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somehow, to work it out with me?" forget self. Under such influences She will. Curtain. I am inclined to she is able to make any sacrifice, and laugh at this, as I did not laugh at a brave enough to bear any cross. Her similar situation in Ernest Poole's education within the home cultivates His Family, because, apart from this simplicity of heart, natural grace of motive, A Daughter of the Morning manner, unquestioning obedience is sheer romance of the pretty sort, and love of duty. ..." Heavens! with appropriate machinery and ac what an ideal to hold up before the cessories. The feminist flavour has occidental girl of the twentieth centhe effect of one of those strange tury--the ideal of her own silly old sauces with which experts of the soda great-grandmother! According to this fountain are now crowning the most reactionary chronicler, "it has prounlikely substances: we have the lit duced one of the finest, sweetest erary "sundae," also.

types of womanhood that the world The reader who is a bit surfeited has ever known," and she here tells with this kind of thing may guiltily a tale of a little Japanese which enjoy, now and then, a story like The would seem to bear out her contenHeart of O Sono San. Here, contrary tion. O Sono San does not find hapto certain expectations which might piness, in the sense of getting what be roused by the title, of something in she wants; she loses, in the name of the Madame Butterfly line, he will obedience and duty, her beloved doll, find an open celebration of the old her lover, and her son, who dies for fashioned woman, as exemplified by Japan at the taking of Port Arthur. the woman of Japan. In her Preface And yet she has not failed: "Regret, the author has the temerity to assert -regret—? Her life would be one not only that these women are the long sorrow, but above that sorrow conservers of the best and oldest and the heart-breaking knowledge ideals of Japan, but that they are so that she must be forever alone, was by virtue of their fulfilment of the the exultant thought that she had old ideal of womanly character: helped pay the price of victory. She "They still believe that the only had given a life, more than her life, qualities that benefit a woman are she had given the life of her son." gentle obedience, chastity, mercy and The little story, as artless in its quietness. She is taught from in structure as Potterat, is told with fancy to love, yield, help others and great delicacy and sympathy.


In this department the editors each month will endeavour to select from among the previous month's publications those volumes in each classification which seem in their opinion to be most worthy of recommendation to BookMAN readers. The editors will be happy to answer any questions in their power regarding these books and indeed regarding any books concerning which BOOKMAN readers may desire information.


FICTION The Story of the Scots Stage. By Robb The White Morning. By Gertrude Ather.

Lawson. New York: E. P. Dutton and ton. New York: Frederick A Stokes Company. $2.00.

Company. $1.00. Happenings and stories of the plays and

A novel of the power of the German players of Scotland to the middle of the women in war-time: of the revolution nineteenth century.

that may come. The Dramatic Works of Gerhart Haupt

The Mystery of the Downs. By Watson and mann. Edited by Ludwig Lewisohn.

Rees. New York: John Lane and ComNew York. $1.50.

pany. $1.40.

Another detective story by the two exA translation of four plays which mark

detectives of Scotland Yard. the culmination of the dramatist's work.

Under the Hermes. By Richard Dehan. ECONOMICS

New York: Dodd, Mead and Company.

$1.50. Man's Supreme Inheritance. By F. Mat

A clever miscellany of fiction, compristhias Alexander. New York: E. P. Dut.

ing eighteen stories of the widely differ. ton and Company. $2.00.

ent types characteristic of this versatile A thesis on conscious guidance and author. control in relation to human evolution Potterat and the War. By Benjamin Vallot. in civilisation.

ton. New York: Dodd, Mead and Com

pany, $1.50. ESSAYS

The French original of this story has Mountain Meditations. By L. Lind-Af. been one of the greatest successes of re

Hageby. London: George Allen and cent years, its theme being the tragedy of Unwin, Ltd. 4/6.

the human spirit harried by inhuman war. Critical and humourous essays on sub The Kentucky Warbler. By James Lane jects of the day and war, written from

Allen. Garden City, New York: Doublethe author's mental view.point of her

day, Page and Company. $1.25. hermitage among the Alps.

Another characteristic tale of the Blue Ezra Pound. His Metric and Poetry. New

Grass country, in which the hero finds in York: Alfred A. Knopf.

a bird's note, romance and the key to his

own locked nature. A little essay of critical appreciation. Last Words on Great Issues. By J. Beattie

Mary Regan. By Leroy Scott. New York: Crozer, LL.D. New York: E. P. Dutton

Houghton Mifflin Company. Illustrated. and Company. $3.50.


A tense story of night life in New The author's "last words”-a group of York, in which figure a detective and the essays dealing with religion, faith, spirit aristocracy of the underworld. ualism, politics, and sociology.

South Wind. By Norman Douglas. New ETHICS

York: Dodd, Mead and Company. $1.60.

A novel for the cosmopolitan, centring Moral Values. A Study of the Principles around an Abbe in an island of the

of Conduct. New York: Henry Holt Mediterranean. and Company. $2.75.

The U. P. Trail. By Zane Grey. New York: A treatment of ethics as a science of Harper and Brothers. $1.50. values, to give the reader the ability to A typical Grey romance of the building win for himself a constructive view of the of the first iron trail across the Conti. moral life.


To Arms. By Marcelle Tinayre. Trans

lated by Lucy H. Humphrey. New York: E. P. Dutton and Company. $1.50.

A story of France in the days of mo. bilisation before the outbreak of hostili.

ties. Carolyn of the Corners. By Ruth Belmore

Endicott. New York: Dodd, Mead and
Company. $1.35.

A wholesome “look up” story.
The Transactions of Lord Louis Lewis. By

Roland Pertwee. New York: Dodd,
Mead and Company. Illustrated. $1.50.

A humourous tale of the dealings of a gracious lord with two rogues of antique dealers. The Scar that Tripled. By William G.

Shepherd. New York: Harper and
Brothers. 50 cents.

A true short story of the great warwhose hero might have been Richard

Harding Davis's “The Deserter.” The Lost Naval Papers. By Bennett Cop.

plestone. New York: E. P. Dutton and Company. $1.50.

A series of spy-stories bound into a single narrative by the personality of a new type of detective-with a background of the English Secret Service and the German Spy Service. Cleek, the Master Detective. By Thomas

W. Hanshew. New York: Doubleday,
Page and Company. Illustrated. $1.40.

An oriental story of mystery and crime unravelled by the Detective of Scotland Yard-now published in America for the

first time. The Golden Block. By Sophie Kerr. New

York: Doubleday, Page and Company.

A story of love and business success, dealing with a woman in New York's

political "inner ring." Eastern Red. By Helen Huntington. New

York: G. P. Putnam's Sons.

A story of two married women whose lives in outward things are contrasted, but who both have the spirit of unrest

and rebellion characteristic of to-day. Mistress of Men. By F. A. Steel. 'New

York: Frederick A. Stokes. $1.40.

A novel of India in which a poor little girl becomes an empress. The Full Measure of Devotion. By Dana

Gatlin. New York: Doubleday, Page and Company. 50 cents.

A little story whose theme is the mean. ing of the war to the fathers and mothers

of America. Love and Liberty. Aleaxnder Dumas.

Translated by R. S. Garnett. $1.40.

A translation for the first time, for English readers, of one of the author's most remarkable romances.

Thomas Woolner, R.A. His Life in Letters.

Written by his daughter, Amy Woolner.
New York: E. P. Dutton and Company.
With fifty illustrations. $6.00.

Through the Victorian sculptor's letters to distinguished men and women of his day, and theirs to him, light is thrown on his inspiration and ideals, as well as upon the entire field of Victorian art and literature.

A Short History of Rome. By Guglielmo

Ferrero and Corrado Barbagallo. New
York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. $1.90.

A narrative and organic account of the Monarchy and the Republic from the foundation of the city to the death of

Julius Cæsar. The Virgin Islands of the United States of

America. By Luther K. Zabrieski, New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. With one hundred and nine illustrations and two maps. $4.00.

Historical and descriptive commercial and industrial facts, figures, and resources, regarding our new Carribbean

possessions. Denmark and Sweden with Iceland and Fin

land. By Jon Stefansson. The Story of the Nations Series. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. With thirty-three il. lustrations and a map. $1.50.

The story of the political history of these countries, by an islander. Ancient Law. Everyman's Library. By Sir

Henry Maine. Edited by Ernest Rhys.
New York: E. P. Dutton and Company.

A new edition of the old classic first published fifty-six years ago.

JUVENILE The Breakfast of the Birds. From the

Hebrew of Judah Steinberg. By Emily Solis-Cohen, Jr. New York: Jewish Publication Society. With cover and illustrations in colour by a child stu. dent in the Boston Museum of Art. 2 vols.

Jewish tales for children, some fanciful, others satirical or allegorical. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. By

Lewis Carroll. Edited by William J. L. Long. Boston: Ginn and Company. 56 cents.

An edition, with notes and sketch of the author, of this story of Wonderland first told to a boating party of children

resting under a hayrick in a meadow. Robin Goodfellow and Other Fairy Plays

for Children. By Netta Syrett. New York: John Lane Company.

Six little plays, three of which are ar. ranged as frames for ballets.

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Booth Tarkington. By Robert Holliday. Russian Verbs Made Easy. By Stephen J. New York: Doubleday, Page and Com

Lett. New York: E. P. Dutton and pany. Illustrated. $1.25.
Company. $1.00.

A biographical and critical study of the A guide to the use of Russian verbs, novelist. intended for the use of business men and others, who wish to acquire rapidly

POETRY a command of the Russian language for The Moods of Ginger Mick. By C. J. Den. every-day use.

nis. New York: John Lane Company. Russian Proverbs and their English Equiv. $1.00. alents. By Louis Segal. New York:

Humourous poems, in Australian dia. E. P. Dutton and Company. 50 cents. lect, laid in Melbourne, Egypt, and Gal.

A litle collection representing all sides lipoli. of Russian life. First Steps in Russian. By J. Solomonoff.

The Rhyme Garden. Verses and Drawings New York: E. P. Dutton and Company.

by Marguerite Buller Allan. New York: Illustrated. $1.00.

John Lane Company. A beginning study by means of the Verses some of which have appeared picture and conversational method.

before in the Youth's Companion and The_Homely Diary of a Diplomat in the St. Nicholas.

East. By Thomas Skelton Harrison.
New York: Houghton Mifflin Company.

Trackless Regions. By G. 0. Warren. New Illustrations. $5.00.

York: Longmans, Green and Company. Letters of a former diplomatic agent

$1.25. and consul-general of the United States to

A collection of poems, some of which the court of Cairo, Egypt.

formerly appeared in magazines. The Marvel Book of American Ships. By One Who Dreamed. By Arthur Crew In

Captain Orton P. Jackson and Major man. Boston: The Four Seas Company.
F. E. Evans. New York: Frederick A. $1.25.
Stokes. With twelve coloured plates

Songs and lyrics written before the auand over 400 illustartions from photo. thor was twenty-one. graphs. $2.50. The secrets of ship yards, with accounts

Poems. By Edward Thomas (Edward Eastof great sea battles, diving, and other sub away). New York: Henry Holt and jects connected with the seas.

Company. $1.00. Training and Rewards of the Physician. By

The first American edition of the work Richard C. Cabot, M.D. Philadelphia:

of the British poet who was killed at J. B. Lippincott Company. $1.25.

Arras-poetry indirectly of the war, and Another of the Training Series "for primarily of the English character and those who want to find themselves.”

countryside. A Text Book of Precious Stones. By Frank London Lamps. A Book of Songs. By

B. Wade. New York: G. P. Putnam's Thomas Burke. New York: Robert M. Sons. $2.00.

McBride and Company. $1.00. Technical methods and principles in

A collection of poetry worthy of the use for identifying precious stones-for author of Limehouse Nights.

jewelers and the gem-loving public. Simplest Spoken French. By W. F. Giese

Sonnets and Other Lyrics. By Robert Silli. and Barry Cerf. New York: Henry

man Hillyer. Cambridge: Harvard Holt and Company. 65 cents.

University Press. A little manual for soldiers.

A collection of poems, some of which History and Methods of Ancient and Mod.

have been reprinted from other maga. ern Painting. By James Ward. New

zines. York: E. P. Dutton and Company. Vol. In the Paths of the Wind. By Glenn Ward 2. With twenty-four full-page illustra Dresbach. Boston: The Four Seas tions. $3.50.

Company. $1.00. Italian painting from the beginning of

Another volume of Mr. Dresbach's the Renaissance period, including the

poetry of unusual charm-many of the work of the principal artists from Cima

poems are reprinted from magazines. bue to the Pollaiuoli. The New Business of Farming. By Julian Songs of Hafiz. Translated by Edna Worth

A. Dimock. New York: Frederick A. ley Underwood. Boston: The Four Stokes. $1.00.

Seas Company. $1.00. A handbook on the business side of A translation of the lyrics of the Per. farming.

sian poet.


Campaigns and Intervals. By Jean GirauA Survey of International Relations Be doux. New York: Houghton Mifflin

tween the United States and Germany. Company. $1.50. By James Brown Scot. New York: Ox Experiences on the Western front, by ford University Press.

the novelist and diplomat. A weighty volume, based on official On the field of Honor. _By Hugues Le documents-the royalties from which are Roux. New York: Houghton Mifflin to be presented to the Department of Company. $1.50. State War Relief Work Committee.

The story of a young French lieutenant National Progress. 1907-1917. By Frederic who was mortally wounded in his first

Austin Ogg. New York: Harper and engagement.
Brothers. $2.00.
An authoritative and compact history

Democracy after the War. By J. A. Hob

son. New York: The Macmillan Comof the decade 1907-1917.

pany. $1.25. A Year in Russia. By Maurice Baring. A discussion of the policy by which

New York: E. P. Dutton and Com. political and industrial democracy after pany. $2.50.

the war may be achieved. A revised and cheaper edition of the book dealing with the year 1906 as the

The Willy-Nicky Correspondence. By Her.

man Bernstein. New York: Alfred A. critical year in Russian history.

Knopf. $1.00. Principles of American Diplomacy.

The secret and intimate telegrams ex. per's Citizen's Series. By John Bassett Moore. New York: Harper and

changed between the Kaiser and the Czar. Brothers. $2.00.

Letters of a Canadian Stretcher Bearer. By A manual for the student and general R. A. L. Boston: Little, Brown and reader, with full presentation of the pe

Company. $1.35. culiar individualism of American foreign Letters of a Canadian soldier, telling policy, and with references and docu of three years at the front. ments.

Trotzky's Message. The Bolsheviki and PSYCHOLOGY

World Peace. By Trotzky. New York: On the Threshold of the Unseen. By Sir

Boni and Liveright. $1.50. William F. Barrett, R.F.S. New York: The Bolshevik Minister of Foreign Af. E. P. Dutton and Company. $2.50. fairs for Russia speaks in eleven sensa. An examination, from the scientific and

tional chapters. religious standpoints, of the phenomena Hand-to-Hand Fighting. By A. E. Marriott. of spiritualism and of the evidence for New York: The Macmillan Company. survival after death. With appendix and $1.00. experiences of the author during forty

A system of personal defence for the years.

soldier, by a camp physical director. TRAVEL AND DESCRIPTION At the Serbian Front in Macedonia. By E. A Roumanian Diary. By Lady Kennard.

P. Stebbing. New York: John Lane New York: Dodd, Mead and Company.

Company. With fifty-five illustrations With many illustrations. $1.25.

from photographs and a map. $1.50. An account of the situation in Rou. A transport officer's pen pictures of mania during the months preceding her operations on the Serbian front, with acdeclaration of war, with much descrip counts of the work of the Scottish Wotion of the people and their life.

men's Hospital. Vacation Journeys East and West. By A Second Diary of the Great War. By David M. Steele. New York: G. P. Put.

Samuel Pepys, Jr. New York: John nam's Sons. Three illustrations and

Lane and Company. With sixteen effitwo maps. $1.50.

gies by John Kettelwell. $1.50. Discursive essays by a traveller over

A second volume: a humourous chroni. world-famous trails.

cle of current events. WAR

Comrades in Courage. By Lieutenant AnThe Prisoner of War in Germany. By

toine Redier. Translation by Mrs. Daniel J. McCarthy, M.D. New York:

Philip Duncan Wilson. New York: Moffat, Yard and Company. $2.00.

Doubleday, Page and Company. $1.40. A survey of the author's work as in The reactions of a cultivated French vestigator of prison camp conditions for officer as he views the horrors of world the American Embassy in Berlin in 1916. conflict.

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