History of the Hawaiian Islands: Embracing Their Antiquities, Mythology, Legends, Discovery by Europeans in the Sixteenth Century, Re-discovery by Cook, with Their Civil, Religious and Political History, from the Earliest Traditionary Period to the Present Time

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C.E. Hitchcock, 1847 - 240 страница

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Страница 203 - CD, of the city aforesaid, merchant, my true and lawful attorney, for me, and in my name, and for my...
Страница 169 - Ireland, from this date and for the time being ; the said cession being made with the reservation that it is subject to any arrangement that may have been entered into by the representatives appointed by us to treat with the government of Her Britannic Majesty; and in the event that no agreement has been executed previous to the date hereof, subject to the decision of Her Britannic Majesty's government on conference with the said representatives appointed by us ; or in the event of our representatives...
Страница 169 - In consequence of the difficulties in which we find ourselves involved, and our opinion of the impossibility of complying with the demands in the manner in which they are made by her Britannic Majesty's representative upon us, in reference to the claims of British subjects ; we do hereby cede the group of islands known as the Hawaiian (or Sandwich) Islands unto the Right Honorable Lord George Paulet, Captain of her Britannic Majesty's Ship of War Carysfort...
Страница 203 - ... necessary to be done in and about the premises as fully to all intents and purposes as I...
Страница 148 - French government has extended towards them for several years, they are undoubtedly ignorant how potent it is, and that in the world there is not a power which is capable of preventing it from punishing its enemies ; otherwise they would have endeavored to merit its favor, or not to incur its displeasure, as they have done in ill treating the French.
Страница 148 - His majesty, the king of the French, having commanded me to come to Honolulu in order to put an end, either by force or persuasion, to the ill treatment to which the French have been victims at the Sandwich Islands, I hasten, first, to employ this last means as the most conformable to the political, noble, and liberal system pursued by France against the powerless, hoping thereby that I shall make the principal chiefs of these islands understand how fatal the conduct which they pursue towards her...
Страница 149 - I demand in tlift name of my government, ' 1st. That the Catholic worship be declared free throughout all the dominions subject to the king of the Sandwich islands; that the members of this religious faith shall enjoy in them all the privileges granted to Protestants.
Страница 197 - Contractor to discontinue all work, or any part thereof, as may be designated by the said party of the first part, and the said party of the first part...
Страница 173 - Just emerging from a state of barbarism, the Government of the islands is as yet feeble; but its dispositions appear to be just and pacific, and it seems anxious to improve the condition of its people, by the introduction of knowledge, of religious and moral institutions, means of education, and the arts of civilized life.
Страница 157 - Protection is hereby secured to the persons of all the people, together with their lands, their building lots, and all their property, while they conform to the laws of the kingdom, and nothing whatever shall be taken from any individual except by express provision of the laws.

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