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most patriotic sentiments in American literature. Many of these are as pertinent to America's present struggle as when written nearly one hundred and fifty years ago. This quotation is from The Crisis :

It is the object only of war that makes it honourable. And if there was ever a

just war since the world began, it is this in which America is now engaged.

Prescience might almost be attributed to the author of these words, also in The Crisis:

We fight not to enslave but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in.

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Gladstone, and secured a position in he knew life, for his knowledge was the Inland Revenue Department at gained not in the artificial seclusions Somerset House. This was in 1877, of the universities, but amid the reand for the first period of his life, alities of the world. Who shall say until the appearance, in 1894, of his how far this circumstance contribfirst book, Social Evolution, he re uted to give his subsequent work that mained utterly unknown to fame, and force and tone of human reality even his closest associates had no which has caused his social philosidea that he was in any way destined ophy to exercise such an influence on ever to be more than an ordinary civil servant with the ordinary interests and ambitions of a man in his position.

But from the beginning, behind outward appearances there existed a personality and a mind moved to tremendous efforts by an absorbing passion for knowledge. In his early years in London, Kidd was entirely alone and dependent on his own resources, which did not amount at first to more than about £80 per annum. His family were unable to give him any financial support. Although in after years it was with the greatest difficulty that he could be brought to allude to this period of his life, there is no doubt that he fought for

THE LATE BENJAMIN KIDD, THE AUTHOR knowledge at the cost of food and

OF THE FAMOUS "SOCIAL EVOLUTION," clothing, and that he even resorted to HIS POSTHUMOUS BOOK, "THE SCIENCE

OF POWER," HAS JUST BEEN ISSUED. money-lenders in order to obtain the necessary fees to attend evening the general mind? The idealism and classes in science. He spent three youth of mind which Kidd retained years reading for the bar in his spare throughout his life is all the more retime after office hours, and gained a markable when contrasted with the thorough grasp of the law, only to stifling environment of his early abandon the project finally on the years and his wearing struggle in realisation of the insufficiency of his pursuit of knowledge. means.

He then read for the consular service, but this project also According to Dr. Robert T. Morfell through for a different reason. ris, the celebrated surgeon, the GerThe age qualifications were altered

mans in stressing suddenly in such a way that he found Defective Brains Darwin's theory of

Cause War himself excluded. Yet his main pur

the struggle for expose was accomplished. He had be

istence, have comcome gradually master of a wide and pletely forgotten his other theory varied knowledge of science, philos- of mutual interdependence. Setophy, literature and art. Above all ting forth this contention in his

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new book, The Way Out of War, will not be the psychologist or the the doctor 'says in effect that in- sociologist, but the jurist or the biolstead of trying to cultivate the ogist who will construct the Magna goodwill of the other nations, the Charta of peace for the nations of Prussians are now trying to smash to-morrow. them, and this, carried to its logical conclusion, means that she is done for.

When Mary Roberts Rinehart “Prussia,” he asserts, "is proto- and her family went through Glacier plasmically senile. In fact, any na

Park and across the tion that deliberately wages aggres

Mrs. Rinehart's Cascade Mountains sive war is abnormal, for war is al


on horseback, the ways a symptom of deficient brain

party stopped one development. ... The relation day at Kalispell in Montana. Mrs. of war to the species is that of a de- Rinehart wore an old felt hat, much structive process in all of its final the worse for weather and fish hooks. phases. The reason for that is be- Sitting her horse, she was surveying cause it exhausts a part of the fund the hat ruefully while she purchased of vital energy which belongs by nat- a new one—“a cowgirl affair," she ural inheritance to the germ plasm. calls it. “Suddenly,” she says, “a

“Warfare by arms will probably gentleman I had never seen before, continue for some centuries, yet, in but who is green in my memory, all probability, with ever-lengthening stepped forward and presented me periods of peace. According to the with his own hat band. It was of laws of continuity, order in nature leather, and it bore this vigorous indicates that in the end a world and inspiring inscription : "Give 'er state will emerge, following the al- pep and let 'er buck!” In Tenting ready accomplished union of states Tonight, Mrs. Rinehart tells the in larger and larger groups since the story of the hat band, and adds : day of small tribes and clans.” “To-day, when I am low in my mind,

The author thinks, too, that it I take that cowgirl hat from its re

treat and read its inscription : "Give ings made by artists at the front, is 'er pep and let 'er buck! It is a presented in one of the pictures by whole creed !"

Muirhead Bone, and reproduced in the publication, The Western Front,

the collection of his work done for One of the most curious and colour the British Government. Mr. Bone ful incidents of the war, and an inci has made a drawing of the Albert

dent which illus Church tower, famous for its imThe Famous Falling Virgin trates in a striking pending figure of the Virgin, knocked Caught in

a nd picturesque by artillery fire into a singular divPassing

way the incalculable ing attitude; the Virgin concerning historical value of the official draw which the legend arose that when

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