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license to auctioneers; also, to license and regulate cartmen and hackmen in said village.

$ 2. Section nineteen of said act is hereby amended so as to read as follows:

$ 19. The trustees are authorized and empowered Fire departto organize and establish a fire department, to consist of one or more fire companies, one or more hook and ladder companies, and one or more hose companies ; to appoint a sufficient number, not exceeding sixty persons to each fire engine company, and not exceeding twenty-five to each hose company, and not exceeding forty to each hook and ladder company, with the consent of the individuals so to be appointed; a foreman for each company shall be chosen by the members of each company, in the manner to be directed by the trustees, and subject to their approval and ratification.

S 3. Section twenty-nine of said act is hereby Opening amended so as to read as follows: The trustees are authorized and empowered on the petition in writing of twelve freeholders of said corporation, (who may be interested in the laying out, opening or widening any street, alley or highway), to lay out, make and open any street, alley or highway of such width as they shall deem proper, and to cause any street, alley or highway already laid out or opened, to be altered, extended, widened or discontinued, whenever they shall deem the public good require; provided, however, that such street, alley or highway, shall not be so laid ont, widened, extended or altered as to run over the site of any dwelling house erected before the said road, street or highway shall be so laid out, widened, extended or altered, if such dwelling house shall exceed in value the sum of two thousand dollars, and the damage of any owner or Assessment owners of any lands over which such street, alley &c. or bighway shall be laid out, by reason thereof, may be settled by agreement between such owner or owners and said trustees; but in all cases when the amount of such damages shall not be settled by agreement, the said trustees shall proceed to have the same assessed in the same manner as is provided for assessing the damages occasioned by laying out


of damages,

and opening highways in towns. And whenever any such damages shall have been assessed or agreed upon, the same shall be levied and collected as follows, viz: the trustees shall determine who are benefited by the improvement for which such damages shall be assessed, and shall furnish to the assessors of said village a list of all such persons, and of the amount to be assessed, and the assessors shall within such time as shall for such purpose be prescribed by said trustees, make an assessment of such damages, or such portion thereof as they shall deem just, upon such persons only and in such proportion as said assessors shall deem such persons to be benefited by such improvement. When the assessment is made, such assessors' shall give the like notice, and have the same power to make corrections therein as in the case of assessment of taxes; they shall deliver a corrected copy of such assessment to the clerk of the village for the trustees. Any person may appeal within six days after the delivery of such

assessment to the clerk, to the trustees for the corAppeal rection of such, assessment; the appeal shall be in

writing, and delivered to the president of the board of trustees. In case of any such appeal, the trustees shall appoint a time, within ten days after said period of six days, for the hearing of such appeals as

may have been made, and shall give five days preHearlng of vious notice of the time and place of hearing such appeal.

appeal or appeals, by causing a written or printed notice thereof to be served upon each person who may have appealed, by delivering the same to such person, or leaving the same at his or her place of residence, and also causing such notice to be posted in five public places in said village, at least five days before the time so appointed. The trustees shall at such time and place, and at such other times and places to which they may for that purpose adjourn, have power to alter the proportions of such assess

ment in such manner as they shall deem just. In Upon whom case the whole amount of damagés assessed for such to be made. improvement shall not be assessed upon those whom

the trustees shall have determined to be benefited by such improvement, the residue thereof shall be a

asses ment.

charge upon all the taxable property and inhabitants

of said village. When the assessment of such damages upon the persons so determined to be benefited shall have been fully completed, the trustees shall issue to the collector of said village their warrant for the collection of the amounts assessed against such persons respectively, and the same proceedings shall be had and taken for the collection thereof as are provided in the act hereby amended for the collection of taxes voted to be raised in said village. And in case the whole amount of when tax the damages assessed by reason of such improve

to bo levied. ment, shall not be assessed upon the persons so determined to be benefited, the residue thereof shall be apportioned among the taxable inhabitants and property of said village, and collected in the same manner as is provided by said act for the collection of taxes voted to be raised in said village.

$ 4. Section thirty of said act is hereby amended so as to read as follows:

$ 30. The trustees shall have power to cause any sidewalks in said village, which have not already been flagged and curbed, to be raised, lowered, leveled, graded, curbed and flagged in such manner and with such material as they may deem proper and to cause any sidewalks which have been flagged sidewallos. and curbed to be relaid, improved or repaired whenever they may deem it necessary; and the said trustees shall assess the expenses of every improvement against the owner of the lot along or adjoining which such work shall be done, and

which shall be a lien upon such lots and a charge against the owners respectively thereof. Before doing such work it shall be the duty of the trustees to cause a notice to be served on each of the owners resident in said village, personally, or by leaving the same at their residences, or with the agent or occupant of such premises, specifying the improvement to be made, of what material, and the manner in which they require the same to be done, and the time, not exceeding sixty days, in which the owners may do such work along their respective lots. The trustees Sewers and may also in their discretion, cause common sewers


ment of expense.

and drains to be made in any part of the village, upon the application in writing in each case, of a majority of the resident owners of the lots along which the proposed sewer or drain is to be built, and may determine which share or proportion, if any, of the expense of the same shall be paid by the village, and may require the assessors to apportion and assess the expense thereof or the residue of such expense, upon the owner or owners of, or others interested in the buildings, tenements, lots and real

estate which they shall deem benefited thereby, in Apportion-; proportion as near as may be to the benefit and

advantages which each shall acquire thereby; a certificate of such assessment and apportionment signed by the assessors making the same, shall be filed in the office of the clerk, and shall be binding and conclusive upon the owner or owners, or others interested, and the amount assessed against the owners of, and persons interested in each of such lots and real estate respectively shall be a lien upon such lots and real estate, and for all such liens and charges the trustees shall issue their warrant and cause the same to be collected with interest from date of the assessment, in the same manner as other village taxes and assessments are collected. Any person in possession of any real estate under contract for the purchase thereof, may in the discretion of the trustees, be deemed the owner thereof for all the purposes of this act.

S 5. The thirty-second section of said act is hereby amended so as to read as follows:

$32. The trustees are authorized and empowered to corporation. raise money by tax in manner as herein provided,

to pay all contingent and stated expenses of the corporation, and also to carry into effect the several powers and privileges granted by this act, but no such tax except the poll tax and the dog tax hereinafter provided for, shall be levied or collected until the same shall have been authorized by a vote of the taxable inhabitants of the corporation, at their annual election of officers, or at a meeting to be called by the trustees for the purpose of authorizing the assessment and collection of taxes. Before any

Tax for expenses of

tax for a contingent or stated expenses of the corpo- Vote on tax, ration can be voted for at any such meeting, a notice must be published by order of the trustees and signed by the president and clerk, for at least two weeks before such meeting, in all the newspapers published weekly in said village, stating that the meeting will be called upon to vote for a contingent or stated tax, specifying the object or objects, stating the sum proposed to be raised for each object, and an estimate by items of the cost of each proposed object, and submitting one or more resolutions substantially in the following form : "Resolved, that the sum of dollars be raised by tax for the purpose of,” (stating concisely the purpose of raising the proposed tax). If more than one resolution be proposed they shall be numbered. The vote thereon shall be taken by ballot, which shall have in the inside the words "For the resolution," or " Against the resolution," and be deposited in a separate box to be labeled “ Village tax;" and when more than one resolution is submitted, the vote shall have the words “For the first resolution," or "Against the first resolution," and so as to each resolution submitted. No contingent or stated expense which is not thus presented and voted upon shall be collected, and no item thus voted, or any part thereof, shall be used for any other purpose than the specific purpose for which it was voted, and any surplus thereof unexpended for that specific purpose, shall be and remain in the treasury, and be accounted for and reported by the trustees; but its purpose and object may be changed to any other object by a subsequent resolution of another meeting submitted by the trustees and adopted after due notice in the same manner as herein provided for the resolution directing such tax, when such change can be made without violating a contract. The vote on such resolution shall be taken by ballot, having on the inside the words "For the resolution,” or “ Against the resolution;" but the amount of taxes to be raised Amount in any one year over and above what are herein must not denominated street expenses, and what are required for opening new streets or alleys, extending or widening streets, and over and above the dog tax,

notice, &c.


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