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"An act to amend chapter 321 of the Laws of 1889, entitled 'An act to provide for the construction of the iron bridge over the Tonawanda creek and Frie canal, connecting Main street, in the village of North Tonawanda, in the county of Niagara, with Delaware street, in the village of Tonawanda, in the county of Erie, and making an appropriation therefor." (Int. No. 192.)

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"An act to amend title 2 of chapter 3 of part 4 of the Revised Statutes, relating to State prisons." (Int. No. 543.)

"An act to reappropriate certain unexpended balances of former appropriations." (Int. No. 696.)

"An act to exempt the property, both real and personal, of the Sanitarium for Hebrew Children in the city of New York from local taxation." (Int. No. 765.)

"An act reappropriating the unexpended balance of money in the treasury appropriated by chapter 120 of the Laws of 1888, entitled 'An act providing for the construction of a State armory in the village of Olean, Cattaraugus county, and making an appropriation therefor." (Int. No. 466.)

Ordered, That the Clerk deliver said bills to the Governor
The Assembly returned the following entitled bills:

"An act to amend chapter 367 of the Laws of 1884, entitled 'An act to authorize the consolidation of manufacturing corporations,' passed May 28, 1884." (Int. No. 603.)

"An act further to amend chapter 427 of the Laws of 1855, entitled 'An act in relation to the collection of taxes on lands of non-residents, and to provide for the sale of such lands for unpaid taxes.' (Int. No. 155.)

"An act to amend the Penal Code by adding an additional section thereto to be known as 'section 254a, and relating to libel." (Int. No. 628.)

"An act reappropriating money for erecting regimental and battery monuments at Gettysburg, and making appropriations for expenses of the commission in charge of the same, and for purchase of plats for marking the position of troops engaged and for grading grounds." (Int No. 540.)

"An act to amend chapter 546 of the Laws of 1887, entitled 'An act to provide for the organization of trust companies, for their supervision and for the administration of their affairs.'" (Int. No. 547.)

"An act to provide for the payment of the cost and expenses of the construction of a trunk sewer on the east side of the Genesee river, in the city of Rochester, by the issue of bonds of said city, and to provide for the payment of said bonds by local assessments." (Int. No. 257.)

"An act to amend chapter 51 of the Laws of 1870, entitled 'An act to amend the act for the incorporation of benevolent, charitable, scientific and missionary societies,' passed April 12, 1848." (Int. No. 422.)

"An act to amend chapter 888 of the Laws of 1869, entitled 'An act to amend title 16, chapter 8, part 3 of the Revised Statutes, relative to proceedings for the drainage of swamps, marshes, and other low or wet lands, and for draining farm lands.' (Int. No. 239.)

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"An act relating to the repair and improvement of highways and other town roads, and providing for the raising of money for such repairs and improvements in towns in which more than one-fourth of the taxable property has been condemned or appropriated for the purpose of a public park or parks." (Int. No. 550.)

"An act to provide for the improvement and maintenance of the public roads in certain counties of the State." (Int. No. 534.)

"An act to amend chapter 106 of the Laws of 1886, entitled 'An act to incorporate the Lockport Water Supply Company.'" (Int. No. 184.)

"An act to provide for the speedy determination and settlement of all claims arising out of and relating to the construction of the new Croton aqueduct, new reservoirs and dams, with the appurtenances thereto, for the purpose of supplying the city of New York with an increased supply of pure and wholesome water." (Int. No 539.)

"An act to incorporate the Waddington Bridge Company and to authorize said company to construct and maintain a bridge over the Saint Lawrence river for railroad and other purposes." (Int. No. 440.) Ordered, That the Clerk deliver said bills to the Governor.

The Assembly returned the following entitled Senate bills, with a message that they had reconsidered the vote upon the final passage of the same, and passed the same as amended:

"An act to further amend chapter 370 of the Laws of 1875, entitled 'An act to amend and consolidate the several acts relating to the city of Elmira, and the acts amendatory thereof." (Int. No. 307.) "An act to revise the charter of the city of Buffalo. (Int. No. 286.) Ordered, That the Clerk deliver said bills to the Governor. The President appointed, pursuant to chapter 653 of the Laws of 1886, Lafayette B. Gleason, Charles A. Ball and Addison G. Vreeland, to remain ten days after the Senate adjourns.

The hour of 12 o'clock, noon, having arrived, the President declared the Senate adjourned sine die.






Academies and high schools sharing in library fund, to inspect, 660

Acts, repealing certain

Accounts of town officers...

Adirondacks, communication from Governor as to State park in,
report of finance committee as to State park in

Adjutant-General, communication from

to report as to armories

Agents, relative to.

[blocks in formation]







639, 949,


[blocks in formation]

Agricultural, driving park and park associations, formation of..

[blocks in formation]

Agricultural and horticultural societies, formation of.......909, 976

Agriculture, dairy, to promote.....

81, 134, 161, 163, 264, 848

distribution of money paid in for.... 90, 272, 292, 313, 342,
Agriculture and household arts, appropriation for promotion
of .....

Agriculture, lands granted by United States for

[blocks in formation]


133, 193

armory in.....

assessment and collection of taxes in.
Beaver creek sewer in, to complete.

bonds of, sinking fund trustees to take up....327, 459, 576,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

(Rec. No. 163)

(Rec. No. 320)

Hawk street viaduct

992, 1001, 1034, 1068

340, 382, 408, 419

Helen Rosenow, releasing right of city in certain lands to..

[blocks in formation]


Albany, city of- Continued:
Washington park in, to declare title of commissioners of... 238
273, 292, 313, 321, 570

Young Men's Association in ....387, 457, 528, 657, 667, 721, 1032

Albany county, bonds of, to confirm and legalize...

1045, 1110
1180, 1225

and other counties, supervisors of, relative to ..1278, 1328, 1370
Albertson, John P., Reusselaer county surrogate's acts as 10, to


.48, 85, 93,
.1020, 1029, 1235

..1071, 1131, 1301, 1332

Albion, village of, Mount Albion cemetery in.
Alden, village of, charter to amend......
Aliens, resident, to enable to hold and convey real property.... 192
457, 555, 667, 685, 794

Allegany, Wyoming and Livingston counties, maps to be read in
evidence, in certain actions

1114, 1134

American flags, to provide for display of, on school buildings..
531, 653, 720, 734, 1097

American Home Mission Society, incorporation of, to amend


85, 94, 102, 169, 329

Amherst, town of, Fox creek in, to improve...441, 879, 960, 969, 1005
Amsterdam, city of, charter, to amend

sewers in..

Ancestor, to define.

Andrews, Wallace T., appointed deputy clerk.
Animals, communication from Society for Prevention of Cruelty


267, 1181, 1226

[blocks in formation]






report of Society for Prevention of Cruelty to.
Appropriation of moneys under chapter 479 of the Laws of 1887,

72, 93, 96,

Appropriations, to reappropriate unexpended balances of former,

960, 1029, 1036, 1374

Archer, Charles D. and others, State right in certain lands under
Hudson river, to release to...
....755, 904, 940, 952

Armed men, to prevent importation of, for police duty.. 63, 587,

[blocks in formation]

Assessment and tax laws, to amend

Assignments of estates of debtors for benefit of creditors...

Astor Library, annual report of.....


Asylums, in counties, State to purchase. .. 610, 744, 805, 808, 1197

1212, 1273

and hospitals for insane, women physicians in..545, 825, 841, 866
Attica, village of, charter to amend....
Attorney-General, official opinions of.

Atwood, Emma L., releasing State claim to lands of
Auburn, city of, charter to amend...

[blocks in formation]
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