Human Rights and Other Resolutions: Hearings and Markup Before the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Its Subcommittee on Human Rights and International Organizations of the House of Representatives, Ninety-seventh Congress, Second Session, on H. Con, Res. 364 ... H. Con. Res. 336 ... H. Con. Res. 330 ... H. Con. Res. 376 ... H. Res. 398 ... September 15 and 21, 1982

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1982 - 36 страница

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Страница 7 - Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring) , That it is the sense of the Congress that the following Code of Ethics should be adhered to by all Government employees, including officeholders: CODE OF ETHICS FOR GOVERNMENT SERVICE Any person in Government service should : 1.
Страница 5 - In fact, I did not know that I was doing wrong because I was doing what I knew several other college men had done except that they did not use their own names.
Страница 15 - ... proposition. Mr. CHANDLER. Very well. The CHAIRMAN. There has been a motion made here that this document be received. Mr. FREDERICKS. I will amend the motion, that it be received for whatever purposes it is legally entitled to be considered. Mr. SEARS. I second the motion. The CHAIRMAN. Gentlemen, you have all heard the motion. All those in favor say aye.
Страница 31 - House of Representatives, Washington, DC DEAR MR. CHAIRMAN: I am pleased to provide you with the views of the Department of State on H.
Страница 5 - I hope I would be partly excused because of the fact that I was simply an Indian school boy and did not know all about such things.
Страница 1 - ... driving us into isolationism, neutrality, and blind pacifism. The tragedy of World War II should be proof enough that isolation, pacifism, and a blindness to the realities of national security is not the way for the Senate to "advise and consent" In foreign policy. I commend the Senator from Arkansas for his efforts to bring this resolution to the attention of the Senate, and for his efforts to reawaken a stronger sense of the Senate's constitutional responsibilities. While we may not always...
Страница 8 - 'the greatest football player and male athlete of the first half of the 20th century...
Страница 7 - ... have the. retirement plans of the State and local governments with assets of over $100 billion. And those plans cover some 13 million participants. I certainly agree with those witnesses who say that we should avoid unnecessary Federal interference with State and local pension plans, but let me say for the benefit of those in the audience, and for the record, that we have had some very disturbing testimony presented to this subcommittee as late as last week indicating that this committee should...
Страница 20 - Act, the Universal Declaration of Human Eights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political...

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