal Institution, London. Proceedings, vol. ix., parts 1 and 2,

1879. Royal Society, Edinburgh. Proceedings, 1878-9. Royal Society, London. Proceedings, nos. 195–201. Royal Society of New South Wales, Sydney. Journal, vol. xii.,


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Sciences, The New York Academy of, New York. Proceedings,

vol. i., parts 1-8, 1877-8. Science Gossip, London. May-Dec., 1879; Jan.-May, 1880. Sciences, La Société Hollandaise des, Harlem. Archives Neer

landaises. Tome xiv., cahier 1, 1878, cahier 2, 1879.

Programme, 1879. Science Natural, The Minnesota Academy of, Minneapolis. Bul

letin, vol. i., part 1, 1878.

Scienze Mathematicke e Naturali Classe di, Reale Instituto Lom

bardo, Milan. Memoires, vol. xiv., fasc 1 and 2, 1878. Sciences Naturelles, La Société Imperiale des, Cherbourg.

Memoirs, tome xxi., part 1, 1879. Science, Quarterly Journal of, London. New Series. Jan.-April,

1879. Shell Mounds of Omari. Presented by the University of Tokio,

Japan. . Silver Question, On the, by N. Pranden Berg, Liverpool, 1879. Smithsonian Institution. Miscellaneous Collections, vols. xiii. xv.,



Thermal Death Point of known Monad Germs, On a Series of

Experiments made to determine the, by the Rev. W. H.
Dallinger, F.R.S. Presented by the Author.


Zoological Society, London. Proceedings, parts 1-3, 1879.

List of Animals in the Society's Gardens, 1879. Zoological Society, Philadelphia. Seventh Annual Report, 1879.



(The Asterisk denotes those from which Donations have been received this Session.)

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Boston (Mass.)
Boston (Mass.) :
Boston (Mass.).
Boston (Mass.).
Boston (Mass.) :
Boston (Mass.) :
Boston (Mass.)

The Dun-Echt Observatory. *The Berwickshire Naturalists' Field Club. Der Koninklijke Akademie van Wetenschappen

afdeeling Naturkunde. *The Natural History and Antiquarian Field

Club. *The Naturalists' Field Club. The Natural History and Philosophical Society. The Free Public Library. The Literary and Scientific Society. *The Royal Asiatic Society.

La Société des Sciences Physiques et Naturelles *The American Academy of Arts and Sciences. . *The Natural History Society.

The Massachusetts Board of Agriculture.
The Massachusetts Board of Education.
The Massachusetts Board of State Charities.
*The Massachusetts Board of Health.
The Free Public Library.
The Naturalists' Society.
L'Académie Royal des Sciences, des Lettres,

et des Beaux-Arts de Belgique.

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Buffalo (V.Y.) The Society of Natural Sciences.
Burlington (V.) The Orleans County Society of Natural


The Asiatic Society of Bengal. Calcutta

*The Geological Survey of India. Cambridge.

The Philosophical Society. Cambridge.

The Union Society. Cambridge (Mass.) . *The Harvard University. Cambridge (Mass.). The Museum of Comparative Zoology. Cambridge (Mass.). The Peabody Museum of American Archæo

logy. Cherbourg

*La Société Imperiale des Sciences Naturelles. Chester.

The Natural History Society. Chester.

The Architectural and Archæological Society. Chicago

The Free Public Library.

The University.
Coldwater (Mich.). The Michigan Library Association.

L'Académie Royale.

La Société Royale des Antiquaries du Nord. Davenport (Iowa) The Academy of Natural Sciences. Dublin

The Royal Irish Academy. Dublin

*The Royal Geological Society of Ireland. Dublin

The Royal Society. Edinburgh

The Royal Scottish Society of Arts. Edinburgh

*The Botanical Society. Edinburgh

*The Meteorological Society of Scotland. Edinburgh

The Royal Observatory. Edinburgh

The Royal Physical Society. Edinburgh

*The Royal Society. Edinburgh

The Philosophical Institution. Edinburgh

*The Geological Society. Falmouth.

*The Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society. Geneva

La Société de Physique et d'Histoire

Naturelle. Gireswald.

The University. Glusgow

*The Philosophical Society.


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The Geological Society.
Der Königlichen Gesellschaft der Wissen-

The Royal Observatory.
Der Koninklijke Akademie van Wettens-

The Literary and Philosophical Society.
Der Finska Vetenskaps Societetens.
* The Literary and Philosophical Society.
Der Königlichen Physikalisch-ökonomischen

* The Society of Arts.
* The Royal Asiatic Society.
*The Society of Antiquaries.
*The Anthropological Institute.
*The Royal Astronomical Society.
The British Association.
The British Museum.
The Chemical Society.
The Clinical Society.
The Royal Geographical Society.
*The Geological Society.

The Geologists' Association.
*The Linnean Society.
*The British Meteorological Society.

The Royal Society of Literature.
*The Royal Society.
The Royal Institution.
The Statistical Society.
*The Medico-Chirurgical Society.
• The Institution of Civil Engineers,
*The Royal Institute of British Architects.
The Royal Microscopical Society.
*The East Indian Association.
*The Zoological Society.
*The Editor of « Nature."

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