The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Томови 1-11;Том 12,Делови 1-3;Томови 13-16;Том 17,Делови 1-2;Том 18;Том 19,Делови 1-2;Томови 20-22;Том 23,Делови 1-2;Том 24,Делови 1-3;Том 25,Делови 1-2;Том 26,Делови 1-2;Том 27,Делови 1-3;Том 28,Делови 1-2;Том 29,Делови 1-2;Том 30;Том 31,Делови 1-3;Том 32,Делови 1-3;Том 33;Том 34,Делови 1-4;Том 35,Делови 1-2;Том 36,Делови 1-3;Том 37,Делови 1-2;Том 38,Делови 1-5;Том 39,Делови 1-3;Том 40,Делови 1-3;Том 41,Делови 1-4;Том 42,Делови 1-3;Том 43,Делови 1-2;Том 44;Том 45,Делови 1-2;Том 46,Делови 1-3;Том 47,Делови 1-3;Том 48,Делови 1-2;Том 49,Делови 1-2;Том 50,Делови 1-2;Том 51,Делови 1-2;Томови 52-53;Том 56;Томови 58-59;Том 62;Том 81;Том 83;Томови 101-102;Томови 118-121;Томови 124-125

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Found also in the House Miscellaneous documents of the 52 to the 56th Congress./ Each number has special index. Inserted in each volume: Additions and corrections ... Washington, Govt. Print. Off., 1902./ Series 1,v. 1-53, series 3,v. 1-5, and series 4,v. 1-3 include "Alternate designations of organizations mentioned." /Vol 54-55 of series 1 (serial no. 112-113)"HAVE NOT BEEN PUBLISHED, AND NO MATERIAL FOR THEM IS IN HAND." cf. General Index, p. xi. Series 2,v. 1 (serial no. 114) with imprint 1894, was not issued until 1898./ Edited in the War Records Office, 1880-July 1899; in the Record and Pension Office, July 1899-1901 Robert N. Scott compiled and edited v. 1-18, 1880-87, and also collected the greater part of the material for v. 19-36, 1887-91. After his death in 1887 the work was continued by Henry M. Lazelle, 1887-89, and by a board of publication, 1889-99, consisting of George B. Davis, 1889-97, Leslie J. Perry, 1889-99, Joseph W. Kirkley, 1889-99,and Fred C. Ainsworth, 1898-99; from 1889-1901 edited by Fred C. Ainsworth and Joseph W. Kirkley. A digital reproduction made from a copy held by Cornell University is available from Cornell University's Making of America Web Site.

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Страница 12 - COURT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FOR THE SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK, IN THE SECOND CIRCUIT. At a stated term of the circuit court of the United States of America for the southern district of New York, in the second circuit, begun and held at the city of New York,
Страница 350 - ultimo. I have heard of barbarian mobs in barbarian countries, but it is the first time in my life that I have ever heard of nearly the entire Christian population in a semi-barbarian country raising a mob to interfere with the acts of a Christian consul. But thank God that I have
Страница 211 - persons captured as privateers upon the high seas should be held and deemed to be prisoners of war to be held and treated as such during the continuance of the existing contest. Resolved, That our Senators in Congress be instructed and our Representatives be requested to urge the adoption of
Страница 480 - of the House of Representatives of the 24th of February last, requesting information in regard to insurgent privateers in foreign ports I transmit a report from the Secretary of State and the documents by which it was accompanied.
Страница 151 - THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: I transmit herewith a report from the Secretary of State in reply to the resolution* of the House of Representatives of the 13th of July last in relation to the correspondence between this Government and foreign nations respecting the rights of blockade, privateering and the recognition of the so-called Confederate
Страница 697 - States who has been or who may be captured by the enemy, shall be entitled to receive during his captivity, notwithstanding the expiration of his term of service, the same pay, subsistence and allowance to which he may be entitled whilst in the actual service of the United
Страница 151 - To the PRESIDENT: The Secretary of State to whom was referred a resolution of the House of Representatives passed on the 13th day of July last requesting the President at the beginning of the next session of Congress if compatible with the
Страница 25 - within the several military districts, by which intelligence shall be directly or indirectly given to the enemy without the authority and sanction of the major-general in command, be and the same are absolutely prohibited, and from and after the date of this order persons violating the same will be proceeded against under the fifty-seventh article of war.
Страница 649 - Act for the better government of the Navy of the United States:" the United States taken by an enemy who shall appear by the sentence of a
Страница 625 - spies and all persons who shall come or be found in the capacity of spies, or who shall bring or deliver any seducing letter or message from an enemy or rebel, or endeavor to corrupt any person in the Navy to betray his trust, shall suffer death or such other punishment as a court-martial shall adjudge.