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When supervisor of town to borrow money and issue bouds,

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construction of such bridge, and shall let the con tract therefor to the lowest responsible bidder, wh shall give adequate security for the full and faithfu performance of his contract, in a sum not exceedinį twenty thousand dollars as aforesaid.

S 3. Whenever the said plans and estimates shal have been approved, as hereinbefore provided, th supervisor of the town of Corning is authorized ti loan, on the credit of said town, a sum sufficient according to such estimates, to construct said bridg and pay the expense of such plans and estimates, no exceeding twenty thousand dollars, as aforesaid, ti be repaid in equal annual installments, of which th last shall not exceed ten years from the making of such loan or the issuing of the securities therefor The said loan may be made in sums not less thai one hundred dollars, and for which the said super visor shall issue one or more negotiable bonds unde his hand as such supervisor, but not to be valid unti registered and countersigned by the town clerk of said town, obligating the said town to repay th sum therein mentioned, with interest at seven pe cent per annum, payable semi-annually or annually in equal apnual installments. Such bond shall no be issued or disposed of by said supervisor at les than the par value thereof. The said supervisor ma from time to time, as the avails of said bonds shal come into bis hands, pay over the same to the sai commissioners of highways.

S 4. The said commissioners, before the mone; borrowed under this act shall be paid into thei hands, shall give adequate security for the faithfu

application and disbursement of the same. Tax for pay. S 5. At each annual meeting of the board o

supervisors of the county of Steuben, the superviso of the town of Corning shall report the amoun necessary to be raised for the payment of the annua installments and interest on said bonds, and th said board shall levy and assess the same on th said town of Corning in each year, which sum sha be paid by the collector of said town to the superv sor thereof, and shall be by him applied to th payment of said installments and interest.

Commissioners to givesecurity


installments hall levy an each year,



$ 6. In case any sum shall remain after the payment of the expense of constructing such bridge, the same shall be applied toward the payment of the installments and interest first due and payable on the said bonds, and be deducted from the amount to be raised by tax for the payment of such first installments and interest.

$ 7. The said 'commissioners of highways of the Repair and town of Corning are also authorized and required to nance of repair, maintain and keep in repair and keep maintained the said bridge, and to present the vouchers for the expenses of such repairs and maintenance to the board of town auditors, which expenses shall be allowed and collected in the same manner as other town expenses, and when collected, paid over to said commissioners. The said commissioners are authorized and required to cause the said bridge to be insured and kept insured against loss or damage by fire, for such sum as they shall deem proper, and to pay the premiums therefor out of any money which may come into their hands for highway purposes.

$ 8. Until said bridge is completed and in order Free ferry. for use, the said commissioners shall establish and maintain a free ferry across said river, from Corning to Knoxville, and present the voucbers for the expense for the same to the board of town auditors; which expenses shall be allowed and collected in the same manner as other town expenses, and when collected paid over to said commissioners.

S9. This act shall take effect immediately.

| Chap. 107.
AN ACT to incorporate the village of Palatine

Passed March 21, 1867; three-fifths being present,
The People of the State of New York, represented in
Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. All that certain tract of land in the Boundaries town of Palatine, county of Montgomery, and State o

of village.

of New York, embraced within the following bounda ries, that is to say : Commencing at the center of the Mohawk river, east of the Palatine Bridge freight depot, opposite the mouth of the creek called Saltsman's creek, and running north on the center of said creek, to the north side of the Mohawk turnpike, and thence due north one-quarter of a mile, which is to be the east boundary line of the said corporation ; thence running westerly to a point on the west line of Channing G. Fenner's lands, one-quarter of a mile north of the southwest corner of the said Fenner's farm, at a place on the north side of the Mohawk turnpike called the red gate, wbich is the north boundary line of the said corporation; thence running southerly on the west line of the said Fenner's farm, and across the Mohawk turnpike and through the lauds of William B. Vedder, on a direct line with the said Fenner's west line, to the center of the Mohawk river, which is the west line of the said corporation ; thence running east on the center of the Mohawk river to the place of beginning, which is the south boundary line of the said corporation and the said boundaries shall constitute the village o Palatine Bridge.

$ 2. The inhabitants resident within the above named boundaries are hereby declared to be a corpo ration, and shall hereafter be known in and by the corporate name and style of the village of Palatini Bridge, and by that name they and their successor shall have perpetual succession, capable in law o suing and being sued, complaining or defending in any court of law or equity.

$ 3. Said corporation shall have power to acquir by purchase or otherwise, and hold and convey sucl real and personal estate as the purposes of the col poration may require.

4. There shall be five trustees of said village who shall be elected by ballot by the electors resic ing in the boundaries of the corporation, and sha hold their offices during the term prescribed by th: act, and until their successors shall be duly electe and qualified; they shall be residents, householde and legal voters within the village.


POTS 4. Thebe elected es of the term prese duly eleldes



S 5. On the first Tuesday in April, eighteen hund- Special red and sixty-seven, a special election shall be held for five trustees of said village; the trustees so elected shall respectively hold office uutil the commencement of the terms of their successors, to be chosen at the regular annual election hereinafter provided for. John Stafford, Webster Wagner, William H. Davis, Daniel I. Read and Daniel S. Morrell are hereby appointed to perform the same duties with regard to such special election as are imposed upon the trustees of said village in section six of this aet; and said special election shall be held and conducted in the same manner as is prescribed for the regular annual elections in said section six. On the first Tuesday of May, eighteen hundred and sixtyeight, the regular annual election for trustees shall be held, and in like manner in every year thereafter.

S 6. The place of holding the polls in the said Elections. village, under this act, for all elections, shall be determined by the trustees and stated in the notice to be given of each election. Notices of all elections under this act shall be given by the trustees at least two weeks before such election, by posting notices in at least three public places in said village. The polls shall be open from pine o'clock in the morning until four o'clock in the afternoon. The trustees of the village shall appoint three inspectors and one poll clerk, and said inspectors and clerk shall take an oath, to be administered by either of the others, to faithfully and honestly discharge their duties as inspectors and clerk of said election. The said inspectors and clerk shall receive such pay for their services as the trustees may decide. At the Inspectors, close of the polls the ballots shall be counted, and a true statement thereof proclaimed to all persons present, and the clerk shall make a true certificate thereof, showing the number of votes cast for each person voted for, which shall be signed by the inspectors of said election and sworn to by them, and filed, within two days thereafter, in the office of the clerk of the village. Said statement, so sworn to, signed and filed, shall determine who are the persons elected, and the clerk of the village shall,

Qualifiche tion of voters.

held uhly, shall ntitle himpossesses within the ne


within five days after said election, give notice to said persons of their election. In case two or more persons who may be eligible shall have an equal number of votes for the same office, the inspectors shall forthwith determine by lot which shall be deemed elected, and in such case the facts shall be set forth in the statement and certificate of canvass, and in whose favor the lot was determined.

$ 7. Every inhabitant residing within the boundaries of the village, who possesses the qualifications necessary to entitle him to vote for member of assembly, shall be qualified to vote at any election

held under this act. President of $8. At a meeting of the trustees held after the

passage of this act, and next after the time when the newly elected trustees of any year shall be entitled to take their seats, said board of trustees shall by ballot choose one of their number to be the president of the board of trustees from one year from that date. The president shall preside at all meetings of the board of trustees; in case of the absence of the president from the village, or his temporary inability to discharge the duties, a president pro tem. shall be chosen, who shall possess all the powers and peform all the duties of the president until he shall resume the performance of such duties, and in case of the death, resignation or removal of the president from the village, the vacancy shall be

filled by the board in the manner above mentioned. Clerk, trear $ 9. The trustees shall by ballot, as soon as pos

sible after the organization of the board, choose a clerk of the board, a treasurer, and one superintendent of highways and streets. The said clerk, treasurer, and superintendent of highways and streets shall hold their respective offices during the pleasure of the trustees; but in case of removal of either, the cause shall be stated in the resolution.

S 10. It shall be the duty of the president to preside and vote at all meetings of the trustees. It shall be his duty to see that all the laws, ordinances, rules, regulations, resolutions and by-laws of the board of trustees are faithfully executed and enforced; to receive complaints of any breach or

and inesident frond in the by ballot, 1650

Clerk, trear surer, &c.

Duties of president.

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