Counties in Commercial Corn-producing Areas: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Departmental Administration and Crop Insurance and the Subcommittee on Livestock and Feed Grains ... Eighty-fifth Congress, Second Session on H.R. 10316, H.R. 10754, H.R. 10756, H.R. 10762, and H.R. 10843. February 7, 19, 21, 1958

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H R 7815 a bill to provide an improved farm program
Additional data submitted to the subcommittee
E Thigpen USDA 37
H R 3360 A bill to remove wheat for seeding purposes which has been
Additional data submitted to the subcommittee
Hughes Herbert J National Association of Wheat Growers accom
H R 3987 A bill to provide for a minimum acreage allotment for corn Pago
Pricesupport program 330
Acreage and production of wheat for the selected States 192658
Parker Joseph 0
WILLIAM S HILL Colorado ex officio member of all subcommittees
H R 10316 A bill to exclude Ottawa County Mich from the commer Page
H R 10754 A bill to amend section 114 of the Soil Bank Act 29
H R 10843 A bill to amend section 114 of the Soil Bank Act with
Baker J A director division of legislative services National Farmers
Report on H R 9539 by True D Morse Acting Secretary
Barrett Hon Frank A a United States Senator from the State
McLain Hon Marvin L
Exhibit B_United States dutypaid imports of wool by specific
Exhibit HAverage price received in the open market
Pilcher Hon J L a Representative in Congress from the State
Exhibit Duties collected on wool and wool manufactures
Berry Hon E Y a Representative in Congress from the State
Dawson Hon William A a Representative in Congress from
Fisher Hon Clark a Representative in Congress from the 21st
Marsh Edwin E executive secretary of National Wool Growers
Moss Hon John E Representative in Congress from the Third
HYDE H MURRAY Assistant Clerk
Thomson Hon E Keith a Representative in Congress from
Additional data submitted to the subcommittee

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Страница 102 - That for the purposes of this act an article shall be deemed to be adulterated: In case of drugs: First, If, when a drug is sold under or by a name recognized In the United States Pharmacopoeia...
Страница 169 - Whenever, in any schedule of this Act, the word "wool" is used in connection with a manufactured article of which it is a component material, it shall be held to include wool or hair of the sheep, camel, goat, alpaca or other animal, whether manufactured by the woolen, worsted, felt, or any other process.
Страница 106 - STATEMENT OF HON. FRANK A. BARRETT, A UNITED STATES SENATOR FROM THE STATE OF WYOMING Senator BARRETT. Mr. Chairman, I appreciate the opportunity to c-oine back to this room here and to testify again before this committee.
Страница 343 - To establish and maintain such balance between the production and consumption of agricultural commodities, and such marketing conditions therefor, as will reestablish prices to farmers at a level that will give agricultural commodities a purchasing power with respect to articles that farmers buy, equivalent to the purchasing power of agricultural commodities in the base period.
Страница 46 - FIGURED INCENTIVE PAYMENT ON SHORN WOOL After the marketing year is over and the average price received for shorn wool by all producers is known, the rate of the incentive payment for the marketing year is announced. The rate of payment will be the percentage required to bring the national average price received by all producers up to the announced incentive price. Use of the percentage rate recognizes quality production and encourages producers to improve the quality and marketing of their wool...
Страница 95 - ... shall be void and shall be disposed of in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Secretary. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions hereof, the Secretary may require marketing certificates issued for...
Страница 168 - Agriculture has reason to believe that any article or articles are being or are practically certain to be imported into the United States under such conditions and in such quantities as to render or tend to render ineffective, or materially interfere with...
Страница 165 - The Secretary of the Treasury is further authorized and directed to procure from the Secretary of Agriculture, and deposit in such customhouses and other places in the United States or elsewhere as he may designate, sets of the Official Standards of the United...
Страница 168 - States from any such agricultural commodity or product thereof with respect to which any such program or operation is being undertaken...
Страница 162 - Commission shall hold a hearing at which interested persons shall be given a reasonable opportunity to be present, to produce evidence, and to be heard. (e) The President, as soon as practicable, shall take such action as he determines to be necessary to bring trade agreements entered into under section 350 of the Tariff Act of 1930 into conformity with the provisions of this section. No trade agreement shall be entered into under section 201 (a) unless such agreement permits action in conformity...

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