Orders in Council, Or, An Examination of the Justice, Legality, and Policy of the New System of Commercial Regulations: With an Appendix of State Papers, Statutes, and Authorities

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Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1808 - 114 страница

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Страница 79 - ... in this kingdom, or to Gibraltar or Malta ; and any vessel which, after having been so warned or after a reasonable time shall have been afforded for the arrival of information of this His Majesty's order at any port or place from which she sailed, or which, after having notice of this...
Страница 72 - ... instructed to warn every neutral vessel coming from any such port, and destined to another such port, to discontinue her voyage, and not to proceed to any such port ; and any vessel after being so warned, or any vessel coming from any such port, after a reasonable time shall have been afforded for receiving information of this, his Majesty's order, which shall be found proceeding to another such port, shall be captured and brought in, and, together with her cargo, shall be condemned as lawful...
Страница 75 - And whereas the nations in alliance with France, and under her control, were required to give, and have given, and do give, effect to such orders: And whereas His Majesty's order of the 7th of January last has not answered the desired purpose, either of compelling the enemy to recall those orders, or of inducing neutral nations to interpose, with effect, to obtain...
Страница 73 - Art. II. Whether the ships thus denationalized by the arbitrary measures of the English government, enter into our ports, or those of our allies, or whether they fall into the hands of our ships of war, or of our privateers, they are declared to be good and lawful prize.
Страница 75 - Council, to order, and it is hereby ordered, that all the ports and places of France and her allies, or of any other country at war with his Majesty, and all other ports or places in Europe, from which, although not at war with his Majesty...
Страница 93 - And the right honourable the lords commissioners of his majesty's treasury, his majesty's principal secretaries of state, the lords commissioners of the admiralty, and the judge of the high court of admiralty, and the judges of the courts of viceadmiralty, are to take the necessary measures herein as to them may respectively appertain.
Страница 78 - Commission, shall be, and are hereby, instructed to warn every Vessel which shall have commenced her voyage prior to any notice of this Order, and shall be destined to any Port of France, or of her Allies, or of any other Country at War with His Majesty, or to any Port or Place from which the British Flag as aforesaid is excluded, or to any Colony belonging to His Majesty's Enemies, and which shall not have cleared out as is...
Страница 70 - Whereas the French Government has issued certain " Orders, which, in violation of the usages of war, purport " to prohibit the commerce of all neutral nations with His
Страница 71 - British navy ; and whereas such attempts, on the part of the enemy, would give to his majesty an unquestionable right of retaliation, and would warrant his majesty in enforcing the same prohibition of all commerce with France, which that power vainly hopes to effect against the commerce of his majesty's subjects...
Страница 74 - The provisions of the present decree shall be abrogated and null, in fact, as soon as the English abide again by the principles of the law of nations, which are also the principles of justice and of honour.

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